Thursday, June 12, 2008

If you can make it in Agadir, you can make it anywhere

Sup Agadir? According to my analytics, readers in that town in southern Morocco (i.e. not Western Sahara) spend an average of almost 10 minutes on One Hump per visit, which is longer than any other Moroccan city. To celebrate, some facts about Agadir:
  • It's the world's largest tuna port.
  • In 1960, 15,000 people were killed there by an earthquake. Hassan II's pop was kind enough to undertake a massive rebuilding effort.
  • The picture of its beach on Wikipedia seems to feature a dead cow. Can't someone please take another picture of Agadir's beach?
Have any readers been to Agadir? What did you think of it?


  1. hi Will i would like you to give us the average of time spent on your blog in the occupied zone of western sahara,i have spend 5 years in Agadir during my studies there because there is the nearest university for western sahara students and most of the sahrawi students prefer to study there that's and i think those students are the visitors of your blog,it is a cute city with nice weather personally i like it because i have much of my memories there.

  2. I'm glad you liked it there. If you have any digital pictures, replace the one of the dead cow! I feel bad for Agadir.

    Thanks for explaining the long read times. Unfortunately, for some reason Western Sahara doesn't show up in the metric reports--maybe because of confusion and indecision at Google about whether to sort it under Morocco's entry or its own. Shout-out to readers in Western Sahara anyway!

  3. Anonymous12:42 AM


    Did you notice the writing on the hill on top of the dead. It reads in Arabic: God, Country, King.

    I believe that King there means the dead cow.

    What do you think?

  4. Heh, maybe. I can't read it anymore, though, because someone was nice enough to replace the beach picture with something a little less..."unique" to Agadir.

  5. please explain me, all those tourists whom loves Agadir, and you are talking about which city i have to click to chech the moroccan sahara? just visit WWW.CORCAS.COM you will get into the moroccan saharawi web site, ad you can get all the pics and the videos about the moroccan sahara.
    in google you have to search by the cities names, or tape moroccan desert cities, please feel free to visit morocco is the best way to see your selves the situation, in the moroccan desert, you are wrinting and writing, what happend to you are you a sexsual frustrated?
    you should travel and visit the real world not just the virtual.
    i went to holland to ireland to germany to belgium to the uk to usa to austria to new zeeland, switzeland, togo spain, mauritania,algeria(the most scary one ever) ivery cost congo, south africa(oh my god,if rambo could be a real man! he could tell you that S.A is a night mare) i don't know how they will deal with the world cup? hope it wil not turn to hell in there.
    guy one advice stop beliving in false causes, polisario is the biggest scam evere invented by algeria.

  6. guy! i'am talking to the smart ones here, why algeria and libya don't want to the UPM?
    simply they are afraid! they knows that this will bring the humain rights and real democracy. and they don't want to loose the power,they knows that once thier population will get a good life they will ask for more liberty, for more rights, they will forget the islamist terror, and people will turn more for the western way of life like morocco or tunisia, and this is like a night mare for the dictatorial gouvernment in algeria and libya, so it' simple keep the poor people fighting for food, they will forget politics and liberties, the worl is more complex than it seems, algeria is the slave of russia and polisario is the dogy of algeria, Russia is recovering her strenght with the oil price rise. the chineese and indian healthy economics recovering, and you are waisting your time supporting moraly a real algerian scam(olisario)


    the big influent powers knows the truth, is for this they support morocco, so it really sad, this situation.the polisario disedent they offer to thier families villas in sain belive me, i saw them, and they spend million in spain, and they go to norway or south africa to (ask for money to buy rize to the poor people camps) warra scam

  7. Forgive me for not trusting CORCAS with my travel plans.

  8. Real Sahara Watch is right Will, you should go to Morocco to see that all the country is plenty of rubbish (just like Agadir's beach). And you'd feel that real democracy and respect for human rights (say yes to the king or you'll be rubbed tortured and imprisoned).

    and... the refugee camps are plenty of NGO's working every day... the area they can't visit it's called Occupied Territories (are you geographically frustrated?)

    AX 13:20

  9. hmmm Dakhla is just a wonderful city !!! thats what morocco has done and it s just the begining.
    morocco is getting more than 6% of gdp growth annualy for this past 10 years without oil.
    polisario and it's retarded algerian masters are past for sahraoui

  10. Dakhla (former Villa Cisneros) is awful, plenty of garbage everywhere, poverty, and (fortunately) plenty of empty houses built with
    Sahrawi money (coming from the plundering of fish, phosphates and sand) for the never arrived Moroccan referendum disturbers.

    Dakhla's landscape is awesome! (Mohamed will sold it if he could)

    AX 00:06h.