Thursday, June 05, 2008

Join the Western Sahara Facebook group

You know you want to. With 897 members, we're only 3 away from 900! When last I wrote about Western Sahara Facebook skirmishes, we weren't nearly as big. Check out the benefits to joining:
  • Mobilizing like-minded people for Western Sahara campaigns. I have a broadcast message coming up about a petition that will go out to all 897 members--score!
  • Contacting cool people from all over the world (all right, mainly Scandinavia).
  • A Real-Sahara-Watch-esque troll named Moroccan Saharoui who has added some great pics of Western Sahara's cities
  • Dedicated One Hump readers get a little officer title, as long as I can think of something clever
  • Opportunities to raid pro-occupation Facebook groups.
I'd say the best thing about joining the group (and making an account if you don't have one already), though, is that for every new member Moulay Rachid cries a little more.


  1. Anonymous3:49 AM

    Moroccan hacker damage the pro Polisario government websites ( )and leave this note:
    تم الاختراق من طرف ThE X-HaCkEr
    تحياتي للعقرب المدمر
    Server.MapPath() error 'ASP 0173 : 80004005'
    Invalid Path Character
    /body1.asp, line 85
    An invalid character was specified in the Path parameter for the MapPath method

  2. You're right. Looks like he just got the front page, though. What does his message in Arabic say?

  3. Anonymous11:37 AM

    ALGIERS, Algeria, June 6 (UPI) -- The Algerian-supported Polisario is facing division because of Morocco's proposal for the independence of Western Sahara, officials say.

    Numerous leading Polisario members have separated from the movement and proclaimed advocacy for a new plan for Western Sahara, Med Basin Newsline reported. Polisario is a rebel group working for Western Sahara's independence.

    The one-time members requested that Polisario and Algeria support a U.N. Security Council objective aimed at convincing Polisario and Morocco to "begin negotiations in a spirit of realism and compromise."

    "This is the only realistic way to resolve the artificial conflict," a former Polisario member said.

    Several ex-Polisario Front members including Sidati Ghallaoui, Abadila Semlali and Essaad El Moussaoui backed the statement.

    They agreed Morocco's independence plan is the "only viable solution" to end the debate about Western Sahara, the report said

  4. "Morocco's independence plan..? sounds good to me..

  5. "Morocco's independence plan"? I wish.

  6. Anonymous12:37 PM

    hi Will

    I have just noticed that too

    he/ hacker said in arabic something like that:
    " this is hacked by ThE X-HaCkEr
    my regards to the dreaded/destructive scorpion "


  7. I like that Hacker-X said "my regards". That's very Zorro.

    We need him/her on our side to do other Zorro-like things like cutting SADR flags into the backside of a quivering Moroccan torturer.

  8. Anonymous4:16 PM

    that's called a gentleman hacker

    barbary pirate

  9. Yeah, a gentleman hacker. He could shut down MAP and dedicate the attack to his lady, Moroccan minister Badia Skalli.

  10. Anonymous6:15 PM

    i think polisario should do the descent thing and let the squatters to leave , they had enough . they suffered for too long and still suffering you can see it in their eyes , those people don't want to stay there anymore that why they're defecting some of them are buying their way out and the majority of them lost any faith they have for polisario.

    so pro-polisario campaign for the freedom of the squatters

  11. ALGIERS, Algeria, June 6 (UPI) -- The Algerian-supported Polisario is facing division because of Morocco's proposal for the independence of Western Sahara, officials say.

    UPI sure is on top of this story, huh? Sort of puts the accuracy of news agency dispatches in perspective.

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. I wish I knew what that comment said before its author deleted it. Squatter anonymous, you know the drill--if everyone hates Polisario so much, hold a referendum.

  14. Will, I deleted my comment here and saved it there.
    That's all.

  15. What Baba Sayed left a comment but was too embarrassed to keep it up? Ok.

  16. Anonymous6:24 AM

    please go and find a woman, and forget about this issue, an advice 'if you find a woman? i'am not sure you can, but try, you will get out of your sexual frustration' and then get a real life instead of talking always about The Kingdom of Morocco.
    you are too smal, you don't understand, and you will be loser, as you support polisario lies 'and polisario loosers' algerians included'

  17. Anonymous6:28 AM

    the people in polisario camps suffers, and Mr Van Walsum told evey one who clain to have good sense the reality, Walsum tried to say after investigating all this inveted problem that, algeria is behind all this, if you fallowed the aljazeera last interview with an old militry official, he said that the Algerian Army is simply behind the creation and support of polisario, so stop all this lies, you can see all the countries support morocco proposal, simply because they know the truth! and they want to release the poeple retaind in the polisario camps.

  18. Anonymous10:25 PM

    What r u all talking about