Thursday, July 24, 2008

Update on Dakhla fishermen attack

Cahiers du Sahara has more (translation) on Tuesday's attack on Sahrawi fishermen. 42 people were injured, shops were burned, and one person is still missing.

Things were a lot better when Morocco tried to rule a country through internet antics, rather than random violence.


  1. Anonymous12:12 PM

    No news on Dakhla fisherman attack in Moroccan media !!!
    for them Saharawis are second/ may be 10/ category citizens.
    they write on last IFNI police attack. but no news on Dakhla

  2. Anonymous12:15 PM

    here you can see "dramatic" pics of Mr Oulad Cheikh Mahjoub. a known saharawi human right activist tortured by Morrocan police after the Dakhla attack.

  3. Anonymous1:08 PM

    Hi Will

    Info on Dakhla, Western Sahara :

    One of the oldest city in WS. former Villa Cisineros, founded in 1502 by Portuguese settlers. Capital of the Rio de Oro ( gold river ) in south WS
    Famous of its “Spanish Civil War Prison” and Catholic church.

    Annexed by Morocco in 1979 after the Mauritanian occupation

    The main economic activity of this city is fishing. Dakhla stock of Octopus is one of the biggest in the world…
    According to Journal of Marine Science : ” …Our results suggest that the spatial pattern of the Octopus vulgaris Dakhla stock is different from that of the same species in other ecosystems such as the Mediterranean. GIS reveals that the spawning–stock biomass is globally more accessible to the industrial fleet than to the artisanal one, a finding contrary to contemporary thinking and with important resource management implications..”

    Dakhla resources specially fishing are heavily and illigaly exploited by “ Moroccan settlers”.
    According to Saharawi official SPS : » ....The many "negotiations between Saharawi fishers and the authorities of occupation resulted to an accord aimed at reducing Moroccan fishing boats to 2500, to the maximum, in the region". This "was not respected because more than 7000 Moroccan boats still continue working illegally on the ground under the sight of Moroccan authorities.. »

    89 % of the fishermen are morrocan working in more than 137 companies specialized in the fishery industry. 90% of the product go to China
    There are more than 246 vessels exploiting ILLIGALLY the Western Sahara resources in Dakhla itself. Most of them are managed by higher morroan army officers in WS via thier business managers.. !!!

    According to Alakhbar news : there are 23 vessels are owned by a « business man from Lituania » ???

    Half of the fishery product in Dakhla are not registred at all

    All the Money go directly to Morocco !!!


  4. Thanks for the pictures and Dakhla info, Anonymi. That bandage with his blood sort of doesn't look like blood at all.

    First anon, I saw that the Moroccan media are downplaying the ethnic nature of the Dakhla attacks. No surprise there.