Friday, June 06, 2008

Hacker hits SADR website

It looks like SADR site RASD-State has been visited by a hacker. Calling him or herself "The X-Hacker," the hacker changed the front page so it delivered an invalid character message. An Arabic message left behind by the hacker translates to "This is hacked by ThE X-HaCkEr
my regards to the dreaded/destructive scorpion", according to commenter Desertman.

As hacking attacks go, it's not that effective. The site's running, the political message (if there was one) is oblique, and pages away past from main page are untouched. Still, it's time for Polisario to round up some script kiddies and get revenge.

Via an astute commenter


  1. The site seems to be ok now for
    I don't see any "Server.MapPath() error 'ASP 0173 : 80004005'
    Invalid Path Character
    /body1.asp, line 85" message now.

    But one thing is still not ok.
    This RASD-site is made by Windows software. In the source of the webpage it says:
    GENERATOR = Microsoft FrontPage 6.0.
    The site will continue to attract webattacks against Microsoft. I think Saharawi should use software libre. Free software is much better to carry the message of freedom.

  2. Open-source software for what's going to be an open-source revolution? Only seems fair!

    You're right that the site's fixed. The site being at .ws reminds me of how it didn't work when they first launched it--I think SADR thought they could launch for free on .ws, but Samoa had other ideas.

  3. Eh. I did not mention "open source" but FREE software. The difference is something like between autonomy and independence.. (It is explained here.)
    But eh. sure this domain thing is what the webcommunity should do something about.

  4. That was a really interesting article, VK. Thanks for linking it. Free it is, then!

    As far as .eh goes, you've made a good point--that was a perfect campaign for those of us on the internet. I was about to say we could bring back, but I see now that it's down.

  5. hello everybody i think the SADR websites have allways been a goal for moroccan hackers attacks and also the polisario defenders on the paltalk too have been a target of moroccan hackers and i knew many of sahrawi who have been hacked. but i think that it is ok now because i visited the website and every thing is ok but we have allways to beware of the moroccan hackers and we have to protect our self against them so a practical grasp of the the internet and protection is needed.

  6. That, and getting some hackers of your own. I'm imagining an animated .GIF of Mohammed Abdelaziz laughing on the front page of MAP.

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