Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Polisario Confidential's top sources: news agencies and hallucinogens

Whatever Morocco is paying the spies who run Polisario Confidential, it's too much. The site's first big scoop was Polisario's hiring of Independent Diplomat, something most people following the Front knew about months before. Polisario Confidential's new big story comes courtesy of unnamed sources, so you know it's heavy stuff: Christopher WS Ross is the new Western Sahara mediator:
According to Polisario-Confidential sources and less than three weeks after the departure of UN secretary-General’s Personal Envoy to the Western Sahara, Mr. Peter Van Walsum, it seems that Christopher Ross will be his successor as mediator in the Sahara issue.
Emphasis mine. Polisario Confidential must be sharing sources with Agence France-Presse, but no matter--they know the next president of Afghanistan.
The very skilful ambassador of the United States to the UN, Zalmay Khalilzad probable candidate to the presidency… of Afghanistan, has led the negotiations between Morocco and Algeria and tried to identify a new envoy on what the parties could agree on.
Morocco could enjoy these Keystone Cops shenanigans, but there's a boom in underage marriages to avert.

By the way, I was AWOL during Van Walsum's resignation and Ross's appointment, but Alle covered it.


  1. The Moroccan spy agency had some bad luck in Holland too.

  2. I wonder what they want to spy on Holland for.

  3. On Western Sahara bloggers ofcourse. :-) Or Amazigh an Annaj Addimocrati activists. But there is no need to spy on Islamist Jihadists for there is official co-operation going on for that.

  4. You're so tough they have to keep an eye on you, huh, Van Kaas? Alternately, are there a lot of Amazigh in Holland?

  5. Will, beware. I'm as tough as a Gouda cheese.
    Most Moroccans in Holland I know of are from the Rif and some come from the Souss. So Dutch Moroccans are mostly from Berberorigin.
    Btw. The spy-story in Holland is getting bigger for a criminal investigation will be held and there are cries about revoking his dutch passport - a measure not used before but an old desire of the anti-immigration crowd.

  6. Spy-update: now is revealed a few months ago two Moroccan diplomats have been withdrawn after a complaint about the affair. (Not so special. This happens from time to time; also a CIA-officer has this year been withdrawn after a complaint was filed about his illegal activities.)
    But the Moroccan community is somewhat upset. A guy called Fouad El Haji unveiled he has been invited by the Moroccan spy agency to join them. And this seems to be standard procedure for any Moroccan in a good position. Also former member of parliament Ali Lazrak is said to have been approached. Loyalties are being questioned. Secretary of State Aboutaleb denies any contact. And then we have member of dutch parliament Khadija Arib who is also member of an advisory board to King M6 about migrants issues.
    Complicated no?!