Friday, June 27, 2008

Ichi Aboulhasssan out of Western Sahara: no country for this old man

The cheese stands alone

Ichi Aboulhassan, one of Morocco's chief torturers, has been moved out of Western Sahara. The information comes from a Western Saharan human rights activist. This transfer is great news for Sahrawis but bad news for the Moroccan people. Before I tell you why, here are some of Ichi's greatest hits (literally):
  • Commanding the Urban Security Group (GUS), a leading instrument in the occupation
  • Dragging Aminatou Haidar from her emergency room bed
  • Torturing Sahrawi political prisoners in September 2005
  • Leading a GUS force that threw Sahrawi Sidi Mohammed Ould Taleb from the roof of a building.
Aboulhassan has been transferred to Bensliman, near Casablanca. It's good that such a vicious man can no longer reach the Sahrawis. Still, his material gains he earned with his Western Saharan brutality--he came poor and left wealthy, his new post is closer to power--means torture in Morocco, as in my own country, has become a lucrative career path.


  1. Anonymous12:02 PM

    Good post Will
    People like this man have to go to jail not to Casablanca.
    This Man and more Moroccan tortures in Western Sahara have to be noticed by human right activists and NGOs as tortures and judged as “crime against humanity”.
    Yesterday a new Saharawi spokesman of the saharawi prisoners in the “ jail Lakhal” in Alaiun is tortured by Moroccan torturer called “ Abdlah Zenfouri”

    You can find more with pics here:

  2. I agree, it's sad that Ichi was transferred out not because of an international campaign but because of a promotion. He should instead by sitting in a Bensliman jail cell.

    Abdlah Zenfouri, huh? Tell me what that link says. I was able to gather from the picture and my Arabic that the guy in the picture is the new Sahrawi spokesman, not Zenfouri, right?

  3. it really is a shame that torture goes on and on and nothing is changing, even though human rights organisations etc are aware of the situation in WS!

  4. It sure is, Maren. The problem is the men who commit the torture think they act with impunity and will never be prosecuted. Until something changes in Rabat, they're right.

  5. First of all, I'd like to thank you for the comment you left on our blog a while ago. We also found your blog really interesting.
    Now, about what you wrote, it's sad to see that people like Ichi Aboulhassan make a living out of torturing. And those who try help defending human rights in the western sahara are expelled from the country by the moroccan government.
    Let's hope the situation changes.

  6. i always ask god after all prayers and sahrawi people too that he might be transfered to hell on the judgment day.Amen

  7. Anonymous1:25 AM

    justice , justice tell me about it

    check this one !

  8. Anonymous2:05 AM

    and this one boys looks like a war zone .
    with a complement from the spanish police.

  9. Anon onion, have you ever seen a Moroccan newspaper talking about Moroccan police brutality (includes torture and black prisons)?

    mmm I guess you'll answer NO,

    guess why in US, Spain, France, Italy, etc that's an important new covered by all media... in these countries this facts are "serious mistakes" severely judged, policemen will be arrested (not promoted like yours). In Morocco and Occupied WS that's just normal.

    Have you ever seen this video on Moroccan TV?

    (TVE Spanish reporter says: TV's are not allowed to record any image)

    I remember last year a Russian immigrant denounced mistreatments from Barcelona policemen. The police station responsible put a hidden video camera in the interrogatory room. So they discovered mistreatments indeed. All the media covered this information, the policemen were fired from the Catalonian Autonomous Police (Mossos d'Esquadra) and denounced by the victims... I guess they could find a job only in Morocco or within the Colombian paramilitary forces.

    Anon Onion, that's another difference between democracy and regime.

    AX 14:16h.

  10. we aptly called him ABULKILAB it means DOGS FATHER instead of Abulhassan the first one suit him.

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