Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Moroccan king more interested in Europe than Morocco?

That's what Spain's El Imparcial is saying (translation). According to the paper, Mohammed has been staying in France for more than 30 days, and everyone from Moulay Rachid to Nicholas Sarkozy are begging him to go home.

The article goes on to say that the king's absence has caused a shutdown in the government because he is too busy in France to exercise his absolute authority over the country. He's skipping conferences that he's invited to, like the Tokyo Conference on African Development. Moroccan elites are apparently so afraid that they're sending their families out of the country until things calm down.

If it's true, it's a great opening for Sahrawis, both in Polisario and under occupation.


  1. I love the translation, which indicates that the king is being held by Sarkozy, and that "the capital is leaving the country". You can see how mistranslations can cause diplomatic incidents.

    It may be another translation issue, but the piece ends by saying that the army are standing by in case of Islamist activity in the Sahara. Hmm, seems to me that Islamist activity in North Africa is everywhere but the Sahara. This is the usual fiction that the "empty spaces" of the Sahara are full of terrorists, when terrorism is something that is pretty much confined to the urban areas nearer the coast.

  2. I saw that about the Islamist terrorism and thought it was weird. Glad you did too. I liked the article so much I didn't want to quibble!

  3. Xinhua reports the King is bound to meet Zapatero on Perejil-day, next friday, and does too. Interesting...