Thursday, May 08, 2008

Sahara-Watch and Western Sahara Info: the game always pulls them back

A Moroccan tank after Sahara-Watch and Alle got through with it

The "realistic" MINURSO renewal has brought some old hands back to blogging: Sahara-Watch and Alle at Western Sahara Info. Here's what they've been up to:
Glad to have those blogangsters back. Sahara-Watch is responsible for me entering the game, as he was the first person I contacted about Western Sahara. Gave me my first hit for free.

Photo by
Nick Brooks used under Creative Commons license


  1. Anonymous12:26 AM

    That tank is cool man.

    It's a reminder for Morocco and its friends of what the Polisario is capable of doing.

    I can see that the war has already started on the blogging front.

    At least on your side the truth is not the first victim.

    God bless bloggers for a free Western Sahara.

  2. Anonymous3:54 AM

    Hi Will

    My proposition for Saharawis:
    - Will – Saharawi Secretary of State
    - Alle – Sahrawi Secretary of interior
    - Sahara- Watch – Saharawi secretary of defense

    And sure WS issue will go forward in favor of indigenous saharawis

    Don’t mix up : Secretary # Minister and Saharawis # Polisario


  3. Anonymous5:18 AM

    How about organising a virtual coup d'etat in Morocco and having Dtmn as president of the Moroccan republic.

    This might help resolve the occupation issue.

  4. Anonymous8:18 AM

    The lion does not turn around when a small dog barks

  5. @most recent anonymous: You keep bringing me good proverbs! Really though, the lion would be amiss ignoring the small dog. What if the small dog gets a pack together and jumps him?

    I'm nowhere near as diplomatic as the Sahrawis need in their Secretary of State, so I'll have to let better people like Aminatou Haidar or the enigmatic Baba Sayed handle it.

  6. lol, you are rediculous, ha ha, you ae showing first a rusian tank, second who told me that is Moroccan? therd if polisario won, why the lives in Algeria? stop believing in ghosts, Algeria will never stole the moroccan territory, in Morocco, lives men never forget that,we will defend our territory until death, polisario, people wake up, don't believe, errorists, they Are less that 60th living in algeria,i'am real saharawi, living in the free morocco,we are 140000 saharawis,and we agreed to live like moroccans, never like algerians,so keep lieing, we will keep living in our territory

  7. Anonymous3:48 PM

    Polisario the big lie ever,
    every one knows that Algeria is behind those terrorist whose practice slavary,still humanitarian aide, clean money in spanish propreties,all the free world knows this is for that,they are withe morocco, to recover this right, to live free in his territory, we own the territory already,the polisario is a smple toy in Algerians hands, so shame on you

  8. Anonymous3:54 PM

    go and have a look in moroccan histoy to understand the polisario big lie:

    the algerian are spending millions of dollars'insted of feeding the poor algerians, the dictatorial military regim dream to get the moroccan territory' is for that he spent more that 2billion of dollars in this fake story.

  9. Anonymous3:58 PM

    Mr WILL stop you child game you send one comment'like anonymous' and you replay to your self, it's just sad, go and get a job,,, lol

  10. Anonymous4:00 PM

    thank you, to delete my coments, because i'am sure you erase the truth staight, it's normal from fake cause supporters

  11. Anonymous4:06 PM

    Slavery in the Modern World; What Are the Saharawi Refugee in algerian Camps Hiding?

    When Violeta Ayala and Daniel Fallshaw visited the Saharawi refugee camps in Algeria they knew they would find different kinds of human suffering, but what they found was unexpected. According to Together Foundation, who sponsored their news gathering trip, they found slaves in the camp.

    According to Together Foundation, there are several thousand slaves in the camps. The slavery penetrates many generations; therefore it has been happening for years. Similar to many other slavery stories, the slaves are deprived of education and any human rights. Slaves are passed down within the owners families. The female slaves are raped and abused.

    The original purpose of the Australian journalists visit was to document the human cost of the conflict in the area. They had no idea what they would uncover. As they delved deeper into the situation, their queries were noticed by the POLISARIO, the "socialist" liberation movement in the area. The POLISARIO is very protective about their way of life, they believe that slavery is acceptable. Together Foundation reports that the journalist were held and questioned by the POLISARIO. After this, it was no longer safe for them to stay in the area. In fact, without the UNs help, they do not believe they would have been able to leave the area safely.

    Returning to the United States, Violeta Ayala and Daniel Fallshaw along with Together Foundation, immediately began to share their findings. They presented reports and showed footage to Senator Edward Kennedy, Jesse Jackson, and Human Rights Watch DC Office. They also met with the UN's Committee to Protect Journalists.

  12. Real-Sahara-Watch, you can keep commenting. I want you to keep commenting. But if you keep posting multiple times in a row I'm going to start deleting them because they're cluttering the discourse.

  13. Anonymous3:33 AM

    Will I hope that you don't worry about the Moroccans who are posting on your blog.

    They are just doing their job as part of the Moroccan secret service cell in charge of monitoring the internet and responding to anything that is not pro-Moroccan.

    As you know their way is first to try to engage and lure the person to the Moroccan side if they don't succeed they start intimidating and distrubting.

    This is of course because they don't have any solid arguments. They're afraid of any logical and emprical discourse.

    Just ignore them. That is the best way to deal with these sad characters.

    Howevedr, if they try to take over the blog and disrubt the civilised discussions you need to be strict with them. They are like dogs they need training.

  14. Anonymous5:29 AM

    What The last anonymous said is true..
    Will ….don’t worry
    Be sure that when you will ask for commentators identity most of them will disappear…
    You are doing great job …go ahead


  15. Anonymous12:55 PM

    my question to pro-polisario,
    why the shameful refugees camps are not connected to the electricity?
    surly algeria can afford to supply the camps with electricity and telephone line or they can ask the united nation to pay for it and i'm sure the UN will pay.
    those poor souls have been in the dark for the last 33 years , they have no idea what happening out side , they hear only the polisario and algerian propaganda and if they're lucky they got to see some useless foreigners taken a photo souvenir too blind to see what really those people are going through.
    it seems like polisario and algeria are so scared that once ther's electrecity the refugees will be able to get tv , satellite mobile phone and internet.
    and that's a threat to there propaganda

  16. Anonymous,

    I don't know, but if I had to choose between freedom of speech and electricity, I would choose freedom of speech.


  17. Anonymous9:49 PM

    All of the refugee camps have satellite TV reception these days.

    All of the camps have mobile phone reception except Dakhla because it is 175 KM from the nearest telephone tower.

    The 27th of February has electricity.

    So please stop spreading the lies that refugees are isolated.

    However, what about the occupied territories. Are they able to listen to the Saharawi radio broadcast from the camps? Are they able to access internet sites that are not pro-Morocco???
    Why wa Al Jazeera chanel banned from broadcasting from Morocco???

  18. Anonymous9:12 AM

    What poeple of Western Sahara need is:


    and the WS issue will be resolved in favour of Saharawis not moroccans nor algerians

  19. I doubt that cool but unruly guys like Real Sahara Watch are Moroccan secret service. If they are, I'm pretty concerned for Morocco's state security.

  20. A WSI post inspired by this thread can be found here.

  21. Btw, thanks for the post as Western Sahara's Secretary of Interior. I've always felt that the world would be a better place if I had a police force at my disposal.

  22. Actually, I was thinking you would get control of roads and those sort of things. Sahara-Watch would operate the genderarmie-like police force.

  23. Roads? I was hoping for something more useful in staging a coup, but I suppose a profitable construction mafia will do.

  24. it's verry fanny, some one said that the moroccans posting in this website are secret service, lol you have my pic in my blog!!!
    another one said all the camps houses or (tants) are equiped with satellite diches? so Why polisario is asking charity from rusia and south africa, i don't see Ageria, simply because polisario, is Alegeria!
    some one elese said ' i will chosse freedom insted electricity' wake up my friend,--pull the other one-- lol, all the moroccan wants back thier territory, if you think that they are not, you totaly at the east of utah! lol.
    at the end i think really that the only one who have a brain is WILL, please just check the Algerian media, to understand, why all the arabs starting from algerians (terror) supporters to the golf persic hate us, simplly because we have jew roots, and morocco support israel for his historical right to exist, and the fake groupe representative'polisario' try to assimilate his situation to the palestinians, lol, it's old really old fashioned idea. but it seems still working in south africa.

    if you think that moroccan don't'LOVE' thier king My king why do you think the population inform for terror suspects?
    coup d'etat, lol it's mora that a dream for algerians, simplly it will never happend my friends, i swear by all your believes what ever it is your god.

  25. Oh, I think we all have brains here. It's just some people aren't using theirs.

  26. lol, polisario is capable of taking money fron associations to splash it into buying big villas in spain, lol no more, and gamble ant trade with the suffry of moroccans retained in tindouf, another moroccan territory stoled by algeria but not for long, a war against this opressor country is inivitable to free the worls fron another terrorits backer

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