Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Stopping the occupation on the high seas

A Jinhui shipping vessel

Looks like asking nicely does work sometimes, as long as they're a little shaming mixed in. Through a campaign that, at its heart, just told shipping companies what they were doing was wrong, Western Sahara Resource Watch convinced three shipping companies to stop carrying plundered Western Saharan phosphates. The three companies--Hong Kong's Jinhui, and Norway's Arnesen and R-Bulk--agreed to stop taking contracts for Western Sahara's phosphates, though Jinhui insists it was just carrying out an old contract made by a boat's previous owner.

Along with getting France and the United States to stop supporting Morocco and convincing ordinary Moroccans of the referendum's righteousness, the other part of ending the occupation is making repressing Western Sahara more expensive to Morocco. Making it more difficult for Morocco to hock plundered phosphate on the global market is a necessary part of that campaign, and becomes even more important as the price of phosphates rises.

There's even more good news to come: Afrol News predicts more shipping companies will soon stop working with Western Sahara's phosphate extracters.

Photo from Western Sahara Resource Watch


  1. ...and Italcementi (Italy) will soon stop its concrete production in El AaiĂșn, and Calvo (Spain) and Nostromo (Italy) will be far away the WS tuna in a few days...

    but you've missed the best Will (even though it's a 21st May new):
    Algeria puts 3 conditions for joining the Sarkozy desired Mediterranean Union: France must recognise the terrible crimes committed during occupation (1830-1962); a fair and final solution that includes the option of self-determination for WS conflict; a fair solution for Palestine.

    clear, brief, ethical!

    I hope you'll find the info in English, if not ask me for translation (I've found it in the Arab-Italian site of RAI-NEWS and immediately published in my blog)

    Mediterranean Union is a first issue in French and Spanish agendas (and their related corporations)

    it's just 2:00 (a.m of course)


  2. That's good news from Algeria. Also glad to hear that concrete company is leaving and taking those fishing boats with it. Here's hoping the tuna lay low until then.

  3. Anonymous6:26 PM

    you are so naif or just fat liers, please stop blieving all those bul shit, those boat stopt because of the end of 20 years contcat, and i think you hear the few last day the 460 million euros plan to modernize the morccan commercial fleet, and china and usa and switzerland bought the new phosphat transport for 10 years, for 50 million tonnes yearly and 30 million tonnes by moroccan fleet. certenly you pointed a good point it's good for the moroccan economy, and world bank gave morocco 150$ to encrease the phosphates production to help poor african countries to encrease thier agricultural production.

  4. Anonymous6:29 PM

    can i have the link?
    MR truth travesti, this is an old game, tell some truth and mix it with lies! oldfashined

  5. lol you said "FAIR" for algeria, how come this country know what does "Fair" mean, please will read a little bit about algeria and its mafia that is taking away the power from the people,
    the worst dictators in the world support polisario (cuba, venezuela, algeria, zimbabwe)
    it just mean that s a false cause