Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Pentagon approves Moroccan arms deal

In the latest act of the United States's hit play, We Don't Support Territorial Aggression (Wink Wink)™, the U.S. military has approved the sale of missiles, bombs, and F-16 planes to Morocco. Congress has 30 days to block the sales, but I don't expect anything. It's unfortunate to see US weapons going to perpetuate the occupation of Western Sahara and militarize the Maghreb.

This isn't as upsetting as other weapons deals to Morocco, like Spain's sale of Humvee-like vehicles. Those can be easily used against Sahrawi dissidents, while Morocco's government will have to get a lot crazier to start using bombs and planes against them.


  1. Laroussi6:28 PM

    "This isn't as upsetting as other weapons deals to Morocco"

    I do not agree. Without the missiles, bombs and fighter planes Morocco would be out of Western Sahara already.

    Humvee-like vehicles are not enough.

  2. I'm not so sure. Weapons of this sort kept Morocco in Western Sahara before 1991, but with no war in sight less potent weapons, like Humvees and riot gear, affect the Western Saharan situation more.

  3. Laroussi3:04 AM

    You're missing the point. Without the massive arms support from the USA and France, Morocco could not maintain its occupation.

    What is most upsetting: that Morocco occupies part of Western Sahara or that the occupation is brutal?

    Humvee-like vehicles however are most likely to be used in war as well, and not against protesting people or human rights activists.

    There is no need for armed vehicles to uphold the repression in occupied territories. People are not beaten and tortured with the vehicles but by men with guns and sticks. If you need a car for transport, and ordinary van is enough.

  4. I'd love if all the arms sales stopped. I'm saying, though, that something that helps Moroccan police and paramilitaries get around is going to have a lot more immediate, concrete impact on Western Sahara than some Sidewinder missiles.

  5. Anonymous12:31 PM

    Morocco is a soverain country so in my opinion they are in title to buy arms to defend them self. talking about morocco what about algeria and the big arm deal with rusia.

  6. Morocco is in its land folks...sahara has belonged to morocco since the medieval times, in fact morocco by its ppl are berbers and so is the sahara, it's time that u educate urselves about teh hsitory of morocco, stop listening to the claimed non-sense by bunch of separatists who are backed a hungry atlantic-sea shore country like algeria.

  7. Anonymous11:31 PM

    sahara is part of morocco now for ever