Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Polisario joins Socialist International as observer

Good on them. Western Sahara Info has more information, but this'll allow Polisario more contact with some of its biggest European supporters. The Moroccan socialist party voted against Polisario's admission, but they were the only ones.

Of course, it'll also give Lincoln Diaz-Balart and the crew at the National Clergy Council another chance to tie Polisario with Cuba, Che, and evil socialism/communism. I was originally going to say that doesn't matter, but I think there's a slim chance a primary challenger on the right of someone like Senator Jim Inhofe could tell voters he supports socialists and win some votes.

Other thoughts, especially from European readers more familiar with these socialist parties?


  1. The dutch member of the SI is a ruling party, PvdA, who did make the Moroccan born mr Aboutaleb secretary of state for social affairs. Mr. Aboutaleb just returned from a business-trip to Morocco where he acted as intermediar for his collegue of economical affairs. He has never ever said anything about the brutal occupation of Western Sahara or showed any sympathy for the refugees - just like all other socialist-employed Moroccan born politicians in the Netherlands.

  2. That's unpleasant. Tell them what you think, Van Kaas!

  3. Great work Will!

    I'm so busy in this period and I have to battle with another occupation supporters (yes, all they are moroccans).

    You asked for info from Europe but it's me to ask you how it was with Spanish socialists (PSOE).

    Furthermore, I know you don't understand Italian, but from last saturday our first entry is that Lombardy (Milan) regional council voted for unanimity a resolution to support the Sahrawi cause (Lombardy is the more powerful region in Italy and maybe also in Europe together with Paris region -Ile de France- London region and Madrid region).

    I just regret that this alignment would disturb Spanish right wing party support (they are anti-moroccans, they were those who responded with war boats and planes to the Moroccan invasion of Perejil Island, something Psoe will never do).


    AX 21:21h.

  4. Cool about the Lombardy Regional Council, Ax. I'll look it up. I've been meaning to add both you and Van Kaas to my blogroll and RSS feed--thanks for reminding me.

    It is unfortunate that Polisario had to align itself politically before independence. If it didn't, it would be easier to gain support from both sides (I read an article about how Western Sahara gets support from both far right and far left Europeans). Oh well.

  5. sooner or later we shall be a member in the socialist international

  6. Thank you all Van Kass Sahara Libre Torino and Will

  7. You're more than welcome. Keep kicking in the news stories!

    All this talk about internationals made me think about how political parties in different countries often find their interests match more than their foreign ideological counterparts. For example, the ultra-conservatives in Iraq would love for US forces to leave as much as American liberals would, while the Wafd party liberals in Egypt were big friends with English imperialists. It must be hard to run an international.

  8. ofcourse the moroccan soscialist party voted against polisario, something else would have surprised me!
    In norway almost every political party from far left to far right are pro WS independence and are urging morocco to stop the occupation. The government has also asked the norwegian companie transporting phosphate out of WS to stop as well as all other companies investing in the country. Don't know if it helps any, but its better than nothing...

  9. It is complicated.

    In Belgium Borgerhout something remarkable happened: a council voted for the hoisting of the Saharawi flag next 27 februari on their townhall for solidarity. Now you have to know 1/3 of the population in Borgerhout is from Moroccan descent and furthermore the place has been a scene of riots in 2002 after the murder of a Moroccan boy.
    The initiative came from rightwing anti-immigration Belgiums and was supported by most others. Only a christian party abstained from voting.

    And indeed there is no reason why an anti-immigration party would object to solidarity with Saharawi refugees - as long as they don't come en masse to Europe.
    But I'm sure the Saharawi solidarity movement in Europe is aware of the danger of being set up against the Moroccan community in which most people also desire democratic reforms in Morocco.

  10. Van Kaas -- Eech. Sounds very unpleasant.

    Will -- Smearing Zaghloul Pasha, are you?

    As for the Polisario-and-communism innuendo, except among the most tone-deaf audiences, SI observer membership should work the opposite way. The SI is the international of social democratic parties, and includes virtually all the big centre-left parties of Western Europe, whose governments were squarely in the US/NATO camp during the Cold War. I don't think that, for example, the (formerly West-)German SDP can be suspected of being soft on communism, or that Labour's Tony Blair can be accused of being an anti-American firebrand. Third World members are partly of another breed, with a few of the ex-liberation movements having been openly Marxist-Leninist in the past (eg. the Angolan MPLA), but they're in the minority. Most of the third worlders are more like centre-left nationalists, but it varies a lot -- you have Algeria's FFS, which is essentially a Berber democracy movement, you have Israel's Labour Party, and you have the NDP, which is the ruling dictatorship of Egypt (although I'm told they're may be dropped). Cuba's communist party is most definitely NOT a member, nor is any other communist party. But being the biggest international, it's also the one with the widest range of part ideologies and sizes.

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  12. Hey Alle, what's sounding so unpleasant? It's only a flag getting hoisted.

    And for this communism-thing everything is so mixed up these days...

    What I don't understand is why Polisario would be limited to this kind of socialism only. Polisario is a Frente, not a party, and a front is typically composed out of a lot of parties. Within the Polisario one can expect socialists but also communists, (I don't mind) and because of spanish influence maybe anarchists (don't mind either.) One time I asked a representative in Britain about liberal Saharawis, because of the Liberal International thing, and he told me they do exist, but he could have been joking. But political diversity should exist, should'nt it?

    (removed the last comment for the link was broken.)

  13. Anonymous11:01 AM

    no barking plz polisario are sleeping.

  14. Mohamed lamine ould ahmed the former prime minister in the Polisario Front and one of the founding fathers of the Front Polisario and special friend of Martyr El wali Mostapha Said stated in the programme of SPECIAL VISIT on Aljazeera channel that the question of ideology caused a big debate within the Polisario leaders during the 70's since it was a time of cold war so they decided to keep their people away from the ideological division and stay natural,and added that the Polisario movement is a liberation movement established to fight western sahara occupation.

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  16. Yes Devotee, the Polisario movement is a liberation movement for sure but it's official name is "Popular Front for the Liberation of Saguia el-Hamra and Río de Oro". The decision to keep people "away from the ideological division and stay natural" should be revised now the people have been educated and illiteracy is gone. After all, discussion about the political line ís natural.

    (comment above deleted for a broken link, again. Where is the preview option gone?)

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