Monday, June 30, 2008

Sahara Conflict goes stateside

By landing in my lap! Publisher Stacey International was nice enough to send me a review copy of the pro-autonomy book Saharan Conflict by Abdelhamid El Ouali. Last week Nick Brooks went to the book's launch party and got his own free copy, so he's got my back on this one.

I'll get to it and review it as soon as I finish my current Western Sahara reading assignment. While Saharan Conflict's website says it's 3200 pages, it isn't really, so the review will come relatively soon.

Until then, my assessment of the first two pages is that it's prone to the jargon of a lot of international relations books, which bodes ill for my IR theory allergy but might please other readers.

Anyone else with Western Sahara promo schwag, you know my email.


  1. Hey Will, this is really good news - it means I can leave the review in your capable hands, as I'm not going to have time to look at this in any detail until I retire to somewhere out of the way over the summe for some R&R. I'm not sure that this will be an appropriate way of spending my holidays, which are meant to be relaxing.

    It definitely has that IR language you mention, and El Ouali's time at the UN shows in the style of the book, regardless of the propaganda content. Take it from someone who's read more UN documents than anyone with a disdain for bureaucracy should have to.

    As for the 3200 pages, maybe that's just how it feels.

  2. Ha, maybe! I guess I brought this burden on myself. Who knows, though--maybe it rocks.

  3. we need a review in 2 to 3 days please,so Will quickly please.

    am just kiding just take your time.

  4. I was pretty concerned for a second. Good deal you can wait on it.

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