Thursday, June 19, 2008

El Aiaun, stop looking so cool

It's distracting.

Flickr photo from user Sand Run used under a Creative Commons license


  1. Anonymous7:45 PM

    Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

    I would like to see the Saharawi flag on those building. that will really make them beautiful.

    One day it will happen and that day is getting closer and closer.

  2. Anonymous9:04 PM

    wake up you just dreaming


  3. Anonymous9:27 PM

    Time will tell who is dreaming.

    That is exactly what the French told the Algerians, the Indonesians told the Timorese, the South Africans told the Namibians, the Americans told the Vietnam.

    Look now who was dreaming.

  4. I used to know a guy named Dollar. It's pretty exciting that he's commenting here now.

    As far as this, the Western Sahara blog conversation, I can't say it better than the most recent anonymous. All of those things seemed unlikely, even impossible, until they happened.

  5. nope it's very different the main reason is : demography.

    in sahara there is more moroccan from the north than sahroui, and there is a lot of sahraoui that want to stay moroccan, we share the same language,religion,race...

  6. well, race theories are still undervalued but I just can see than Moroccans and Sahrawi do not seem even neighbours so physically different they are...

    Moroccans do not speak Hassaniya Saad (Mauritanians do),

    (by the way Sahrawi are beaten if they are surprised speaking hassaniya)

    Even some aspects of religion are different:
    Sahrawi practises "equal opportunities"; Moroccans still oppress women (and homosex, and black ppl, and poors...)

    Way of life is also absolutely different, houses, diet, clothes...

    Will, are you sure your Moroccans are slightly informed? Aren't they propaganda eaters? Have they own brains or just M6 clones?

    AX 12:58h.

  7. i love you my dear sahraoui torino....
    you are so romantic :) so moroccan opress homosex and women and sahraoui are kind with them...
    sahraoui are good, moroccan are bad , bad bad morocan... lol
    you know islam? it's the same for everybody...and believe me it says some nasty things about homosex and women.
    about the language there are so many dialects in morocco, hassaniya is the closest to arabic and the easiyer

  8. Anonymous8:40 AM

    Those who know El Ayoun:

    How far are those building from the Black Jail?

  9. SAAAAAD to be a person without arguments, really saaaaad.

    Hassaniya is Sahrawi and Mauritanian, not Moroccan.

    We all know you want to invade the whole world,

    Islam is not the same at all in every place, is one of the most fragmented monotheist religions (have you notice that Muslims kills Muslims for religion ?)

    more: Islam is a fake copy of Christianism that is a fake copy of Hebraism. all the three leave much space to interpretation, all the three are undocumented fantasy tales intended to producer FEAR.

    AX 15.09h.

  10. Anonymous9:19 AM

    The Moroccans are trying to hijack the blogg and divert attention from real issues.

    Please those who support the Saharawis do not fall in this trap and get diverted.

    The Moroccans will use an important, petty things, they will aslo use abuse and bad words in order to provoke you and divert the discussion from the real issues: Human rights abuses, occupation, the right to self-determination...etc

    Be careful and be alert friends.

  11. torino we agree in one point :) :

    Religions are the worst human creations :)) .
    may peace be with you

  12. Anonymous9:57 AM

    Reporters without borders

    Morocco | 17.06.2008
    Press freedom under attack from all sides, promises not kept

    What is left of press freedom in Morocco? The first six months of 2008 have been marked by an avalanche of trials and repressive judicial and administrative decisions. At the same time, promises by Prime Minister Abbas El Fassi’s government to reform the press law have still not materialised. No bill has yet been submitted to the chamber of deputies.

    “We are very worried by the deterioration in the press freedom situation in Morocco,” Reporters Without Borders said. “The mistrust that journalists feel towards the government has been reinforced by an increase in the number of prosecutions brought against them and the many other obstacles they have to face.”...

  13. alors Saad on a pas perdu tout l'espoir avec toi. Peut être un jour t'arriveras à comprendre ce que ça veut dire droits de l'homme… liberté, égalité, fraternité... (guillotine au roi !)


    AX 22 :22h.

  14. This thread blew up! I have to break with you on religions, Ax and Saad--while I'm not into religions myself, I think they're fine things if their followers really follow their practices (at least the nice ones).

    Regarding how Islam affects Moroccan and Sahrawi treatment of women, the articles I've read make it seem like Sahrawi women are more empowered.

    Good point, other Anonymous, that certain people are trying to hijack threads. Nothing serious now, and I love comments, but let's try and keep it vaguely topic. First assignment, Saad and other Moroccans: respond to Khalihenna Ould Rachid.

  15. Dear Will, let me point out one more thing to highlight what I was saying:

    The preservation of the society’s common wellness demands to place the aggressor in condition of not being able to cause damage. For this reason the Church’s traditional teaching has recognized the fair foundation of the right and duty of the legitimate public authority to apply proportionate hardships to the graveness of the crime, without excluding, in cases of extreme graveness, the resource to the death penalty. For similar reasons who possess the authority they are entitled to reject by means of the weapons to the aggressors of the society they are responsible for.

    Catholic Church Catechism, 2266.

    (My catholic colleagues argue that Muslims are "bad" because they want to kill christians; instead catholics forgive them... could you find any word of forgiveness in this article?)

    The same thing happens if you change the word CHURCH by KING in other pseudo-laws.

    God, King, Homeland (Spanish fascists killed thousands of people in the name of these 3 middle-age concepts). I bet whoever will read this, could imagine another war, another genocide "justified" on this fanatic belief.

    Western Sahara is not an exception.

    AX 13:50h.

  16. As far as that catechism quote goes, what I learned in Catholic school was that the death penalty made sense when it was the only option to contain danger criminals. The Church now is strongly opposed to the death penalty since most developed countries have prison systems that can handle dangerous people(though often not well).

  17. the translation was mine, but this is what contained in Catholic Catechism.

    Catholics speaking about permissions for death penalty (antisemitism, crusades, inquisition, etc) are like Moroccans speaking about self determination: only hers is ok.

    I also studied in catholic schools


    AX 22:48