Monday, June 02, 2008

Sahrawi youths carrying SADR ID cards under occupation

According to my source in El Aiaun, some Sahrawi youth are carrying SADR ID cards like the one above as a silent form of protest against the Moroccan occupation. The card Moroccan authorities would rather they carry can be seen here.

They got their cards while living in Tindouf, but eventually returned to Western Sahara after camp life became too hard. My guy in Western Sahara says one person he knows with the card uses it to keep hope for a free Western Sahara, while another plans to use the card to claim SADR citizenship once he reaches Spain.

Obviously, I'm not in Western Sahara to confirm this, but it seems true to me. I worry for the people carrying the cards, though--I don't think Moroccan security forces will be pleased if they find the cards on the youths.


  1. Hi Will,

    The explanation is that Cordoba's court of justice is recognising the right to Spanish nationality (not just citizenship) for Saharawis due to the fact they were born under Spanish Occupation. Up to 800 nationality solicitations have been recognised by the Cordoba's Civil Registry in the past months. Unfortunately Provincial Attorney is trying to deny their concession due to formal defects (we all can see the long hand of PSOE). Unfortunately for your Moroccan readers I should say that it would represent just a delay, because the law protect them and there won't be cancellation but a proceedings restart.


    AX 13:25h.

  2. Anonymous3:45 PM

    you are so full of lies, so i understand your frustration, keep dreaming, the sahara is moroccan, and I'am from laayoune, not as you wrote it! lol, Mr Will i think you are mistaking or your spanish is not at the top because you understood the oposit!nothing to do with PSOE.
    SECOND: you froget to tell us about the funny situation in the madrid's unversity, ploisario presentation, thanks to situation like those, the spanish politiciens knows the truth, about the fake terrorist group of polisario, so it's just a question of time, and this night mare will be over and polisario and algeria will go straght to the forgotten history books.
    about the ID, i'am from layoune i swear by GOD that you story is totaly fake,(the card you show in your blog, i have a computer photoshp and a good printer, i can make a better ID) lol

  3. Hi anonimous moroccan!

    The mistake was yours, I'm not Will but AX (just read!).

    First: My spanish in excellent (I'm a Spaniard :-))

    Second: Sure it's the hand of PSOE, but unlike it happens in Morocco, our Justice is really independent from either Government either the King (attorneys are just politicians).

    Third: I just came back from the Madrid meeting: I would tell you that it was promoted by the Madrid Regional Government; all the 6 public Universities from Madrid; ambassadors, famous movie players, Amnesty International, all the main Spanish political parties (including disgusting PSOE)... all them attended the meeting, embraced Polisario delegation, the RASD Ministries, and the United Nations right to self-determination for the Western Sahara!

    Fourth: you'll never have a RASD ID in your hands!!

    Keep on dreaming Mohammed VI!

    AX 22:26h.

  4. Anonymous5:50 PM

    Well ax, your answer to this stupid Moroccan is excellent.

    Viva Polisario.

    Fuera MVI el maricon hijo de puta y fuera los traidores del PSOE.

  5. Oh, RSW, you're adorable. You don't spit into the wind, you don't tug on Superman's cape, and you don't tell a Spaniard his Spanish is crappy. Also, if someone had one of these forbidden IDs I'd doubt they'd show you one if they knew your political opinions. Finally, I doubt Polisario and especially not Algeria will be on their way to the forgotten history books any time soon.

    Ax, thanks for explanation about the situation in Spanish courts. So good to have readers from other countries who can explain what's going on. Also, I didn't realize you had your own WS blog (maybe I did, but I don't think so!). Link coming soon.

  6. Just saw comment no. 4 after I wrote mine. Let's not call MVI a maricon! I disagree with his politics or his murderous policies, but making Moroccans mad is the exact opposite of what we want to do.

    Think about it: are you more likely to stop beating up someone who is asking you to stop because it's against the law and morality, or someone who's saying those same things but also calling you a maricon?

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