Saturday, November 15, 2008

Aminatou Haidar rocks the Senate

More later (including pictures), but UPES has the speeches.


  1. Laroussi9:11 AM

    Here's a clip from the event made by MVI's pr-organisation MoroccoBoard (MB).

    The funny thing is that the MB seems even more upset with the lack of support from his holiness, than the actual event with Aminatou Haidar.

  2. Anonymous2:57 PM


    welcome back home again

    we/ saharawis and their who suuport them / missed you / Will / a lot

  3. Mohamed Brahim6:13 PM

    That Award Ceremony was fabulous dude! Where is your picture in there Will? I am sure you managed to get a picture thee to tease the moroccans as you always do. Open the pandora's box and let's laugh at the stupidity of the moroccans attending that ceremony. Well, i got a youtube link here that might make you and other arabic speakers laugh at what some moroccan agents said after the ceremony:
    Have a great show DUDES!

  4. Mohammed and Laroussi, what a silly video that is. My Arabic isn't good enough to understand what's going on, but am I right that the Moroccan guy is just babbling that Western Sahara is Moroccan? Since I saw some Moroccans led out earlier in the ceremony, I guess there were at least two groups that showed up.

    Thanks for the welcome back, Anonymous. I'm sorry I let school and blogging about school get in the way of this site and helping Western Sahara a little.

  5. well the guy is quit polite he is just saying that the sahara is moroccan that aminata has a moroccan passeport that allows her to travel everywhere and that he is proud of her defending the civil rights in morocco, he also says that sahraoui are welcome in morocco their country, we may have differents opinions but we can tak about it abd negociate.

    the polisario guy called him a dog, the sahrawi women couldn't respond whan he talked with with such logic and kindness....
    lol a great moroccan i m proud of him

  6. Baker Khan Islamabad2:49 PM

    Aminatou Haidar is definitely playing a game. Her hunger strike is unwarranted . It is a move to create tension over the Sahara especially when the UN is engaged to find a negotiated settlement to the issue. Ms Haidar was born in Morocco. Her father and family also live in Morocco. She was compensated 50,000 eu by the government of Morocco in line with the policy of reconciliation. She was given a Moroccan passport. Yet she sided with Algeria and the so-called Polisario. It is strange indeed to notice that Ms Haidar wanted to hold Moroccan passport and disown Morocco simultaneously! No nation in the world would accept such a behavior. Morocco used the international law by expelling her outside Morocco. However, Ms Haidar has a political agenda and started a hunger strike to malign Morocco. There are reports suggesting that Ms Haidar was secretly eating and drinking while she is on huger strike! One should expose the blackmail of Ms Haidar, Polisario and Algeria. The latter is spending huge money on propaganda campaign to falsely malign Morocco.