Monday, August 25, 2008

And the Maghreb Olympic winner is

Tunisia, with one gold. Unfortunately, the Olympics didn't help us decide if Morocco or Algeria is the better country, because they both got one silver and one bronze. Maybe in 2010.

Sorry about my terrible posting lately. I'm working on a really hot story for the Georgetown paper, but once that's done this week I'll start talking Western Sahara again. What do you want to hear about?


  1. Anonymous6:17 PM

    Feeling sad and lonely? Here is a video to cheer you up!

  2. That video is pretty good! I like when the X flicks on and off on the Moroccan flag, even though Morocco is a lovely country.

    What does everyone think about the Rif?

  3. The video seems to make, as far as I understand, some sort of connection between the Riffian and Saharan cause and is therefore a source of confusion, for these matters are different. The Rif would like autonomy - but Polisario needs independence. Riffians are very much into the resurrection of Amazigh culture, and the same goes for the Soussi.
    Anyway. How about these videos?

  4. Anonymous10:18 AM

    See this video of police brutality in Sidi Ifni:

  5. Hi Will,

    I'd love to hear about the word on the street in WS, what's really going down, are Saharawi's really supporting the KIng? are Saharawi's really in favour of not voting?
    Or are we merely hearing a lot of bluster from ex-polisario supporters throwing their respective rattles out of their cots?

  6. Of course all Saharawi's are supporting the Moroccan King (Kong), and the best way of showing this is by not voting. Duh?

    That is why Morocco is a totalitarian kingdom and not a democracy, people love it and have no need for change...

  7. Anonymous10:05 PM no comment

  8. the western sahara affair isn't a simple case!
    hearing the story for the " MASSIRA" from the people who lives in here (WS) will makes you feel the anger that makes sahrawi's people hate Morocco! and i am one of those because i heard many things from elder's people from my falk.
    in the 90's the X king hassan the second bring thousand of moroccan people to vot for morocco..
    now the structure of western sahara had changed, less than 40% their root from W Sahara.

  9. I miss this blog.