Monday, July 14, 2008

Should SADR focus more on Latin America?

thinks so., the co-founder of the Western Sahara Association in California, says in an email he's been circulating that Polisario's past diplomacy has failed and now requires a turn to Latin America:
The ASDR has to focus its attention towards the Latin American realm. Having seen that the Organization of the African Unity is unable to provide both in the United Nations and in its own summits a common voice towards the Saharawi conflict, the only Arab country Spanish speaking has to swing its strategy towards its west. Ahmed Bukhari the Polisario delegate in the United Nations already stated in the Mexican upper congressional house, the Parliament, that from now on the ASDR will try hardly to gather all Latin American countries into the Saharawi cause and certainly it seems to be one of the few open doors for rekindling the hopes of the 200.000 saharawi refugees awaiting good news in westernmost Algeria.
Western Sahara's linguistic link to Spanish-seeking countries in the Americas isn't something that's often discussed, besides the Cuba thing. I'm glad bringing it up.

Still, I wonder how much more Latin America can do for Polisario. Several Latin American countries have extended recognition, and Abdelaziz visited Ecuador. What else remains for them to do?

No Latin American countries are permanent Security Council members, and none of them are aiding the Moroccan occupation. If there's a war they could funnel SADR some weapons and funds, but Algeria can already do that. I think SADR would be better off spending its money on better lobbying efforts in Morocco's allies, France and the United States.

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