Wednesday, June 18, 2008

CORCAS chief Khalihenna Ould Rachid accuses Moroccans of war crimes

Once the head of Spanish-backed party PUNS, Khalihenna "Kelly" Ould Rachid is now the head of Mohammed VI's CORCAS. Basically, his career hasn't changed much in 33 years--lying for one colonial power isn't that different from lying for another. In 2005, however, he did something new: speaking truth to power.

According to documents published by Moroccan newspaper Al-Jarida Al-Oula this month, Ould Rachid told a Moroccan human rights commission that Moroccan officials committed war crimes against Sahrawis. Rachid said some high-ranking Moroccans abused prisoners of war and had civilian Sahrawis thrown out of helicopters or buried alive.

The testimony was supposed to be kept private, but Al-Jarida Al-Oula was able to obtain the trascript anyway. Despite pressure to cease publication, they say they'll continue printing more of Ould Rachid's testimony. I'm looking forward to more, especially since this could impact Spanish judge Baltasar Garzon's investigation in Moroccan war crimes in the invasion and occupation of Western Sahara.

I'm sure Kelly's bosses aren't happy with him right now.


  1. Anonymous12:18 AM

    Can I just add that Khalihenna or rather Khalihlhoum wanted also to play a role in the Polisario but he soon realised that his ambitions did not go hand in hand with the objectives of the independence movement.

    You need also to know that Khalihenna was married to a Spanish woman but he divorced her when the Moroccans invaded and married a Moroccan woman. We expect that in the near future he will be marrying a Saharawi woman or an American one.

    This is very indicative of the man. It seems that he is able to change his spots to fit the fashion of the day and the colonisers of that period.

    What do you say about a man who knows that crimes against humanity were committed against his people and yet he still chooses to side with those who committed them?

    This man is an exception to the rule that Saharawis are decent people. He's a black sheep in the Saharawi flock. A rotten egg.

    But every nation has some of those unsavoury characters.

  2. Anonymous9:06 AM

    Shame on him.

    He's really a bastard.

  3. Kelly married a Moroccan woman just because Morocco invaded? Prove it!

    Good point, though, that it's pretty awful to know all that Morocco did to the Sahrawis and still, whether for self-preservation or because he really believes it, and still say imposed autonomy's a great idea.

  4. will, do you know that the father of the president of the "sadr" is member of the corcas?
    his brother is a famous lawyer i agadir.
    polisario really doesn't smell good, it's just a conflict between algeria and morocco and somme people that want to benefit from separatism. nothing else

  5. Nah. The Sahrawi people have a right to self-determination through referendum, a right that was established long before Algeria started backing them.

    I don't care if Abdelaziz's brother-in-law is the head of CORCAS, not only because families disagree about things but because whatever shabby state Polisario's in doesn't negate the Sahrawi right to a referendum.

  6. who gave them this right? spain? the same country that gave through the madrid agreement the sahara to morocco and mauritania?

    the u.n? that institution that says independance is not realistic?

    polisario was from the begining backed by algeria : days after the green march algeria deported more than forty thousand moroccan from algeria, people that lived their for decades were exiled with nothing left

  7. The UN said expecting independence under the current international situation is unrealistic because Morocco's being obstinate and breaking its word, not because a Sahrawi state couldn't function. If you want a legal reason the Sahrawis deserve their own state, here's one: African Union rules forbid the revision of colonial boundaries without a referendum.

  8. who gave them this right?

    The International Court of Justice in 1975, and the UN Security Council & General Assembly, in several tens of unambiuously worded resolutions from 1966 until today. There are few international questions anywhere where the UN has been so clear as in the case of Western Sahara's right to self-determination, i.e, their right to determine whether they want independence or not. If you haven't been paying attention, that's why there's still a conflict.

    Whether independence (which is one possible outcome of self-determination, but not the only one) is a good idea or not is another matter, and one that -- by the nature of self-determination -- is up to the people of Western Sahara to decide.

  9. Anonymous2:57 PM

    and who gives the right to the international court to interfere in something that has nothing to do with , morocco sahara existed before the colonial powers setup the so called (int-court) anyway the (int-court) based it conclusion on colonial partition (faked borders).
    even the (UN) keep saying any political solution has to be mutually accepted by both parties , therefor its up to morocco to agree or disagree , and the rest is history

    ginger (blad fi dem)

  10. Who gave the court that right? Morocco, when it petitioned the court for a ruling.

  11. Laroussi4:50 PM

    shhhhhh... stop talking so loud and openly about human rights and abuse of the Saharawi people, you might scare the Makhzen.

  12. Psh, Makhzen's always been scared. Thanks for the link.

  13. Anonymous7:38 PM

    The UN has never said that the independence of Western Sahara is unrealistic.

    No UN resolution or official statement has ever mentioned this on the contrary the UN support the right of the Saharawi people to self-determination.

    But the issue her is about human rights and crimes against humanity.

    the Moroccan tactic is to divert the discussion Will and other friends don't fall in the trap.

  14. Anonymous9:00 PM

    so they keep saying and polisario still waiting for an other round of talk knowing for sure that nothing will come out of it.
    i think morocco should start implementing the autonomy and in meantime keep an eye on polisario just to see how they going to react , and for sure polisario won't be able to wage any kind of wars.
    algeria is not about to fight any body's war , it have enough internal problem to deal with , so does south africa which is trying hard to keep it immigrants from been slaughtered or burnt to death and burundi where the heck is it anyway.
    i think the world community and media are more interested in solving the problems of climate change , energy and food security than to worry about some body called abd al aziz (merrakeshy).

  15. Anonymous1:41 AM

    Lat anonymous, do you think you can discourage the Saharawis with your bullshit?

    The Saharawi will not give up even if doomesday comes.

    Western Sahara will never ever be Moroccan.

    Morocco will get out eventually. So in order to safe money, lives and efforts it's better for Morocco to withdraw now.

    The US and France should also help and/or encourage Morocco to get rid of this problem which will be bring trouble to the Kingdom and could well be the instigator of the end of the Alawite dynasty and rule.

    Sometimes friends need to be told the truth.

  16. last anonymous, are you algerian? you speak like one of them.
    well thank you a lot for caring about morocco.
    but sahara is now moroccan and it will always be.
    you know if the problem was a classical colonisation one, we must hear everyday about resistant being killed about assasination and attempt...
    Sahara is a very peaceful place there is more murders in your messed up algeria than in our sahara

  17. Anonymous8:37 AM

    You Moroccans are obsessed by Algeria. I am not Algerian I am Saharawi.

    Wesetern Sahara is not peaceful otherwise there wouldn't have been hundreds of Saharawis in jail like the Black Jail.

    Western Sahara is not peaceful otherwise Morocco wouldn't have deplyed around 140.000 soldiers and build a Berm (wall).

    Western Sahara is not peaceful otherwise MINURSO wouldn't waste its time and money there.

    So stop your lies and manipulation you Moroccan colonisers and evil agent.

    Western Sahara will never ever be Moroccan even if the sun rises from the West.

  18. recent anonymous you are from tindouf or from moroccan sahara?
    i'm really glad to have your point of view and be able to speak with you, the sahraoui i know are pro-moroccan.
    So you want independance?

  19. Anonymous9:14 AM

    I just want the right to self-determiantion which an inalienable right guaranteed to me by the UN and the ICJ as well as the AU.

    You have no right to be in my country, to imprison my people and torture them.

    You have no right to force thousands of my people to live in exile.

    You have no right to wage war against us which resulted in almost every Saharawi family loosing a member.

    I have lost an uncle, a cousin and a brother in law.

    Shame on you Morocco for killing neighbours.

    We are prepared to forgive but no forget.

    You can not hide the truth that is crimes against humanity must be know and published.

  20. Anonymous9:42 AM

    Reporters without borders

    Morocco | 17.06.2008
    Press freedom under attack from all sides, promises not kept

    What is left of press freedom in Morocco? The first six months of 2008 have been marked by an avalanche of trials and repressive judicial and administrative decisions. At the same time, promises by Prime Minister Abbas El Fassi’s government to reform the press law have still not materialised. No bill has yet been submitted to the chamber of deputies.

    “We are very worried by the deterioration in the press freedom situation in Morocco,” Reporters Without Borders said. “The mistrust that journalists feel towards the government has been reinforced by an increase in the number of prosecutions brought against them and the many other obstacles they have to face.”...

  21. Glad to have you, Sahrawi anonymous. I think all the readers + commenters here want to here more from Sahrawis. Also, I'm sorry to hear about your family's losses under Moroccan occupation.

    I think "Sometimes friends need to be told the truth" is a pretty great slogan for arguing that France and the US need to stop enabling Morocco.

    Saad, you display an admirable willingness to listen to other points of view. I just realized, though, that neither you nor any other Moroccan commenter has answered Ould Rachid's charges.

  22. I thinks it is you who need to stop beating a dead horse.
    What is the point of creating yet another micro-state in Africa that is doomed to fail, like sierra leone, Liberia, burundi..etc,.
    If you are really concerned with the human condition of the Sahrawi, why don'y you lobby for Human rights and democracy for ALL Moroccans and see your beloved "sahrawi" healthy and prosperous within a democratic Morocco.
    the pseudo-Liberation movement.
    has reach a dead end.
    it is time to be REALISTIC.