Saturday, June 21, 2008

Moroccan American Center for Policy gives a new reason to vote for Obama

Looks like the Moroccan American Center for Policy is for anyone but Obama. Executive Director (and Tindouf Challenge winner) Robert Holley donated $1,000 to Hillary Clinton's campaign, and MACP employee Paul Jordan kicked the maximum amount of $2,300 to John McCain. This makes me feel better about Obama because the MACP has a history of backing losers--Holley gave money to Wesley Clark's failed 2004 primary campaign, and they support an endless occupation of Western Sahara.

Did I ever tell you about the insane picture Holley has behind his desk? I hope not, because I really want to make a Paint drawing explaining it.


  1. let them did whatever they could money shall never cover up the truth and with our hands we shall made our dream come true.

    the dollars that they paid is just ours which they stole every day and the economic situation is getting worst and worst ,Sidi Ifini is just the begining more and more riots will take place in morocco,could you believe that in every moroccan city there is a royal palace and not far from it people living in baracks in hard sitution that is really the king of poors as france called him isn't he?


    hungry people revolution in SIDI IFNI

  3. you could imagine what happen to that young man who was arrested and beated brutally that's how will be treated who say no to the king of poors. a gift to all moroccans commenting on Will's blog.

  4. Anonymous1:01 AM

    (devotee) so that's what happen to you in polisario camps you lost your ears drums because of the loud speakers , man you should sue polisario for what they did to you , i mean you should file a complain to the reporters without brain , human misery amnesty , freedom condoms house or bury your head in the sand and hope for the best , actually you may shoot the sun and the whole world will come after you even (will and famous paella).
    and don't you worry , we just found out where you live so we're building a tunnel straight to (al auin camps) and the pick up will be at thirteen hundred sharp , first we want you to take some pictures of the loud speakers ,the special section where the sahraoui kids bed the night after dinner with their families and the prison where they put women who had kids outside marriage as evidence.
    and plz avoid telling anybody especially (alle , laroussi , norwegian support and homer simpson)cause if they found out about your story they will sell it for millions.
    once we have all the evidences we will file the case to the international kkkourt which's in burundi (where's it anyway burundi?) the investigation will be lead and set up by the honor judge (albatasar garzon) , the UN will have nothing to do the case because is too busy solving other problems.
    we need to bring some witnesses forward like ( fidel castro,zinaoui of ethiopia , chavez , mogabi ,.......,......,....) they're the bodies of the polisario (marrakechy) they're all democraticly elected for the last 25 years apart from the latter who has been in power for the last 3 decade and the funny thing he's a moroccan why would polisario elect a moroccan.
    we will ask for the maximum penalty ie blaze some heavy metal music at the ears of the (marrakechy) and that called (ear for an ear) hamo rabi law

    ginger what's the verdict

  5. I agree with you devote, when Moroccan population will reach literacy and information, riots against the Kitsch King and his corrupted staff will take place in every Moroccan village...bye bye M6 (and his untalented writers)!

    AX 07:40h.

  6. devoteeofwsahara : so you said you are a sahraoui from layoune?
    and police are very mean with you because you demonstrate for indepedence. you know in other countries you can killed for less than that.
    because you are just a Traitor...
    well i can understand you want another flag, red is not your style? and be ruled by abdelAziz (bouteflika of course) he is so sexy.
    go back to your home and start working for yourself, you chicken traitor.

    Ps: torino morocco is not your business, let moroccan deal with their king and developpement

  7. did you read this ? :
    that's the new morocco, the morocco i'll fight for.
    Since M6 there is some really good progress. god bless the king and moroccan people

  8. saad to devoteeofwsahara -- so you said you are a sahraoui from layoune? [...] go back to your home and start working for yourself, you chicken traitor.

    And here's the crux: he is in his home, and he is working for himself. You're the guy sitting in another country telling him to think like you or die; and if you haven't grasped it yet, the Benchemsi articles in TelQuel are aimed precisely at that sort of moronic chauvinism.

  9. Anonymous4:38 AM

    During the war years we never heard of this type of propaganda and nonesense from the Moroccans and their cronies.

    The best way to shut up these stupid Moroccans and put an end to their propaganda is to go back to war.

    Such a move would frustrate all the Moroccan machinations and calculations. It will create a new atmosphere and put the issue back on the right path to self-determination.

    During the war years these stupid Moroccans never dared to comment and be so bold.

    The Saharawis need to take back the initiative and stop all Moroccan nonesense and propaganda.

  10. Saad, a Sahrawi who opposes Morocco's occupation of Western Sahara is no more a traitor than a Palestinian who opposes Israeli land grabbing, a Moroccan who opposed colonial rule, an Algerian who fought against the French, or a French person who fought against the occupying German forces in WWII.

    You can't make people pay you allegiance just by invading their country.

    You also said to Torrino that "Morocco" is not his/her business. I suppose you think the conflict in Western Sahara is not my business either? But I have spent a lot of time in Western Sahara - a territory that Morocco claims - without ever seeing a Moroccan soldier, policeman, citizen or building, because Morocco has no presence in the areas in which I travel.

    You can't insist that the whole of Western Sahara belongs to Morocco when Morocco has no presence in or access to some of that same territory. Or am I travelling in a part of Morocco that Moroccans (even the King) aren't allowed into? Doesn't seem to mean much.

    I await a charmingly belligerent response ;-)

  11. Anonymous8:59 AM

    What Nick Brooks wrote is very intersting and makes a lot of sense.

    I have followed the intersting research and writings of Mr. Brooks.

    there is a need for more people like Mr. Brooks to contrinbute and comment as he always adds value to the debate and research on Western Sahara.

    I am a Saharawi student who lives in exile and I really appreciate people who take their time to inform me about my own country as I have been denied to live and study in it due to the occupation.

    Thank you Nick and Will for your amazing efforts.

  12. hmm last anonym:
    maybe something you don't know :
    most of sahraoui live in your country and you have the right be there,many of them want to be moroccan. you just have to respect the moroccan flag to have a decent life there.
    Moroccan love sahraoui and respect them as they love and respect other moroccan.
    well you must understand that we will never never let the sahara.
    all moroccan blood is a low price to give for our sahara

  13. Anonymous9:43 AM

    Saad, do you have other things to do or is this your job to respond and comment on this blogg?

    Let me inform you of one important thing: The Saharawi people have scarified for their homeland more than the Moroccans.

    For your information Saharawis fought the Portuguese, the French, the Spanish, the Mauritanians and the Moroccans.

    Thousands of Saharawis have died in the battle field (not on the internet), many died in Moroccan jails, thousands were tortured and hundreds are still disappeared.

    Furthermore, 160.0000 have been living in refugee camps in very difficult conditions for the past 33 years because they prefer live in exile and in the desert than live under the Moroccan flag.

    All of this proves one thing that the Saharawis will never allow Morocco to occupy their homeland indefinitely.

    Moroccans never scarified anything for Western Sahara. All those who died were soldiers doing a job that they don't believe in. They were sent by the King to a place they don’t know and most of them never heard of Western Sahara before.

    Morocco can't even trust its own settlers who live in Western Sahara otherwise it would have accepted James Baker II plan that allowed the settlers to vote in a referendum of self-determination.

    May be the arguments above are hard for you to understand because you're just a simple Moroccan doing a job.

  14. no i'm a moroccan that loves my country and my sahara, you just search a litlle bit on the net and you will find thousands like me....
    Morocco did a lot for sahraoui, there food is half price,water 24/7,festivals and concerts, we give for sahraoui money to study,... for a poor country like morocco it's a lot.
    hopefuly there is a lot of sahraoui that understand that morocco is the best choice, for the other they can :

    1 fight and lose
    2 Go away from morocco
    3 keep talking as you do very well here

  15. Anonymous1:49 PM

    (devotee)i'm sorry the verdict will take some times because the (UN) want to get involved , so i will make a quick phone call to (ban ki sun)of the united nation and i'll get back to you , ok.

    devotee: ok
    me: calling my secretary her name is (ingar)and she is a norwegian support, can you put (ban ki sun) on the phone plz.
    ingar: you mean (ban ki moon)silly bager , right a way.
    ingar: allo mr(ban ki moon)my boss want to have a meeting about the (devotee) case.
    ban ki moon: oh yes yes , how's the poor fellow ,ok tell him at the (mercheros diner) in the 17 street , he knows.
    ingar : thks , ban ki ki ki moooon.
    ingar : he'll meet you at 10 oclock at the same diner with some of his friends.
    me : ingar can you dig some skeleton about the (marrakechy).

    at the diner (mercheros)
    me: mr (ban ki moon) why the (UN)want to get involved in this case , really!.
    ban ki moon : well , firstly , i'm afraid we having a problem locating burundi.
    me : damn it , i've been asking the same question over and over i just have to make an effort and look at it at the world map.
    ban ki moon: it wouldn't do you any good cause every year we having new countries springing up all over the world , I'm afraid by 2025 every individual will have his own country and i don't think the (UN) will be able to manage.
    me : is that so .
    ban ki moon : for instance let take the case of (kosovo)why wouldn't algeria recognize the newly state????? and we know algeria is much more involved in the so called western sahara in fact it's the driving force polisario is just a camouflage.
    me : why is that.
    ban ki moon : ha ha we know algeria is too keen on having a short exit to the Atlantic sea through sahara , don't tell me you guys haven't thought about it.
    me : oh yeh no , and what about east tumor.
    ban ki moon : madness , i mean they just voted the newly elected president to the coma they shoot him and we the(UN) having to run the country , soon it will be countries.
    ban ki moon : camarero plz we ready to order.
    camarero : Que te gusta .... senior.
    ban ki moon sushi sushi plz.
    camarero : no sushi only famosa (paella).
    ban ki moon : ok , ok (paella) all round gracias.
    ban ki moon : last time i had a fine moroccan dish called (pastella).
    me :oh , yeah , where?.
    ban ki moon : it little moroccan restaurant in down town manhattan just around a corner from the burundi embassy and you know what they say , a country who has a fine cuisine sweet and sour it country who has a long history.
    me : ban ki moon you just said something about burundi embassy.
    ban ki moon : damn it , i knew i heard that name before ok, the case will be solved (asap) and tell the (devotee) to stay out of heavy metal music and tell him don't you worry the (marrakechy) will be put under the microscope from now on.

    10 minute later
    me : can you get (devotee) on the line plz.
    ingar :can't get through the line is blocked by polisario.
    me : try to fax him.
    ingar : nope.
    me : ok , let me think ohhh how about (will) the guy with the website called two hump or one.
    ingar : you mean one hump or two silly bager , yeah yeah americana ginger ingar like him yeah , i will write something about him at the norwegian support website yeah.

    ginger pass the massage plz .

  16. Anonymous Sahrawi - thanks for your kind words. I have to say that working with my Sahrawi colleagues in the Free Zone is always such a pleasure, and outside of the scientific work I just try my best to be supportive in whatever way I can, although I fear it is not enough.

    Saad, you say that "Morocco did a lot for sahraoui, there food is half price,water 24/7,festivals and concerts, we give for sahraoui money to study,... for a poor country like morocco it's a lot."

    Morocco has certainly poured money into the parts of Western Sahara it occupies, but the human rights situation there is worse (at least for Sahrawi) than in Morocco proper. I don't think it's a paradise for the Sahrawi. What most (not necessarily all - sure) want is not festivals but meaningful independence. They had food and water before Morocco took over in the occupied territories.

    I haven't travelled in the occupied areas (I've been to Morocco three times, but I suspect my days of holidaying in Agadir and beautiful Marrakech are over, due to my association with the Polisario). However, I spend weeks every year working with Sahrawi in the parts of Western Sahara that Morocco does not occupy, and I meet plenty of Sahrawi there, in the camps, and also outside of Western Sahara and Morocco. I have never met a Sahrawi who does not want independence. I have met plenty who want to take up arms again to take their homeland back from Morocco.

    You say Morocco will never give up the Sahara. Well, many Sahrawi, perhaps most of them, are not prepared to accept the loss of their homeland to Morocco.

    What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object? Usually it's pretty destructive.

    By the way, I have met Moroccans who do not agree with the occupation. I met one by accident, at a conference, and was worried that he might be arrested when he returned home, because he had attended a conference at which someone (me) had given a presentation about Western Sahara that did not toe the Moroccan line. I hope he didn't get into trouble - he was a good guy. It seems that things are not so free in Morocco for people who do not agree with the government.

    Ginger anonymous, I'll read your posts when I need something more surreal ;-)

  17. I should edit my comments more closely - it was the Moroccan guy at the conference himself who was worried about being arrested for attending a meeting at which Western Sahara had been discussed (and my presentation was about science - nothing to do with politics).

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. Nick : "I haven't travelled in the occupied areas"... that's a shame, you need to see all the point of view.
    Let me just tell you that sahraouis ( who don't speak about independance) have more rights than moroccan in morocco, and sahara is the place where people vote most, elected deputy there do a good job .
    and about our freedom well thanks for caring but things are better :

  20. sorry for the link

  21. Saad, I don't think I'd have much luck getting into the occupied areas, much as I would be interested in visiting them. Views among the Sahrawi may well different there, but I'd still be sceptical about claims that most support integration into Morocco.

    Among the (much larger) exile population - whose views I AM familiar with - integration into Morocco certainly is not supported.

    If it was just a question of getting the Sahrawi living under Moroccan occupation to accept Moroccan control, then I think there might be mileage in Morocco's policy of holding on until integration simply became a fact - much like China has tried to do with Tibet. I still think this would be unethical, what with the forcible annexation and all that, but in terms of realpolitik it might work, eventually.

    However, the situation is much more complicated as a result of the fact that (i) Morocco doesn't occupy all of Western Sahara (i.e. the areas in which I do my research), and (ii) there is a large population of displaced Sahrawi refugees waiting and hoping to go home to an independent Sahara. You can just dismiss them and hope they'll go away.

    I really don't think the exiled Sahrawi would want to go and live under Moroccan sovereignty. And I don't think Morocco wants them to return, despite the rhetoric. I can't see that this would cause Morocco anything but trouble. And if Morocco is really confident that the exiled refugees and the Sahrawi in the occupied territories want to be Moroccan, why has it resisted a referendum on independence?

    Listening to those who speak on Morocco's behalf, you'd think that all the Sahrawi wanted was to be back in the greater Moroccan homeland. If so, then give them the choice in a referendum and surely they'll vote for integration. The fact that Morocco has blocked a referendum time after time (even when the Polisario eventually agreed that full integration into Morocco could be an option) speaks volumes on what the Moroccan leadership really think the Sahrawis' views are.

    I wish no ill will to the Moroccan people, I just think that Morocco's treatment of Western Sahara is unethical, and that from a practical as well as moral perspective there can be no meaningful or just solution to this conflict that doesn't allow the prospect of full independence for Western Sahara. As long as Morocco continues to insist that this can never be an option, the conflict will fester. And you'll have awkward foreigners like me questioning Morocco's right to the territory ;-)

  22. Thanks for the link Saad!
    Here is another link on other but also Moroccan troubles.

  23. Anonymous6:36 PM

    Nick, Thanks for the comment.

    What Morocco puts in Western Sahara with one hand takes the double with the other.

    Don't forget that Morocco sells fishing licenses to many countries worldwide including the EU. The fishing licenses cost millions of Euros.

    Remember also that Morocco is selling Western Sahara phosphates for the past 25 years. It gets millions of Euros from the phosphates.

    You sould also bear in mind that Morocco is selling Western Sahara sand too to the Canary Islands for example.

    There are many Moroccan settlers who work in Western Sahara and send money back to Morocco.

    MINURSO spends a lot of money in Western Sahara too.

    The army generals benefit not only from selling the army food but also from drug traficking from South America (Colombia).

    So I reckon Morocco gets much more money from Western Sahara than it puts back into the territory.

    I understand that the Saharawis are prepared to compensate Morocco for the money it spent on Western Sahara and perhpas give the Kingdome a little bit more if that is going to facilitate the resolution of the conflict.

    Saharawi Student.

  24. Anonymous8:37 PM

    breaking news : polisario have to make a crucial decision in a week time concerning a letter to congratulate the winner of the zimbabwean election,(mugabe) just found out he's going to be fighting against himself the opposition has just withdrew from the race fairing for their lives.
    now what polisario should do, back the dictator or not .
    i mean to congratulate the dictator or not because if they don't (mugabe) will be cross with them.
    my bet is 3to 1 mugabe will be congratulated .

    (nick brook) i do agree with you ,
    once the foreigners start asking awkward questions (interfering) the situation can turn bloody , look at(iraq and afghanistan) situation ,this two countries have been treated fairly and ethically , i mean they lost countless of their citizens , millions of widows and orphans ,the infrastructure been put 50 years back.

    just asking awkward questions.

  25. Anonymous9:00 PM

    Last anonymous, you have nothing to say and no arguments that's why you want to divert attention and create confusion.

    Why don't you comment on what I said about Morocco stealing Western Sahara natural resources?

    Saharawi Student.

  26. hello again, i want just to make things clear to every body here first am from the occupied zone of western sahara and more exactly from the capital Aaiun i was born here during the moroccan occupation so i grew up with moroccans all around and when i reach 20 years i moved to live in morocco for a long period and i can say that i have came to a conclusion that moroccans the majority can never oppose the makhzane will for whatever it may did to them,with a special respect to some of them the courage to face the the will of the M6's makhzen is absolutely absent even within the most of the moroccan university students who describ themselves as Marxist or Lininians or who belongs to the left,for me i have witnessed many ancident within and outside the university that made me came to that conclusion and also i have some moroccan friends during my study in the university who support totally our cause and they always told me that they would rather be sahrawi,one of them surprised me one day telling me that he want to belong to the Polisario frent believe it or not,they always told me that their problem is that they are helpless in front of the M6's makhzan and they love the sahrawi people because they say no to the vampire Hassan2 who scared the moroccans,they love their courage facing M6 and his plans.some of them hate us just because we are couragous than them that's the reality also because they will lose a rich colony that has provided them with billions of euros to pay the M6 makhzen to beat both of us sahrawis and moroccans and to keep him safe over his iternal crown also because loosing western sahara means millions of jobless people in the mini kingdom,the very important thing also is that moroccans did not love their M6 but they have no courage to say we hate you they fear to say so believe me it is the truth and i can prove that.a moroccan commenter said that food price is reduced to half in western sahara just because we love sahrawi people,i will just invit you Mr saad to come to me here in Aaiun and i will show you where your reduced food goes and who benifit from it and where our phosphates sand and fish also goes and how your beloved sahrawi live and as arabs said an eye-witness is not like who just hear.

  27. hmmm moroccan who want to fight with polisario because they don't agree with m6... that say a lot about polisario and it marrakchi master.
    you know there is democratic way to show your point of view...
    and the one who says that sahara is a treasure, fish, phosphat... hahaha that's nothing compared what morocco spend there, even the water is brought from the north in order to give sahraoui water 24/7, do you deny that you had money from the state to study in moroccan university? that food is half price in sahara? there is always ungrateful dogs that bit the hand of their master.
    Morocco will never leave sahara, jailing,killing every independist is a low price, sahraoui are a minority even in sahara...
    the reporter of telquel said it very well, leaving 40% of our territory for 1% of our population?
    Are you insane?

  28. Saad -- Moroccan love sahraoui and respect them as they love and respect other moroccan.

    Saad - there is always ungrateful dogs that bit the hand of their master. Morocco will never leave sahara, jailing,killing every independist is a low price, sahraoui are a minority even in sahara...

    Whew. I don't even want to know how about your attitude to people you don't love.

  29. Anonymous3:30 AM

    Saad wrote "Morocco will never leave sahara, jailing,killing every independist is a low price, sahraoui are a minority even in sahara".

    At least it's clear now. It means Saad would like to kill me and many others of my compatriots who believe in the independence of Western Sahara.

    We knew that this is the policy of Morocco. But thanks for making the point clear.

    Is this what autonomy means???

    Saharawi Student.

  30. don't play dumb, that's not what autonomy says...
    i would say the same thing for a moroccan from the rif or south...
    autonomy is nice enough, and honestly i find it too much but well guess we must be tolerant

  31. I really don't think that Morocco puts in more than it gets out of Western Sahara. Just looking at phosphates, the price has gone up 700% recently and, according to the Times, people are worried about a shortage, so the price is likely to increase further (the times article seems a little confused about Morocco and Western Sahara though, see

    Fisheries have always been lucrative, and this is another scarce resource Morocco can exploit (illegal) as a result of the occupation. Then there is the possibility of oil (still to be confirmed of course). There may be other resources in WS too according to some.

    Morocco gains some political advantages too - it can offload a load of its poor citizens and keep a large proportion of its armed forces in WS, removing potentially troublesome groups of poor and disaffected people from the mainstream of Moroccan political life.

    Saad - you can't interfere more in a country than by invading it. You point to Iraq and make a comparison between people like me who "interfere" in the affairs of other countries and the forces that interfered in Iraq and caused chaos there. I think the chaos in Iraq was caused by something a little more directly interventionist than academics doing archaeology and blogging about politics *lol* The comparison should surely be between the invaders - the US coalition in Iraq and Morocco in WS.

    Anyway, as long as the Sahrawi welcome my interference I will continue to interfere. You can't invade someone else's land and then whinge when other people get involved. If you can't take the heat, get out of the country. If you want to stay in the country you have to accept that you will receive criticism and you have to try and counter that criticism with more than just whining about how people shouldn't interfere. You and I are both interfering in the affairs of Western Sahara - perhaps we are not as different as you think. ;-)

    Saad, as you are telling me WS is not my business, I'd like to ask you how much time do you spend in Western Sahara every year, and working with the people there. Not that your spending a lot of time there would persuade me to desist in my interference - I'm just curious.

    Best wishes.

  32. Sorry nick, but the points you raise are very weak, you speak about phosphates this year becoming expensive, well we are in sahara for 33 years, one year is nothing...and well to compare sahara with irak ?
    1 : mathematics: there is more moroccan than sahraoui in sahara, there is more people in one casablanca's neighborhood than sahraouis.
    2 : geography, sahara is just south morocco, take a map and you will see this...
    about interfering well i speak about moroccan politics that's none of your business, democracy we will reach it with our own hands, let me just tell you that the past ten years a lot of things have changed and it's just the beginning...
    well you are here to help polisario ,ok. they are pleased with your help ,ok. that's your right, if you are honest enough go speak with those people :

    and go see what morocco did for sahara.
    Be realistic my friend

  33. ah the link ;) :

  34. Anonymous9:34 AM

    thanks (saad) for the link , if (marrakechy) sees your link , he will bury his head in the sand and hopefully he will shoot the moon this time.

  35. what is USAs view on the Western Sahara question??

  36. Well, saad I don't know if you are a KKM6 propaganda product or your IQ is really poor:

    It's up to me to decide what is and what is not my business (I am free, unlike you). Honest Moroccans would be pleased of foreign ppl worried about their lives.

    You don't have arguments, and that's clear:

    1 : mathematics: there is more moroccan than sahraoui in sahara, there is more people in one casablanca's neighborhood than sahraouis.

    What does it mean? Just that your Kitsch King sent thousands of Moroccans during these 33 years. That's not an argument unless you support Sahrawi cause.

    A question: why didn't your Kitsch King father attack Spanish Sahara?

    answer (I guess you need little help): because he was a chicken and he felt powerful only in front of Sahrawis (counting of course with disgusting Kissinger's help; remember that Polisario was winning the war until France, US, Israel, Saudi Arabia --unethically as usual-- supported KK’s daddy).

    2 : geography, sahara is just south morocco, take a map and you will see this...

    That’s as stupid as saying that Morocco is just southern Spain or Spain is just southern France… Have you noticed that Morocco is just northern Western Sahara?

    find JUST ONE MAP outside Morocco that recognises what you write.

    AS far as I know (all we know) NO COUNTRY recognises Moroccan occupation on WS.

    To give you an example of close-minded Moroccan Authorities:

    Take the most important travel guides to WS: Routard (a French one) is prohibited in Morocco (easier way to reach WS by car). Michelin (French) maps also. Lonely Planet too.

    Guess why? all they show a border line separating Morocco and Western Sahara.

    More: that's true that Morocco finds funding not only in the WS rich resources plundering. Following the best corrupted traditions 0'7% of Morocco's GDP comes from hashish (source 2004 UN research on drugs trafficking).

    From a Moroccan website:

    I don't speak a word Arab, but my French and my eyes are still ok!

    Will, there are lots of Moroccans that hate M6, find'em and take'em to your blog!

    AX 18:13h.

  37. Maren, the official US government stance is supporting the Moroccan monarchy but not recognizing the occupation. Still, it works to disrupt harsher efforts in the UN to move towards a referendum.

    RSW, you're quite the character. I enjoyed your play. You and the other resident Moroccan, Saad, seem very angry that people would interfere in the Moroccan occupation or that Sahrawis might complain.

    You don't see that the original sin in this conflict comes from the 1976 invasion, and any complaints about Sahrawi actions after that have to be tempered with the realization that you occupied their country right before it was about to finally taste freedom.

    Ax, I'm looking for those Moroccans but haven't found them yet. I wish some would pop in. Why do you call Mohammed VI the kitsch king?

  38. torino, i think you are a racist i did not read all the trash you wrote, the first lines were enough. well and about mi iq, well you will get surprised if i tell you :) but sometimes with dumbs like you violence is the best thing, i am awaiting for you in morocco my racist friend :)

    for maren : The official position of u.s.a is supporting the autnomy , but well the bigs democracies like zimbabwe and cuba supports polisario... that shows you who is right

  39. hmmm will there was not a country there in sahara before spain , there was one country : the kingdom of morocco and a part of mauritania and of algeria were moroccan too, but well we can't have all what we want.
    there was rebels backed by algeria, and when we invaded sahara, we faced the army of algeria, go learn about Amgala...the weapons were cuban and lybian, it's a fight for ideology and still, look just to the countries that support polisario and those who are with morocco and you will understand.

    for moroccan you must go to french websites to find moroccan will. we don't speak english in morocco.
    but since you like my videos here some moroccan children living in sahara demonstating for morocco.
    as time goes we are winning the battle. the future is ours ;)
    Sahara is moroccan and will always be :) :

  40. because he's so kitsch Will,

    As you know Western Europe is plenty of "kingdoms": Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Holland, Belgium, UK, Spain...

    You can travel around this places and you won't find any giant poster of the king as you'll find in El Aaiún, Dakhla, etc. (imagine 4 or 6 giant posters in the same roundabout!!). That gives you the idea of democracy M6 has... 1984!

    I've never seen King Juan Carlos, King Baudouin, King Albert or Queen Elizabeth wearing sunglasses in an official picture! it's so classless!

    It seemed to me like he wanted to look like a Hollywood star to the Moroccans!

    wanna see one?

    illuminated at night, and 24h. protected by policemen (note the blue land cruiser underneath the poster) and by civil --well paid-- Moroccans.

    Isn't that KITSCH Will?

    AX 20:14h.

  41. That is pretty kitsch. I love how the billboard is just there in the middle of everything--"Oh hai, I'm the king."

  42. Saad you'd better read, maybe you learn something different than propaganda:

    your video is absolutely obvious, nothing new: Moroccan colons claiming for a different international order just to justify they live in a foreign country contrarily to the legitimate land owners' wish.

    could you link to a video where M6 shows how Sahrawi phosphates, Sahrawi fish and Sahrawi sand makes him richest day after day?

    It will be another surprising new!

    Racist? Me? I just doubt about your intelligence, it's not a prejudice, it's just based on your writings...

    AX 20:40h.

  43. Saad, you insist that "sahara is just south Morocco". My first reacion is: what, all of it - all the way to the Nile? Morocco's territorial ambitions are obviously more extensive than I realised. My second reaction is that France once insisted that Algeria was physically a part of France, and your assertion reminds me of that. Again, if (Western) Sahara is just south Morocco, how can I travel in at least part of it without having anything to do with Morocco.

    I know that's your opinion, but other people have other opinions, and the general concensus is that Western Sahara's status as part of Morocco or otherwise is yet to be determined. The Sahrawis (most of them at an rate) believe that WS is not part of Morocco as fervently as you believe that it is. So you constant insistence is nothing more than a tedious pantomime "oh yes it is", "oh no it isn't" routine. Saying it doesn't make it so.

    Morocco has certainly been in WS a long time as occupations go, and this must have cost a few dirhams. But there has always been economic potential there and that has always been an attraction, albeit not necessarily the only one. If my arguments are weak then I don't think much of counter arguments that simply state "The Sahara is ours and always will be - we love it". That's not an argument.

    The comparison with Iraq was made by an anonymous and was not my initiative. I thought it warranted a response. But let's compare invaders with invaders while we're at it.

    Like I and others said, if you're going to support an act of aggression, don't complain when people take you to task for it. Sure there are now more Moroccans than Sahrawis in WS. So what? That doesn't make it acceptable. Are you saying that if you want to take some territory all you have to do is get more of your people into it that there are indigenous people, and then it's OK for you to say it's yours? You may think that's OK, but you'll find a lot of people who don't, who will make it their business. Sorry to disappoint you.

    Well that's probably it from me on this one. I'm off to try and counter some Moroccan propaganda at the Houses of Parliament tomorrow, and need to devote my energies to that for a day or two.

  44. Oh, I forgot about the maps. I have quite a collection of maps and atlases, and they all show a border between Western Sahara and Morocco. I've seen a few that don't, but these constitute the minority. I hear that for a while Libyan maps didn't show the UK at all. Syrian maps (at least in the early 1990s) showed some Turkish territory as part of Syria. Maps of WS that show the berm generally don't show that it cuts into Mauritania. You have to be careful with maps. But like I said, most of them don't see WS as "souther Morocco". OK, a bientot.

  45. Good luck in Parliament, Nick. I hope you make it rowdy in the grand tradition of Prime Minister's Questions.

  46. hello all the commenters on Will's blog i wish i could organise a summer trip to WS to all of you either from the west or our dear moroccans to show you the reality on the ground but with the m6 police presence believe me we shall be behind bars together at the black jail.

    concerning the links which the pro-annexation of WS moroccan provide us with i can assure you that during the last trip of m6 to Aaiun i was in morocco and i decieded with some friends to go back to WS and we were surprised in the bus agencies in morocco that we could not travelled to our homeland when we ask the agency chief for the reason he called the police and they tell us that we have to wait untill the the m6 visit is over WS is forbiden for more than 5 days for all the youth moving to it from morocco,believe me we all believe that everything is possible with the moroccans.

    for the first visit that m6 made to my hometown i was present their the moroccan authorities made its best to take us out to the street to welcome the iternal m6 every day they came to the sahrawi houses telling them that you have to go out to welcome his coming otherwise they know how to punish them but believe me none goes all the sahrawi agreed that they have to ignore his coming believe me it was a nice day because all the moroccans left their houses since the very morning untill the sunset so we enjoyed our neighboorhood without settlers in Matala neighbourhood where the majority of sahrawi live and where demonstrations took place everyday none of them get out of his home and the m6 had get into it but was welcomed not by the sahrawi but the moroccan settlers.

    with my two eyes i saw the authorities handing out the sahrawi dresses called daraa and malhfa to the settlers to wear it and it would seemed like sahrawi could not believe the m6 coming.

    also the same story happened during 2005 when the intifada breaks out but the spanish telivision TVE was in time and it filmed the whole story there.

    for the second video of the moroccan carrying the moroccan flag it was a small one and i think mr saad had not been present when the moroccans organised a big one and marching through Aaiun city with their police and chanting sahara is moroccan sahara is moroccan but what puched them to do so is what we have to know,it is the intifada of sahrawi people the daily demonstrations like that one

    finally thank you all for defending the sahrawi cause.

  47. Anonymous12:49 AM

    (nick brook) don't forget the house of common , buckingham palace and the duke of Edinburgh.

    (torino kkk) i think you need help you suffering from too much information and the symptom called (ill informed)that's a new disease caused by too much surfing in the net, searching for baseless news concerning morocco.

    ginger paella all round.

  48. RSW: If I'd need help, be sure it wouldn't be from a Kitsch King Lover...

    thanks Devotee for your comment, I've never been in El Aaiún in these periods, but "calm" periods are scary enough! It's you the Sahrawi who deserves all our consideration and respect for your unequaled courage. You are our heroes.

    AX 13:22h.

  49. Seconded on what Ax said. Keep yourself and your friends safe during this crackdown.

  50. saad: it's not just cuba and zimbabwe supporting polisario, around 80 contries in the world recognise the Western Sahara as a state!

  51. And none recognize the occupation

  52. Anonymous12:52 PM

    to (maren) can you name those 80 countries plz.

    (will) what occupation , its morocco and the whole planet recognise morocco.

    ginger : one hot dog with mustard no barking (onion)

  53. Countries recognize Morocco, but no country recognizes Morocco's right to Western Sahara.

  54. Maren was wrong indeed!

    they are 81 ONION (you've win a new nickname adapted to your taste)

    1. Afganistán* 23/05/1979
    2. Albania 29/12/1987
    3. Angola 11/03/1976
    4. Antigua y Barbuda 28/02/1987
    5. Argelia 06/03/1976
    6. Barbados 27/02/1988
    7. Belice 18/11/1986
    8. Benin 11/03/1976
    9. Bolivia 14/12/1983
    10. Botswana 14/05/1980
    11. Burkina Faso* 04/03/1984
    12. Burundi 01/03/1976
    13. Cabo Verde 04/07/1979
    14. Camboya 10/04/1979
    15. Chad 04/07/1980
    16. Colombia 27/02/1985
    17. Congo 03/06/1978
    18. Corea del Norte 16/03/1976
    19. Costa Rica 30/10/1980
    20. Cuba 20/01/1980
    21. Dominica 01/09/1979
    22. Ecuador 14/11/1983
    23. El Salvador 31/07/1989
    24. Etiopía 24/02/1979
    25. Ghana 24/08/1979
    26. Granada 24/08/1979
    27. Guatemala 10/04/1986
    28. Guinea-Bissau 15/03/1976
    29. Guinea Ecuatorial* 03/11/1978
    30. Guyana 01/09/1979

    31. Honduras 08/11/1989
    32. India* 01/10/1985
    33. Irán 27/02/1980
    34. Jamaica 04/09/1979
    35. Kenia 26/06/2005
    36. Kiribati 12/08/1981
    37. Laos 09/05/1979
    38. Lesotho 09/10/1979
    39. Liberia 31/07/1985
    40. Libia 15/04/1980
    41. Madagascar* 28/02/1976
    42. Malawi 24/03/2002
    43. Mali 04/07/1980
    44. Mauritania 27/02/1984
    45. Mauricio 01/07/1982
    46. México 08/09/1979
    47. Mozambique 13/03/1976
    48. Namibia 11/06/1990
    49. Nauru 12/08/1981
    50. Nicaragua* 06/09/1979
    51. Nigeria 12/11/1984
    52. Panamá 23/06/1978
    53. Papua Nueva Guinea 12/08/1981
    54. Perú 16/08/1984
    55. República Dominicana 24/06/1986
    56. Ruanda 01/04/1976
    57. Salomón Islas 12/08/1981
    58. San Cristobal y Nevis 25/02/1987
    59. Santa Lucía 01/09/1979
    60. San Vincente y Granadinas 14/02/2002

    61. Sao Tomé y Príncipe 22/06/1978
    62. Seychelles 25/10/1977
    63. Sierra Leona 27/03/1980
    64. Siria 15/04/1980
    65. Sudáfrica 15/09/2004
    66. Surinam 11/08/1983
    67. Swazilandia 28/04/1980
    68. Tanzania 09/11/1978
    69. Timor Oriental 20/05/2002
    70. Togo 16/03/1976
    71. Trinidad y Tobago 01/11/1986
    72. Tuvalu 12/08/1981
    73. Uganda 06/09/1979
    74. Vanuatu 21/11/1980
    75. Venezuela 03/08/1983
    76. Vietnam 02/03/1979
    77. Yemen 02/02/1977
    78. [Yugoslavia 28/11/1984]
    79. Zambia 12/10/1979
    80. Zimbawe 03/07/1980





    Do you know what's the problem with your Kitsche King ONion?

    He would like to be the King of a large and rich country as Algeria.

    There are 3 important countries in Africa: Algeria, Nigeria, South Africa.

    Morocco is not large at all (European countries like Spain are larger).

    Morocco is not rich at all (knowing his king...) remaining far from the countries Onion would judge unimportant because of their recognising of RASD.

    Onion, go to read Moroccan propaganda, and don't forget to kiss your KK pic!

    AX 22:08

  55. Speaking of is a link with some photos of African Lion '08. That's the USA - Moroccan exercise against terrorism.

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