Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I. William Zartman likes his presidents white, old

Morocco's hatchet man in academia, I. William Zartman, has the same tastes in politicians as some of Morocco's other favorite US citizens.

Like Moroccan-American Center for Policy employee Paul Jordan, Zartman likes Republicans, and puts money on it. He and his wife each gave the maximum limit of $2,300 to Mitt Romney's failed presidential campaign, and more recently they have John McCain $650 and $550, respectively.

Between this and Robert Holley's donations to Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama is clearly the choice of Western Sahara supporters.


  1. Anonymous4:41 PM

    so now you discuss abot the personal and privat choice of thiere politica right to choose who best represent theire point of view?
    i think we don't live anymore in the nazis camps to censor people from shoosing thier representative, thanks god we are not living in the polisario camps!
    where did you were when austrich elected a neonazi gouvernement in the 80ties? and who told you that barak Obama support polisario? show me where, I'am working in his Ohio Campain and i don't think that false allegations will bring any benefit to this complicated issue, where USA give here total support to the UN representativs, please give us real information, or stop difamating (it will cost you)

  2. Thank goodness you got here--it's been so long since a Moroccan threatened me.

    It's noteworthy who Moroccan lobbyists give money to because they're people a lot of my readers disagree with, and because they know well the dispositions of US politicians towards Western Sahara. I don't think Ed Gabriel is going to be throwing money at a politician who plans on making his job harder.

    Good job working for Obama in Ohio. He hasn't made a statement on Western Sahara, but whatever he does, it'll be better than McCain, who rolls with neoconservative occupation supporters like Elliott Abrams.