Monday, June 09, 2008

Great Australian video about plundered Western Saharan phosphates

The 7.30 Report on Australia's ABC network produced an excellent piece on Australia's addiction to Western Saharan phosphates. The video focuses on Malainin Lakhal's efforts to raise awareness of Western Sahara's exploitation in Australia and convince Australian fertilizer companies to stop using phosphates from Western Sahara.

The saddest part for me were the Australian farmers who seemed like nice people but were unable to find alternatives to fertilizers containing plundered phosphate. The happiest part was the surprise appearance by Stephen Zunes.

Overall, excellent effort by both ABC's journalists, Malainin, Zunes, and the Australian activists who doubtless worked behind the scenes to make this report happen.


  1. Thank you so much Will,Malainin lakhal,Stephen zunes who seems always to support western sahara James carleton too thank you all for that impressive and good video that's what we need and that's the kind of people that could make a change really and i think the whole story about western sahara in the United Nations is what Stephen Zunes stated "The primary problem is that Morocco, which is the occupying power of Western Sahara, has close friends on the United Nations' Security Council, specifically France, the United States which have used and threat of a veto power to prevent the UN from enforcing resolutions calling for Morocco's withdrawal or at least to have a free and fair referendum."

  2. That´s the way to go! Great report indeed. Pity that most australians watch Channels 7, 9 and 10. But still. Let the story be heard! We need those reports in the USA and all around the world.

  3. Don't tell me that, Australiano. I was in blissful ignorance of ABC's relative unpopularity in Austrlaia. Maybe this report will make them tops.

    Zunes was spot on.

  4. Anonymous1:41 PM

    i think (Zunes) should know that morocco have more than 2/3 of super phosphate reserve of the world.
    and this world is getting more populous and more hungry , a few years ago the majority of india population used to settle for one meal a day , today are on two meals and sooner it will be 3 meals and the same goes for others countries.
    brasil and some western countries
    are turning to biofuel cause of gas prices ,so they need more phosphate.
    already half a dozen of countries are line up to engage on joint venture with morocco to set up and produce more fertilizer and phosphoric acid ( i am talking several billions $$ of business in phosphate industry).
    so zunes ,pro-polisario and the rest of the clowns who called themselves expert on the region should know that nowadays business before pleasure sorry i mean politic , at least (norwegian support)for polisario do have a Hobie taking pictures of large ships loading and unloading , they even show you the blueprint of the ships on their website and they don't like you to comment.

    morocco shouldn't bother to talk to polisario cause they're slave trader and just a bunch of pawns in the hand of algerian government , the only talk should be a direct one between algiers and rabat concerning the repatriation of sahraoui people.

    and the polisario leaders should be hunt down .........

    adios gringos

  5. Gringos? Don't tell me my south-of-the-border neighbors are collaborating with Morocco.

    I don't agree with your portrayal of Polisario as a gang of slave traders, but you're right about one thing: economics are key to ending the occupation of Western Sahara. That's why the work of people like Western Sahara Resource Watch is so valuable.

  6. Anonymous4:03 PM

    believe me the western sahara is moroccan and will remain moroccan, you think that australia or what ever country, have no waight internationnaly, and if they had one they can come to morocco to oblige as, if you want the region to go to hell, believe me, morocco, is not a fansy place morocco want, this is our history, and you can keep dreaming, all of you, open big your eyes, you seems stupid, algeria is playing whith you, go and free palestin the true problematic territory, the sahara is moroccan, and algeria, is going deeper and deeper in his relations with russia, so soon algeria will disapear, because of the global encreesing gaz needs, and russia is trying to put a feet in this geo-strategic region. but unfortunately you are blind,you are dreaming to change the world in from bad to worst inthis blog.
    any way we will see, who will win at the end, morocco who live and control his sahara or the Algerias terrosit supported group Polisario.
    it's a cuestion of time, morocco, for milliniums standed up in this region, and blieve me, we will stand here, like men ready for every thing for ever.

  7. Anonymous4:14 PM

    who cares about australians? or norwegians. few days ago, i read in polisario blog that, a norwegian logistic company left morocco because of the sahara?? i made a big surprized eyes, i strated a research, and finaly i found out that it simply was a big lie, like all the turned polisario mind invent evey day (with some brain storming, you can get really good leis) so moroccan gouvernement is controling all the major logitics companies, in the south for the inospitality of the desert, only the moroccan army, uses the military logistics so fight the sand. and many other lies, i surprized that some stupid lind countries supports a terrorist group????????

  8. I haven't read about any logistics companies, but if you have evidence, please link.

  9. The real question to be answered is the actual reason behind why Algeria continues to keep the Sahrawi people in concentration camps and not announce publicly that they can leave if they want.
    This is clearly a long time example of Algerian desire for an Atlantic port. Claiming to support poor oppressed people is just so much smoke.

  10. Humbug. If Algeria for some reason became bored with its enormous was so hungry for an Atlantic coast there are two things it could've done that would be easier than supporting Polisario: dropping Polisario and coming to an agreement with Morocco to open borders, or just dividing Western Sahara up with Morocco.

    Anyway, Sahrawis wouldn't have fought so hard for independence from Morocco just to trade Moroccan occupiers with Algerian ones.