Friday, June 20, 2008

Abdelaziz says war won't work in Western Sahara

Darn right. He said it in an interview with bold Moroccan magazines Nichane and Tel Quel:
"The Polisario is convinced that there can be no military solution to this conflict," head of the group Mohamed Abdelaziz said in an interview published by the weekly publications Nichane and Tel Quel.

"A conflict of this kind, that has lasted for so many years, can only be resolved around the negotiating table," said Abdelaziz, adding that the Polisario had never said it wanted to solve the problem militarily.
Hopefully this will put a rest to threats of war coming from Polisario and blog commenters. What do you think about the possibilities of Polisario ending the ceasefire, and what effect would that have on Western Sahara? I feel like the international community would get mad at Algeria for letting the war erupt again.

On a related note, I was so excited to see in a Google search that Mohammed Abdelaziz has a blog, but I guess that's a different Mohammed Abdelaziz.


  1. Anonymous8:03 PM

    I think the Polisario will be very justified to resume the war for liberation.

    It's internationally accepted and considered a legitimate act for a liberation movement to wage war for independence.

    It's also legitimate for people to use military means to defend their country and freedom.

    The Polisario has been very patient and admirably so.

    Haven't they given peace a chance? Aren't 17 years of ceasefire enough?

    What did Morocco do? Continue its militarisation by purchasing military equipments and strengthening the Wall (berm). Continue the torture of Saharawis in the occupied areas. Continue the plunder of Saharawi natural resources and fish. Continue defiance to UN and international community and refuse the peace process.

    Of course war is the last resort but it is legitimate otherwise we would still have the Nazis everywhere!

  2. good news, autonomy is the only solution. if the sahraoui were smart enough they will accept it because it's only way to have more (independance), but hey algeria won't ever agree

  3. Ofcourse is war itself not a solution but a problem because war is bad for the environment, for birds and bees and flowers and children. So every sound human being will avoid war if possible.
    The military option for Polisario is low-intensity guerilla-warfare. This can't defeat stronger regular forces of a bigger opponent, but it can exhaust an enemy and have him retreat. Polisario does not have to use military actions again at the moment, but this can change rapidly when, for instance, Morocco wants to exploit Saharawi oilfields. (Btw. It maybe unlikely but it is not impossible if RASD signs a military pact with Algeria and S.A.)
    But now the two sides still talk and we see reportages like this I just hope Moroccans start showing some respect for Sahrawi civilians.

  4. I think Abdelaziz words are intended to calm down Sahrawi youth.

    We all know that return to weapons is (logically) still on the table.

    Nevertheless I appreciate such a speech.


    AX 14:35h.

    P.S: interesting link Van Kaas

  5. van kaas you know what said telquel about sidi ifni : "a lot of propaganda"

    and well did you know that most of sahraoui live in smara,laayoune,and dakhla, and live a more decent life than in tindouf.
    we hope that people from tindouf return home to have a better life, we pray for them

  6. Anonymous10:51 AM

    that's a good move from polisario , the next one should be to let those thousands of poor souls to leave ' they suffered for too long in an inhospitable place , they endure all kind of humiliation from starvation to malnutrition.
    polisario did had a slim chance during the 80's when the algerinos and cubanos were fighting alog side them , (fidel castro) regime is coming to an end , (bouteflika)
    not long ago says it loud and clear that his country wont engage in any war.

    morisco $$$

  7. Sahrawi do not need your prayers Saad, they need your support and solidarity.

    your army and policemen must come back to Rabat, so they can come back home!

    AX 18:52h.

  8. torino, is tindouf in morocco?
    algeria i think, not many morocco police there

  9. houda, have you got brains?

    or you need me to explain where the f**k your policemen and army must leave from?

    By the way, for the "others":

    Have you read about the torturers' last beating against Sidi Mohamed Daddach?

    where Moroccans find policemen candidates? Pinochet's phone book?

    AX 20:44h.

  10. More responses to comments tomorrow (big things are afoot tonight), but I wanted to say that I think there is a place for wars of national liberation. I just don't think Polisario could win right now. If there was a war, I'd support Polisario and the Sahrawis wholeheartedly, as long as there were no attacks on civilians.

    My worries about war are primarily caused by the failure of America's war in Iraq, an unnecessary invasion I supported (I was young!) because of romantic ideas about spreading democracy.

  11. you were a victim of US propaganda Will, the same I could find in too many Moroccans.

    Informed Moroccans are for self-determination of Western Sahara, but that's a very difficult state to reach in a country with no freedom of speech. It's not simple in Europe nor in the US, in regimes like the KK M6's one is almost impossible.

    Me, I'd support war against Morocco without any doubt... 33 years waiting is too much time, but I guess RIF, Ifni, and many others would support Polisario in a war against Kitsch King M6, a war in favour of saharawi and moroccans.

    AX 23:17h.

  12. Anonymous9:25 PM

    i think the algerian have come to a conclusion where by polisario is not up to the job and this is the end of the line , polisario doesn't have the stomach to wage any kind of war , and the conflict can't go on for ever.
    algeria has spent billions of $$$$$$ on polisario to no prevail and it (algeria) knows for sure that morocco isn't budging , the country is not showing any kind of weakness even thou it has no gaz or oil what it has a shroud and persuasive diplomacy.
    most of the brightest leaders of polisario have defected to morocco or to canaries islands , what left is some business people who are already building their own villas in mauritania , algeria and southern spain just in case things go from bad to worst whilst the sahraoui people are kept confined in no man's land waiting for the hand out and you two wanted them to go to war , shame on you
    you sounds like some ass (arms) dealers.


  13. how are every body here special greetings to my friends Will,Sahara libre and Van kass and to the moroccans too especially Tel quel magazine and Nichane who are making good job there in the sahrawi refugee camps i think it is first a strong proof for the moroccans to stop their stupid propaganda that says that the sahrawi people in the refugee camps are detained against their wills and so and so....
    secondly,we the the sahrawi youth here in Aaiun we are against what Abdelaziz said we do not believe in negotitions with morocco it is fruitless even they spend 1000 rounds of negotiations they shall never come to an agreement that's the fact,war and negotiations at the same time will work better.
    we do not believe in the international law and the U.N the conflict will be resolved throught strugle and every day demonsrations within the occupied zone and at the same time war and negotiations that's the most important ingredients for a rapid solution Morocco shall never give but we have to take from it.
    for more information every night arrestations are taking place until now for some security we have moved to beach near Aaiun to some friends there but when we return the situation is still the same we have been arrested at the police check outside Aaiun because we do not have the Moroccan ID but what we realise after is that every police check has a black list of sahrawi who are wanted dead or alive all sahrawi participating in the demostrations and got files shall be arrested and he will be updated if he still believe in the independence of western sahara,but i think it will be a hot summer here in Foum el wad the beach of Aaiun because camarades have another meaning of camping.
    for Will blog your correspendent from Foum el wad.

  14. Ax, that's an exciting idea of Morocco's marginalized regions rising up together. Unlikely to happen, I think, but exciting.

    Sad to hear about your troubles, Devotee. While I doubt negotiations could continue during a war, there's something to be said for the creation of a rival, more radical group to Polisario that would give Polisario leverage and the ability to say "Hey, we're the moderates."

  15. Anonymous12:14 PM

    is there any secret negotiotions?

    According to Moroccan newspapers „ hespress and AL Masa „ there is “secret” negotiations between Algeria and Morocco concerning Western Sahara. Sarkozi and others are putting high pressure on both side before the Mediterranean summit. One of these newspapers saying that UN envoy is now in the refugees camp ( is Mr Walsum negotiating secretly with Polisario after what he said….. ???)
    ….. visit of these Moroccan journalists to refugees camp are only the first step…
    …Abdelaziz speech is also a part of this “game”
    … Pres. Bush letter to M.V also

  16. Can you link to talk of secret negotiations? Thanks.