Thursday, July 17, 2008

Polisario Confidential: last year's scoops, today!

Polisario Confidential must really be run by Morocco's best spies, because they've found out something that only someone with top-secret Google Alert technology could know--Polisario has hired Independent Diplomat to help their public relations! Read on only if you can stand some muck on your shoes, because Polisario Confidential is raking it all over the internet:
It is via Sidi Omar, the representative of the Front in England and Ireland that the contact with this lobbying group was made for, according to the contract terms which offers counseling and support to the Front to enhance its international diplomacy, such as helping draft letters to the Security Council.

The classic formula “refunding of expenses” was put in the contract in order to hide the actual “Independent Diplomat Inc” fees.

In fact and as revealed on several occasions by “”, the Polisario Front regularly uses lobbying companies which would be, according to experts in international relations, paid for by Algeria.
Shocking! There's more:
UN-managed talks between the Polisario Front, the government-in-exile of the Saharawis, and Morocco began in the summer of 2007. Independent Diplomat is advising the Polisario on its objective of securing self-determination for the Saharawi people – in the face of strong international backing for Morocco on the Western Sahara for unrelated geo-political reasons.
Wait, I mixed that up. That last quote is actually from Independent Diplomat's website, only two clicks away from the company's homepage. Huh.


  1. it's actually two clicks away from the homepage...

  2. You're right! Thanks for pointing that out.

  3. But is shocking, isn't it. That the Saharawi republic (not Polisario as the site claims) continues its relations with Independent Diplomat. A relation that they started already in January 2007, according to the document referred to by "the site". ;)

  4. Laroussi4:58 AM

    Thanks to the Moroccan pr-site however I found this video clip from Al Jazeera about Independent Diplomat. Interesting film.

  5. Laroussi5:17 AM

    At Independent Diplomat you will also find an interesting list of press coverage about the organisation.

  6. Anonymous12:55 PM

    so you keep saying ginger

  7. Thanks for the links, Laroussi. I enjoyed the Time profile of ID's founder Carne Ross, and I'll hit the video tonight when I'm on a computer with sound.