Monday, June 16, 2008

SADR oil deal boosts company's stock

Investors can make or lose fortunes on the results of one stock bet, and in at least one case they're betting on Western Sahara. Tower Resources, a British oil exploration company, experienced a bump in its stock price after announcing it had acquired a license to explore for oil off Western Sahara's coast. Unlike other companies, though, Tower's deal is different: its deal is with SADR, so it can only explore once Western Sahara is independent.

Tower obtained the license by buying Comet, which previously held the license. I would've thought the SADR license wouldn't have had a great effect on Tower's stock, given the seemingly-remote chances for Western Saharan independence any time soon. Apparently stock buyers feel more optimistic. It's heartening to see people who are probably more interested in profits than self-determination placing money on independence.


  1. Anonymous10:09 AM

    At last the world is biginning to awake and realise the inevitable: An independent and sovereign Saharawi republic.

    This young state will be a factor of peace and stability in the Maghreb region and will contribute to the econimic prosperity of its neighbours and the whole region.

  2. I hope so. It'd be a bummer if investors were short-selling.

  3. Anonymous5:07 PM

    i can see that you get all your sources from algerian press offical site, you think that the readers are stupid, if polisario have bolls, they can try to enter in moroccan desert to find oil, lol, so this information ware they are carrying, serve absolutley to nothing, the first contract with them, was voided, because they are not leggally responsable for the moroccan sahara, so stop you words like bunmp and so, just stupids, think like you.
    you are just dreaming please chek your sources. lol just rediculous, ha ha ha. your cercle of lier will soon end, lol

  4. Anonymous5:09 PM

    you seem quiet happy by replaying to your own comment,you are just dreaming, the sahara is moroccan and will remain moroccan, by peace or by weapons, polisario terrorits will never win, thankx to show my comment

  5. RSW, if that's you I'm going to be mad that you didn't identify yourself. If it's a new troll, hey buddy.

    Anonymous 3, what terrorism has Polisario ever committed?

  6. That´s a good one. "We give you the license once WS is independent". This might be the only way to move some "International lazy ass".

  7. Ha! SADR could just tell oil-thirsty US that they know where some great oil reserves are, if only they'd help Sahrawis be independent.