Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Rabab Amidane wins Student's Peace Prize

Rabab Amidane, the sister of imprisoned Sahrawi activist El-Ouali Amidane and an advocate for the rights of Sahrawis in her own right, has won the Student's Peace Prize for her work on Western Sahara:
Amidane travels abroad to tell the rest of the world about the conditions of the Sahrawis in Western Sahara. When she visited Norway in 2007, Amidane met the Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg, and she asked the Norwegian state to support Western Sahara's demands for independence. By meeting political leaders and people with a lot of resources, Amidane could make the world recognize the conflict in Western Sahara. In cooperation with Norwegian youth's political parties and the Norwegian Support Committee for Western Sahara, Amidane has been able to make the present conflict in Western Sahara relevant in Norway.
One of the members of the committee that awarded the prize used to be on the Nobel committee. I think this, and Aminatou Haidar's RFK Award, signal that the human rights community is moving towards awarding a Nobel Peace Prize to a Sahrawi.

Photo by Wikdmessenger


  1. I was sooo hapy to see her win, i think it will make a huge difference when it comes to attention about the Saharawies cause in Norway. Already we are seeing moer and more newspapers writing about her and the prize! It is wonderful news=)

  2. a nobel prize ? well the current president of israel has one... that doesn't mean a thing....
    i saw some videos of this beautiful leady on youtube, she seems so dynamic and happy, i guess living in morocco is not so horrible, traveling with moroccan passeport to show how mean is morocco and then returning home, i guess it s sweet thing.

    wake up my dear sahraouis we need some blood to take you seriously, go and fight to reach independance, i have not seen such lazy and cowards fighter for independance....
    Maybe there is no fighter for independance, you are moroccan? or not? such difficults questions...
    well at first look you look like my moroccan cousin, same face, language, religion.... you think that norway are much closer to you, i guess in your dreams, have nothing to win from these people, leting muslims and arabs weak divided and ignorants is their only goal, our strenght is our union , weak up sahraouis

  3. Anonymous5:09 PM

    Hi Will
    welcome back
    we missed u a lot


  4. wake up my dear sahraouis we need some blood to take you seriously, go and fight to reach independance, i have not seen such lazy and cowards fighter for independance....

    You do realize her brother is in jail, she has been beaten black and blue, and her house has been ransacked and her family members arrested multiple times?

    Will: nice to see you posting!

  5. Yeah prizes!
    Another Sahrawi lady, mrs. Senia Bachir-Abderahman, has been awarded prizes in the USA.

    And by the way: the American negotiator mr. Ross has arrived in Rabat today according to the Kuwait News Agency. They write: Rabat is the first leg of Ross' visit to the region since assuming his post. He is due to visit Tendof in Western Sahara and then Algeria. I hope he is going to visit not Tendof but Tifariti.

  6. Oof, that blood thing was tacky, Saad.

    It looks like he did go to Tifariti, Van Kaas, or at least some part of the Polisario-controlled part.

  7. Anonymous10:01 AM

    I heard Amidane in trondheim, where she was awarded the peace prize, She is fearless and determined. She spoke about the atrocities and suffering she and her fellow people are being through. Let peace prevail in western sahara and its people ...

  8. jealous moroccan6:53 PM

    arreter de rever vous tous
    vous etes marocains ou pas
    si non, allez vous faire foutre
    dehors du maroc
    il n'a y rien qui s'appel sahara occidental
    ce n'est qu'un scenario algerien pour des stupides comme vous
    on y besoin d'etre unis pas le contraire
    marocains ou pas
    c'est ca la question

  9. jealous moroccan6:58 PM

    amidane rabab n'est qu'une pute qui cherche son profit en utulisant son nuque, ni moins ni plus

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