Thursday, August 07, 2008

A video for you and a blogiversary for me

2 years ago today I launched this fine blog with a post about how I didn't know anything about Western Sahara. I've gotten a little more knowledgeable since then, and I've had a great time blogging.

Thanks to all the readers and commenters who made this a great place to talk Western Sahara, and thanks to the Sahrawis for keeping their humor in an awful situation. Most of all, though, thanks to the Together Foundation for being so incompetent that they put me on the map.

You didn't think I'd celebrate our blogiversary without giving you a gift, did you? I made this video earlier in the summer, and now's a perfect time to show it. It mashes up videos of Sahrawi protests and the Clash's "Rock the Casbah", and I think it'll delight you.

Stick around, because the third year is going to be even crazier.


  1. Will,

    Congrats to you.

    Viva democracy!


  2. Anonymous5:14 PM



  3. Thanks guys. Enjoy the video?

  4. Congratulations! And good choice of soundtrack. Have you heard the version by Rachid Taha? It's not bad, though I like the original better.

  5. Anonymous11:53 PM

    i think this video from polisario is better

  6. Toutes nos felicitations a Will pour son blog !
    Continue ton excellent travail.

  7. Happy blogoversaria to you! Let us have many more posts!

  8. Mohamed Brahim9:58 AM

    Congratulations Will! you have come a long way and you made it!

  9. Thanks for all the good wishes. Special props are due Mohamed, who was the first person to contact me about Western Sahara (Sahara-Watch is the first I talked with about it, ever).

    Darn right on the many more posts, VK. Alle, I haven't heard the Rachid Taha version, but I will look for it.

  10. arso two !!3:59 PM

    Congratulations Will and thanks for the publicity. We dont forget the chocolate !

  11. Anonymous1:18 AM

    The United Nations Secretary-General's Personal Envoy for the Sahara, Peter van Walsum, has criticized the Spanish civil society for having encouraged "Polisario" to bank on independence and contributed to "prolonging the agony" of the people held in the Tindouf camps (southwest of Algeria).

    In an interview with the Spanish daily "El Pais", published on Friday, Mr. van Walsum called upon "Spaniards who are really concerned about the well-being of Sahrawis to wonder if they are acting properly by encouraging Polisario to insist on total independence."

    Calling for reaching a "consensual solution based on the reality on the ground," Mr. van Walsum underlined that "the political reality on the ground is in the hands of Morocco."

  12. Van Walsum, who lives in a ivory tower paid for by the UN, dares to ask for down-to-earth realism?! And he accused those Spanish people who go to the desert to help Saharawi's survive?! Incrédulos!!

    But indeed it is true; according to the translation of Earthtimes he said:
    "It is necessary to take into account the risk of creating false hopes and of prolonging the agony".
    Well, the same goes for the UN.. why not eliminate the UN for creating false hope? But I suggest to start with mr. van Walsum himself. Let him be kicked out now!

  13. Anonymous6:44 AM

    the last anonymous write on Walsum what the moroccan Mekhzen MAP have choose from the interview.
    he said that the Polisario have the "legal papers" but the UN can do nothing to help them and organize the referendum

  14. Anonymous12:20 PM

    Happy birth day two humps. We- as saharwis- thank you very much for your great work to help us. we have a lot of thing to do and to work to help you, but our leaders are ignorant totally. I met some of them and I spoke with them about your blog but they deney to have any idea about it. they have no thing to do with culture and information.

  15. Anonymous9:47 PM

    Ian Williams, a senior analyst for Washington DC-based think tank Foreign Policy in Focus, spoke to RFI about the El Pais interview, noting that the more interesting statement was what van Walsum did not say.

    "What he actually did was told off Spanish NGOs for what he said was supporting Polisario's 'unreasonable' aims... he wasn't castigating the US, or France or Britain or the UN for not fulfilling international law," said Williams.

    "His advice to the Polisario is basically fairly scandalous. It's like telling a rape victim that she should lie back and enjoy it because there is nothing she can do about it," he added.

  16. Hello and greetings from Sweden! Me and my husband (he is saharawi living in Sweden) would like to get in touch with the polisario office in the Netherlands. Google didn´t help out, but at least I found your blog. I wonder if you or any of your contacts are able to help us out? Take Care!

  17. Hello everybody here am back after a long vacation in the desert of the occupied western sahara happy anniversary Will i hope you a happy and success with flying colours in the new year.

  18. @Gutegirl:the only thing i could help you with is a website of the Ntherlans Foundation of the self-determination of Western sahara you could contact them and they will help you if possible.

  19. more ian w. on rape and commonwealths:

  20. Laroussi8:38 AM

    Congratulations Will! Here's a video with Aziza Brahim for you.

  21. Hi Cutegril in Sweden!
    Why would you contact Polisario in Holland? Is'nt there a Polisario office in Sweden? Or Norway, or Denmark. For Holland you maybe can try Bruxelles for as far as I know Polisario has no office in van Walsum'sland. Unfortunately.
    Anyway, good luck with it!

  22. Anonymous10:45 AM

    van Kaas,
    Yes, Polisario has an office in the Netherlands but I dont have the contact information.

  23. Anonymous6:54 PM

    Yes, Polisario has an office in Sweden.

  24. Anonymous7:06 PM

    yes, polisario has an office in mars.

  25. Anonymous6:56 AM

    no they don't. that server is down...

  26. Laroussi5:07 AM

    Joseph Biden will be vice-president if Obama is elected president in November, BBC reports today.

    Apparently Biden chairs the Foreign Relations Committee in the US Senate. Has he any record on Western Sahara?

  27. Anonymous4:33 PM

    Hi Will

    enjoy your vacation !
    hope no news is good news

  28. Vacation's over, anon, but thanks for the wishes. I'm working like a fiend on a hot story for the school paper, but after that Western Sahara will be back to its central place in my mind.

    GOod point, Laroussi. I'll hit it up.