Thursday, June 19, 2008

Flashback: Moroccan police beating Sahrawi students last year

Looks like Moroccan police always get hot-headed around this time of year. Last month's attack on Sahrawi students wasn't a unique event, as this Associated Press story that ran in the International Herald Tribune last year shows:
Students pointed to red stains on the pavement that they said were blood from three injured students. They said police arrested 10 students, bundling them into vans while still wrapped in blankets. Police took money and mobile phones from students, Slimane added.

Police then blockaded an avenue running in front of the housing complex. In mid-morning, around 60 riot police wielding truncheons charged some 50 Saharawi students who had remained at the scene. The students retaliated by throwing stones before scattering as police chased them through university grounds.
Emphasis mine. That attack went down at Mohammed V University in Rabat instead of Marrakesh University, the lessons are the same: Morocco is doing a terrible job convincing young Sahrawis they can live peacefully in Morocco.


  1. Anonymous7:43 PM

    If this was happening in Algeria or the Saharawi camps the sky will fall, media will go crazy and the US may send the marines.

    But because it's Morocco everyone turns a blind eye except of course the ever alert our friend and hero Will.

    Thank you Will.

  2. No problem, it keeps me off the streets. The real cool people are the Sahrawis under occupation or in the camps working for their independence.

    I think you might be wrong about US Marines, unless you know about a Touareg students-United States defense pact I haven't heard of.

  3. a quote from last year, history lol :

    wow you guys are so desperate waiting for some sort of happy news concerning polisario dreams .
    let face it guys , even polisario knows they have no chance for dance to stage any kind of referendum , do you really think that the army and the half million strong moroccan will just pack up and leave because UN or some sort of organisation called itself human right excuse , freedom house donation , african union of starvation or some nutcase with his website copy & paste said so.

    the reality is what's happening on the ground wright now and its clear from (google earth)hi hi that morocco is carving his own border and rewriting his own history before the history repeat itself .

    as for polisario are busy making noise as usual or celebrating some sort of achievement that we don't know about with few foreign jackass wearing sunglasses ,actually polisario did indeed achieve the biggest camps on this planet with tight security 24/7 and the loudest speakers so to keep the fear and insecurity amongst the squatters .
    (will) man i can understand (alle) cause his more of polsario than a pro-polsario, but you , after all y're a journalist so they say and the best you can come up with is polisario id with it longest flag stamped on the front of the id in the history of the world id's , i think y should be worried about this story ! .
    or this one its more scary

    (ax) the spanish hero ,i tell you what if the government of spain give a green light to the basks ,catalan region and canary islands to stage a referendum on the basis of independence and morocco retrieve it two cities (ceuta and melilia)then morocco will think about staging a referendum how about that

  4. Anonymous8:41 AM

    Moroccans beat student and kids and they say Western Sahara is peaceful and there is no problem!!!

    Wesetern Sahara is not peaceful otherwise there wouldn't have been hundreds of Saharawis in jail like the Black Jail.

    Western Sahara is not peaceful otherwise Morocco wouldn't have deplyed around 140.000 soldiers and build a Berm (wall).

    Western Sahara is not peaceful otherwise MINURSO wouldn't waste its time and money there.

    So stop your lies and manipulation you Moroccan colonisers and evil agent.

    Western Sahara will never ever be Moroccan even if the sun rises from the West.

  5. Basque country wants to be military occupied by Kitsch King M6, Catalonia, Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla too.

    Just ask them, they are claiming for serious repression from years!

    Just a sector of Basque country politicians asked to Madrid for a referendum (only Bask country, not Catalonia, nor any other).

    Even if I don't think it could be realised note that no one there is imprisoned/tortured/disappeared for ideas.

    Even in the case the Spanish Constitution (approved democratically on 1978 by
    Spanish citizens) could allow such a possibility, make clear that Me myself and I would support population's decision.

    Ceuta and Melilla citizens do not want to hear about morocco, ask'em why...

    AX (European is more than Spanish)


    (saad aren't you late on daily-kissing the pic you have of your KK?)

    PLEASE WILL RENEW YOUR PRO-MOROCCAN STAFF (this one already stinks)

  6. Anonymous9:43 AM

    Reporters without borders

    Morocco | 17.06.2008
    Press freedom under attack from all sides, promises not kept

    What is left of press freedom in Morocco? The first six months of 2008 have been marked by an avalanche of trials and repressive judicial and administrative decisions. At the same time, promises by Prime Minister Abbas El Fassi’s government to reform the press law have still not materialised. No bill has yet been submitted to the chamber of deputies.

    “We are very worried by the deterioration in the press freedom situation in Morocco,” Reporters Without Borders said. “The mistrust that journalists feel towards the government has been reinforced by an increase in the number of prosecutions brought against them and the many other obstacles they have to face.”...

  7. Thanks for the RSF link, anon. It's sad to think how high hopes were for liberalization after Mohammed VI took over. Obviously, even with all the repression in Western Sahara we aren't in a Years of Lead situation, but it's hardly a reforming Arab monarchy.

    Ax, Cuban-Algerian money only lets me afford the cheapest Moroccan trolls. Do you think Saad is just Real-Sahara-Watch? I didn't at first, but now I'm leaning towards it.

    Saad, there are a lot of reasons Spain doesn't have to give the Canaries et al. a referendum on independence. One, though, is that Spain never promised to. Morocco's situation is a little different.

  8. Thanks for the explanation Will, I'll promote a collect to help you in renewing M6 supporters.

    The question of Spain is far more easier than that: Spain was a union of different kingdoms, then a central State, then a almost federal State with a king without powers (every single activity of Juan Carlos must to be approved for the Parliament).

    Spanish regions can rule in almost every issue (education, taxes, health care, etc.) Only the regions which didn't share Spanish as historical language have more or less strong movements claiming for more independence from Madrid. It comes from the 40 years of Franco's Regime (he prohibited the use of languages different than Spanish: just another wrong choice if he wanted a united Spain).

    Unlike Western Sahara, no one of these claims are supported by International Law.

    AX 14:23h.

  9. Well laws in everywhere are laws and sadly we can't fight against them, the only thing that we can really do is get away from problems and leave the country.

  10. Western Sahara is not peaceful otherwise Morocco wouldn't have deplyed around prohibited the use of languages different than Spanish: just another wrong choice if he wanted a united Spain).