Monday, June 16, 2008

Yours, Landmine, and Ours: Polisario destroys another stockpile

Land mines, along with cluster bombs and poisoned gas, are some of the most noxious weapons. That's why Polisario deserves to be commended for destroying 2,000 mines in its stockpile last month.

According to the Polisario spokesman in that press release, Morocco has been less enthusiastic about destroying their own mines. I think Morocco has more of a use for land mines than Polisario, primarily because in the last war Morocco played a more defensive role. All the pragmatic excuses on either side, though, won't be enough the next time a civilian steps on one of the mines. Morocco and Polisario need to continue demining with MINURSO's help.


  1. Anonymous5:03 PM

    fuck you sucker, polisario uses stupid like you they are putting new landmines in the moroccan sahara and algerian borders, so stop your ridiculous porpaganda.
    i can see that you get all your sources from algerian press offical site, you think that the readers are stupid, if polisario have bolls, they can try to enter in moroccan desert to find oil, lol, so this information ware they are carrying, serve absolutley to nothing, the first contract with them, was voided, because they are not leggally responsable for the moroccan sahara, so stop you words like bunmp and so, just stupids, think like you

  2. Will,

    He brings up a good point about Polisario - I don't know of any of them having any bolls.

    All mockery aside, I honestly cannot figure out how someone gets to a point where he's so aggressive and propagandized. Anon, care to chat?


  3. I don´t how "anonymous" does it, but it seems he is always spoiling chats and threads that talk about Western Sahara...
    personally, I wouldn´t know what to think... if I was Polisario, and Morocco was not destroying mines but buying more and more weaponry (as they are doing) I wouldn´t destroy a single mine...
    The MINURSO should be recognising the "Sario"