Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Moroccan secret service agents run Polisario Confidential, comment on blogs

So says this article by brave Moroccan paper Le Journal Hebdomaire (their site is down, so I published the article and an auto-translation in the blog archives). The article, "Cyberwar against Polisario," is a great read for anyone interested in Moroccan lobbying efforts. It cover pro-Sahrawi work both online ("une armada de bloggers") and offline. Suzanne Scholte of the Defense Forum Foundation is mentioned, as is SADR ambassador Mouloud Said setting up a headquarters in the US Congress's cafeteria.

The real meat, though, comes with the previously-suspected but never certified involvement of Moroccan spies in the creation of pro-occupation internet propaganda, especially at Polisario Confidential. Not only was the Moroccan spy agency DST involved in Polisario Confidential, they did a terrible job running it. Highlights about spy involvement on Western Saharan websites:
  • Polisario Confidential and its sister sites are run by "a specialized service of the DST created for that purpose in Rabat."
  • The sites' Google Ads are paid for by the Moroccan government, but the author's article thinks buying ads was a bad idea because it suggests a moneyed backer.
  • Polisario Confidential and Co. sites include links to sites mainly read by the espionage community, making clear the webmasters' affiliations.
  • A DST agent took a picture of a DST office for a site post about Manhasset.
  • "Forums" where Moroccan "patriots" argue with Sahrawi activists "turn to ridicule". I'm not sure if that means they're ridiculed or they fail to make real points and just ridicule others, and it's not clear if forums include blog comments, but that's definitely what's been going on at this blog.
If this is the quality of the people running Morocco's intelligence services, Moroccans should be very afraid.


  1. Anonymous6:33 PM

    Will, thanks for publishing this information.

    We have suspected the involved of Moroccan intelligence service in making anonymous comments on this blog and now it is confirmed.

    So SAAD, RWS and aothers are probably just DST agents doing their job.

    However, hopefully these agents can finally learn something useful while doing their awful job, that is the truth about Western Sahara.

    Le Journal article also mentions Moroccan efforts in hiring lobbying firms in the US and the huge amounts of money being spent.

    So Ian Williams is right in what he wrote in the Guardian.

  2. Anonymous8:33 PM


    Report warns Morocco over human rights

    "The general trend shows that achievements are fragile and setbacks are serious," said Khadija Riadi, president of the Moroccan Association of Human Rights (AMDH).

    Riadi was presenting a report on 2007, which also covered the first half of 2008 -- marked, she said, by one of the "most flagrant examples" she had encountered of human rights repression as police broke up a demonstration by unemployed youths.

    "These are the consequences of a policy of impunity and of the protection of those responsible for breaching human rights," she added.

    Violent clashes left an official toll amounting to 48 people including 27 police officers injured in the southwestern Moroccan port of Sidi Ifni, in turn triggering tension between the government and the media which led to the Moroccan bureau chief of Arab satellite news broadcaster Al-Jazeera being charged with publishing false information.

    The AMDH condemned the decision to revoke Hassan Rachidi's media accreditation. An official from the Moroccan committee for human rights, Ibrahim Sebaa El Layl, is also being taken to trial after he told a press conference that several protesters had died, information Rachidi then broadcast.

    Riadi's group also criticised authorities for the imprisonment of journalist Mustapha Hormatallah, sentenced to seven months in 2007 for publishing "confidential documents" relating to ani-terror security efforts.

    More generally, the report said that parliamentary elections took place within the framework of an "un-democratic constitution" and cited seven cases where individual citizens had been kidnapped.

    AMDH activists have also faced legal proceedings for "attacking sacred values," they said, including the institutions of the monarchy, Islam or Rabat's official position on the disputed Western Sahara territory.

    "The year in Morocco saw retreats on the civic and political, economic, social and cultural fronts," the report's authors stated.

    "If there is a limited platform in Morocco for freedom of expression and the editorial line of newspapers, that in no way implies that we are living in a healthy rights climate," Riadi underlined.

  3. The really unfortunate thing about this for the Moroccan government, anonymous, is that by impersonating regular Moroccans the DST is making it look like no Moroccans care about losing Western Sahara. And that's not true!

    Thanks for the report, other anonymous.

  4. Anonymous9:56 PM

    Will, What indications do you have that ordinary Moroccans care about Western Sahara?

    Moroccans were not consulte when King Hassan II decided to invade the Territory.

    Western Sahara has caused ordinary Moroccans a great deal of trouble. It allowed the regime to delay reforms, imprison opponents, waste huge amounts of money and efforts on the occupation let alone the thousands of lives wasted on both sides.

    Thousands of soldiers were sent to a hostile area far away from home. They endure heat and sand storms which aren't used to. Western Sahara is used to keep them occupied and far from the palace in case they decide to topple the regime as they tried in 1971 and 1972.

    So for ordinary Moroccans it's been a waste of time and money. They see it as a tool used by the regime against them and a long execuse to delay the progree and reform in Morocco itself.

    What Moroccans care about are jobs, basic freedoms and their own well-being.

    If you ask the majority of Moroccans they'd hardly know much about Western Sahara except what they heard from the regime. If given a choice they'd not have such a burden.

    Saharawi student.

  5. Saharawi Student11:27 PM


    Time bomb of poverty ticks on in Morocco- DPA

    1. Anonymous5:48 AM

      Would you please introduce yourself. ..but I can guess . you are an algerian state agent, living abroad far from the heat...Are you using google translate? It seems like you are not getting your ideas through...By using blanket statements ; like "all the moroccans" tells a lot about you and your arguments skills..let me tell you this:the sahara us MOrroccan and will remain so and loosing a million and one life is just a small prize we have to pay

  6. Anonymous12:19 AM

    We all recall that last September, the American intelligence agency has declassified a document revealing that in the Eighties, Algeria had suggested that Morocco grants a “limited autonomy” to the Western Sahara
    Recently, the CIA had declassified another document related to the same matter and the National Daily Intelligence of May 17,1988 had written that: “the recent openings to restore bonds (note: between Algeria and Morocco) follows president Chadli Benjedid request that Morocco accepts a compromise regarding the annexation of the western Sahara and gives a limited autonomy to the Sahraouis”.
    according to CIA analysts': “The flexible position of President Benjedid is explained by his frustration to see the Polisario Front not securing a military victory over Morocco, as by the desire to see Hassan II participating in the Arab League special summit held in Algiers on June 7”. The Algerian president attitude is analyzed in the National Daily Intelligence of October 20, 1988, where it is explained that “President Benjedid had probably accepted some of his advisers’ intransigent position as an advantageous political operation, particularly following the climate of violence in Algeria, although the Algerians reject the attribution of part of their resources to the Polisario Front”.
    This information is capital, because it explains the hardening of the Algerian position about the Western Sahara conflict as a diversion to cover the serious internal problems which the country undergo at the end of the Eighties and which almost pushed Algeria to the civil war.

  7. Anonymous1:17 AM

    Last anon, are you from the DST?

  8. what's the main question?
    are moroccan for the sahara?
    well did you read tel quel ?
    we can't let 40% of our territory for less than 1% of our population, for algeria puppet?
    it's insane !!! no moroccan will accept it, and killing every enemy like you is a low price....
    About Polisario condidential i always suspcet it to be from the gouvernement, ordinary moroccan can't get the news they have, and english is not our main languages....
    if you want to see ordinary moroccan like me arguing for sahara go to french websites :

    (algerian and moroccan fighting for the sahara it's funny)

    (a well done one)
    look at dailymotion sahara videos commentary....

    and furthermore it's not important who makes the comment the importants things are the facts the comments.

    and the important fact is that the sahara is moroccan and the moroccan flag is there :))

  9. another thing :
    le journal hebdo is like telquel is a very popular newspaper,

  10. another fact : The great democracy : the USA is with morocco.
    Zimbabwe,cuba, algeria and other island bought by algeria are with polisario.

  11. Anonymous7:11 AM

    don't be shy saad, you're forgetting the other great human rights loving democracies of sudan, saudi arabia, egypt and china.

  12. not strange for the moroccan stupidity not inteligence DST it interfere in every breath moroccans and sahrawi made thank you WILL for making it clear.

    another thing that we became aware of is that moroccan DST has classified Aaiun cyber cafees into two types one dominated by sahrawi which recieve daily virus threats since the provider MAROC TELECOM is just a mean in the DST hands and they know every thing you did at the net thanks to spying.

    the cybers that me and my friends used to go to had been affected by an unknown virus from the provider and when the cyber owners ask MAROC TELECOM they told them that it is out of their control but why are only the cybers dominated by sahrawis are affected?

  13. here is cute article entitled Morocco: Censorship Update i really like the debate between a commenter whom i think is one of the commenters on WILL's blog called LAAROUSSI and the writer of the article Jillian York.


  14. well done LAAROUSSI KEEP ON

  15. I'm not sure if ordinary Moroccans want to hold onto Western Sahara, but I think they do. Why else would they let the king spend their taxes and lose their sons' lives in the occupation?

    Saad, we've talked about this before but more than just some dictators support Western Sahara.

    Sad to hear about the internet cafes, Devotee. So viruses are being sent that knock out the internet, or mess with the computers? How are you able to be on the computer now?

    Ah, Jillian York's a nice woman. If I'm not mistaken, she linked to One Hump once on her blog about Morocco. I'm not exactly clear

    That brings up a good point about Global Voices, though--why doesn't Western Sahara have a section of its own? Jillian York isn't able to cover all the Western Sahara blogs in her weekly round-up of Moroccan-governed lands, so I think Western Sahara should have its own weekly review.

  16. Saharawi Student10:37 AM

    Will, what can the Moroccan do if they disagree with the all powerful and absolute King.

    If you delve back into Moroccan history you will find that the Kings have always used an iron grip. Any sign of opposition is dealt with immediately.

    The Rif learnt a lesson when they tried to revolt. Thousands were killed.

    The King is able to govern thanks to what is known in Morocco as the Makhzen. A faithful group of people and cronies that serve the King and they receive in return privileges.

    The King also has the all powerful intelligences services. Very similar to East German Stasi and The Romanian Securitate and the Shah of Iran Savak. Brutal secret services. They monitor, intimidate and if need be kill opponents.

    Basically the ordinary Moroccans are hopeless. Their spirit is broken. They have come to accept their fate to be ruled for ever by an absolute King. They think that they can't do anything. This is why they never really had a revolution. I believe the current ruling family has been in power since the Sixteenth Century. We're talking here the Middle Ages, Will! That’s a bloody long time, man.

  17. They had a rebellion to throw out the French. Also, I feel like if Moroccans didn't care about Western Sahara I wouldn't encounter ones in my daily life who get all grumpy when I mention it.

  18. i really respect you will, you don't close your eyes in front of the truth.
    about the moroccan support go to a popular neighboorhood in morocco and say the sahara is not moroccan, i think you can get killed...
    once there was a footbal match in casablanca between algeria (the true polisario master) and morocco, morocco lost by 5 to 1 ,in the satium all the morocan supporters(80 thousands) were saying "the sahara is moroccan, the footbal is algerian"
    it was something....

    well and about our country, well it's not very democratic but at least it's very clear who must do what, the ministers have some power, the deputies, the local walis...we dont have fight for power that resulted in hundred of thousand of killed in algeria for exemple, that's why morocco is a very stable country.people love their king for that.
    and since M6 is a very good managers he appointed the right people in the right places that's why morocco is getting nearly 7% gdp growth per year,and it's just the begining. i invite my dear sahraoui to work with moroccan to have a prosperous morocco, a prosperous sahara, together we can do it.

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. another reason we love our sahara is a... song!!!

    that song celebrate the green march the pacific way Hassan 2 imagined to force spain to retire and give back ws and so we visited our brothers in sahara. (hassan 2 was a genuis)

    p.s a beautiful song for arabic ears ;) (i saw an american flag ^__^' )

  21. But wait, the march was in November '75 and Spain had begun negotiations to withdraw in October '75. It looks like Spain already was retiring. In fact, it looks like the march was just meant to grab Western Sahara.

  22. SAhrawi Student: you are absolutely right, informed Moroccans don't support M6 (but they are minority).

    The green (black) march was encouraged by M6 daddy (bloodthirsty H2) with LIES: "WS is ours (he meant mine) and the International Court of Justice said so".
    As we all know ICJ said the contrary, unfortunately most Moroccans were and still are illiterate.

    Many European analysts consider that a referendum in WS would take democracy and reforms to Morocco: I feel it too.


    Saad: green march was Kissinger idea (US declassified docs said, it's not an opinion). Green marchers were escorted by H2 army (I bet that's new for you). If you can say bloodthirsty H2 was a genius while the rest of the world compares him to the worst human enemies, you have some problems (some more than you've already showed).

    US is a great democracy specially with George W. Bush... that's the reason Bush supports another corrupt like him (it's easy as 2+2)


    In fact Will, Spanish army negotiated retirement with UN, Kissinger and his puppet H2 decided not to let WS to be free, Spanish gov. was a traitor then. (they swore Spain would nevere abandon Sahrawi people). They thought it was unmoral to shoot civilians. but if they would have done it, WS would have been free since 1975 (they could shoot the army).

    Moroccans do not know history, is not their fault (nowadays, in part) they eat daily propaganda... Outside Morocco everybody knows about KK M6 corrupted system.


    AX 20:46h.

    1. Ahmed5:59 AM

      Let me call you Mr Know it all....Generalisation is your weak point. Hence your comment is rendered worthless...ge ut?

  23. will the green march = 6 november
    the madrid agreement = 14 november
    stop lying look at wikipedia

  24. torino i still don't read yours posts
    love you :))

  25. Laroussi4:24 PM

    Will -- "I'm not sure if ordinary Moroccans want to hold onto Western Sahara, but I think they do. Why else would they let the king spend their taxes and lose their sons' lives in the occupation?"

    Why? The answer is an oppressive police state governed by a totalitarian king, a dictator if you wish.

    Or maybe you thought Morocco was a nice little representative democracy with free elections and a parliament that decides about legislation, including the constitution?

    Well, if you believed that I have to tell you that you are utterly mistaken.

    "Ordinary Moroccans" do not "let the king" do anything. Mohammed VI does what ever suits him since he is the ultimate ruler of Morocco.

    They had a rebellion to throw out the French.

    No Will, you must be confusing Morocco with Algeria. Morocco did not "throw out the French". Algeria threw out the French. Morocco "negotiated" its independence with France.

    Saad -- "i invite my dear sahraoui to work with moroccan to have a prosperous morocco, a prosperous sahara, together we can do it."

    Since neither you, nor any other "ordinary" Moroccan for that matter, have any say whatsoever in this issue (despite what Will might think), your invitation sadly enough is worth nothing.

    Instead of trying to master the Saharawi people and rule Western Sahara, why not try to start to turn your own country into a democracy? That would really be a welcome change for everyone in the world, and especially to people in the Maghreb.

  26. great Laroussi!

    Saad (fixed with dates) Spain initiated negotiations to withdraw Western Sahara before 1975 (Madrid agreements are not negotiations to withdraw WS but betrayal to Sahrawi in change of phosphates).

    Otherwise how can you explain that Sahrawi census for referendum is from 1974?

    I bet you're learning a lot of history!


    Moroccan settlers go home!

    AX 22:29h.

  27. Laroussi, you're right that my claim that if Moroccans don't like MVI they can just rise up was mistaken. That kind of short-sighted thinking would say that if Iraqis or Sahrawis didn't want an occupation, they'd rise up and get it over with.

    Still, I think a lot of Moroccans want to hang onto Western Sahara. That's what that Tel Quel article said.

  28. Think on Spanish catholic inquisition, eastern europe socialist regimes...or --funniest because not real-- Orwell's 1984,

    the regime doesn't count only on barbaric army or police.
    the KK M6 most powerful weapon is betrayal:

    a Moroccan friend of mine told me that the most dangerous enemy you have in morocco is your own neighbour: if he tells to policemen that you are against the king, he'll be rewarded and you'll be seriously punished.

    That's the way regimes survive, otherwise Will will be right: Moroccans rising up would be enough.


    AX 23:24h.

  29. Laroussi5:44 PM

    "Still, I think a lot of Moroccans want to hang onto Western Sahara. That's what that Tel Quel article said."

    I do not believe that a lot of Moroccans want to hang onto Western Sahara.

    Most ordinary Moroccans to whom I have spoken about the issue couldn't care less if they "lost" the territory. A majority however thinks that Western Sahara is part of Morocco, since that is what they have taught.

    They are even taught that all of the territory is controlled by Morocco. Hey, La Güera - this abandoned town - is even listed in the Moroccan population census, with a population... of ghosts maybe?

    But, given the choice of having Western Sahara under Moroccan rule, or having peace with Algeria (and the realisation of the Maghreb Union) in exchange for losing the part of Western Sahara that Morocco currently controls - I think the choice would be easy to most Moroccans.

    But, again, even raising this issue is illegal in the enchanting kingdom.

  30. Moroccans do stand to gain a lot, Laroussi, from an independent Western Saharan state. But why would the ones in the US that I might, who have no fear of secret police, be so adamant about territorial integrity?

    I may have understated the risks of opposing the monarchy. After all, that woman was thrown in jail just for saying her husband was lazy as a king!

  31. Laroussi6:04 PM

    "But why would the ones in the US that I might, who have no fear of secret police, be so adamant about territorial integrity?"

    The security forces of the Moroccan kingdom are not very pleasant, to say the least and has a history of doing some very nasty work - both to people in Morocco and to people abroad.

    Now, there are surely some Moroccans abroad who believe that Western Sahara is their, has always been and should always be so. You find nationalists from all countries all over the globe. Especially when it regards poor and totalitarian countries without freedom of speech and a free press.

    But personally I think most Moroccans would gladly swap Western Sahara for peace with Algeria and free trade within a Maghreb union.

    Most Moroccans have long standing and deep historical relations with Algeria. How many Moroccans were there in Western Sahara before the Spanish or Moroccan invasion? :)

    You have three guesses: zero, zero or zero? :D

    Now how many Moroccans worked or lived in Algeria or travelled between Morocco and Algeria on a regular basis? How many Moroccans were expelled from Algeria in the 1970's?

    You do the maths.

  32. MR will and stupid writer, what do you know about the moroccan sahara , nothing, when you get stuck, you blame the DST, what do you think, they dont' have any thing to do, apart writing comments in stupid blogs, written by frustrated people,lol
    what telquel wrote, we commonly call it freedom of press, points of views and so,, so don't be naif at this point, the desert is moroccan, and you are waisting your time,spain was afraid to start a conflict with morocco, they know very well moroccan' anwal battle' lol
    my grand fa remember very well he said he killd 32 proudly, and he killed 6 Algerians, lol,Morocco is the oldest monarchy in the World, oh yes' and we will remain here forever

  33. elberkani10:36 PM

    i wil fight and die for my country because it is and it always has been off my ancestors i think all the moroccans think the same.

    the countries who suport polisario do this because off there own benefits they want to do buisness with the polisario because off the chaper prices off the recources en not because off human rights. we need to stop this problem because the country´s of the magrheb need to trade with eachother and it´s good for tourism also

  34. Dont' talk about Morocco like that. Morocco is the best country in the world. Everything they do they do it for a good reason. LOVE MOROCCO4EVER

  35. There are no secret serivce agents here, just ordinary people in discussen :)

  36. Al-Haq11:20 PM


    I wonder where all the mercenaries of the FLN are hiding now? Knock-knock! You miserable propagandists are gradually being exposed for the schemers that you are, alhamdulillah. This artificial conflict created by the communist rulers of Algeria and blindly aided by their 'comrades' across the world is coming to an abrupt halt - in spite of the billions spent to further this plot of deception and indoctrinating the real victims of this fraud. Shame on all the wolves dressed in sheep's clothing that mislead the masses by posing as freedom loving people and yet fight only for the benefit of their tribal loyalties (left vs right, black vs white, etc) - or perhaps worse: the petro-dollar incentives. You are no better than those to the right that you so vehemently oppose. We as Muslims, are honourably anchored in the middle - taught to fight only for truth and justice no matter who the perpetrator. "You're not to be so blind with patriotism that you can't face reality. Wrong is wrong, no matter who does it or says it". So where is your outrage against and cry for humanity in the wake of the kidnapping, detention and torture of Mustapha Salma Ould Sidi Mouloud, Inspector General of the Judicial Police of the Polisario Front, for simply stating the REALITY of the situation? Where is your vocal support for this genuine hero of immense proportions - who has most courageously jumped into the blazing fire to liberate his people from "separatists' servitude"? As you hide in flush red silence, do you still defiantly deny that this conflict has been created by the anarchist rulers of Algeria - even in the face of a long list of ex-Polisario founders, officials and members declaring as much? Would you still deny that the majority of Sahrawi's are unionists even amidst their daily protests against the illegal imprisonment of Mustapha Salma Ould Sidi Mouloud (for his forthright claims and open support of the autonomy plan) by that militant gang of hired guns, the Polisario? Would you still outrageously claim that Morocco is the oppressor in this affair even as the world bears - silent - witness to the 'phenomena' of 'refugees' fleeing, scores at a time, from the 'haven' of the Algerian-manufactured, Polisario-run hostage camps in order to return to the 'misery' of Morocco? Please, consider the media frenzy generated by the Oscar deserving performance of Aminatou Haidar in relation to the media black-out of Mustapha Salma Ould Sidi Mouloud's genuine plight and tell me: who really are the 'Zionists' in this affair? Woe unto the scornful sons of anarchy: offspring of the imperialist divide and conquerors! Your hypocrisy is blinding.

    وَإِذَا قِيلَ لَهُمْ لَا تُفْسِدُوا فِي الْأَرْضِ قَالُوا إِنَّمَا نَحْنُ مُصْلِحُونَ
    أَلَا إِنَّهُمْ هُمُ الْمُفْسِدُونَ وَلَـٰكِن لَّا يَشْعُرُونَ
    And when it is said to them: "Make not mischief on the earth," they say: "We are only peace-makers." Verily! They are the ones who make mischief, but they perceive not.
    [Qur'an 2:11-12]

    Allah is above you all.

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