Sunday, September 14, 2008

Republican party platform praises Morocco

While Republicans in and out of elected office do great work for Western Sahara, there's more evidence that Democratic candidates stand the best chance of helping Western Sahara this year. From the Republican election platform:
The momentum of change in the Middle East has been in the right direction. From Morocco to the Gulf States, the overall trend has been toward cooperation and social and economic development, especially with regard to the rights of women. We acknowledge the substantial assistance the U.S. has received from most governments in the region in the war on terror.
This might be only a rhetorical flourish, but singling out Morocco for its enlightened government (changes Sahrawi beat them to) while it continues to oppress Western Sahara means a tacit endorsement of the occupation. The Democrats are just as bad at ignoring Western Sahara, but at least they aren't giving Morocco pats on the back.

Via Stephen Zunes

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