Saturday, June 14, 2008

Claude Moniquet Story Corner

Time to check in again with Claude Moniquet. Nothing hinders his rise as a premier quote-generator, not even publishing the worst Western Sahara report of its generation. He appeared in a late May article in the New York Times about terrorist women on the internet, freaking out about Muslims as usual:
“Women are coming of age in jihad and are entering a world once reserved for men,” said Claude Moniquet, president of the Brussels-based European Strategic Intelligence and Security Center. “Malika is a role model, an icon who is bold enough to identify herself. She plays a very important strategic role as a source of inspiration. She’s very clever — and extremely dangerous.
I bet Claude's heard that Che Guevara's sleeping on her couch. Anyway, this is just a roundabout way of telling you about the most exciting moment in my Western Sahara time, and how it became my most disappointing.

Like a lot of other hipsters, I went to the UN's IV Committee on Decolonization. When I went with Chasli to get our gallery badges, I only saw one name I recognized on the visitor's passes: Claude Moniquet! The idea of being in a confined space with Morocco's Own Hobbit got me hot and bothered. My anticipation turned to despair, however, as the Committee closed with no sign of Claude.

Do you have a Claude Moniquet story, preferably one where he jilted you? Share it in the comments.


  1. Anonymous1:26 PM

    This time, Claude forgot to mention that Malika, her husband and her now deceased ex-husband, are all of Moroccan origin. .....He doesn't want a pay cut. Who can blame him ?

  2. Mr anonymous thatnk to point out another big lie, i think you ae a little bit STUPID, because all the refugies in the tindouf camps are moroccan and considered moroccans, so there are some truth in your lie, lol at the end the polisario or algerians show up thier bad behaviour, honestly you don't get fair up of your pathetic scam life?
    in spain saharawi from the camps studying in madrid sheded light about the real situation in the camps, real polisario supporters?? and the last week again in brussels, what a shame, just redicolous! long life to moroccan sahara

  3. I don't blame Claude, anonymous. We've all got bills.

  4. Anonymous10:09 PM

    Read this from the Economist. See what it says about the occupation:

  5. Anonymous7:38 AM

    I am glad to report that I don't have an experience with Claude Moniquet because he sounds despicable. But what can you expect from someone who mingles with Morocco.

    We all know that those sorry human beings know only corruption, intrigue and bad language as is clear from this RSW.

    Will, this Moniquet creature doesn't deserve your attention and efforts. He's destined to the dustbin of history.

  6. real sahara illusion: I bet you've never met a Sahrawi student in Madrid. They all hate your king and his bodyguards (you call them policiers and gendarmes). When all the six public universities of Madrid organised the 4 days conference (27-30 May) I could see how Sahrawi students supported Polisario ministers and human rights defenders from the Occupied Territories.

    Sahrawi are always Sahrawi, and they'll never be moroccans, specially those from the refugee camps that carry RASD passports.

    We all know that you prefer keep thinking in the Big Morocco and other delirious ideas of your KK (kitsch king), in that case you should go to third.reich.supporters or white power (I guess you can read the same truth than in Moroccan websites).

    I agree with anonymous n.3: your language is your best picture.

    AX 23:53h.

  7. Kitsch King is such a good diss. It conjures up images of Mohammed VI selling velvet Elvises.

  8. Hey - don't bring hobbits into this. They don't deserve to be compared to Moniquet. Orc would have been more like it. I always think of the ring of impenetrable, sheer, razor sharp hills surrounding Mordor when we get anywhere near the berm during the course of our fieldwork....

  9. Claude Moniquet is definitely a hobbit. Frodo, specifically. He's tasked with carrying the referendum across the Berm to Tindouf and throwing it in, destroying it.