Thursday, May 22, 2008

Morocco planning to invade liberated zones?

That's what a Spanish website is saying:
According to press reports in Spain, the government and army of Morocco are making preparations for a military attack on the territories controlled by Western Sahara's Polisario Front since a UN-brokered ceasefire in 1991. The alleged "preparations" are to be a reaction to the increased civilian activities by Polisario in its "liberated territories".

The Spanish electronic daily 'El Imparcial' reports that Moroccan King Mohamed VI and his army are supervising several military preparations that probably aim to enable the Moroccan Army to conquer the Sahrawi liberated territories.
Apparently, Morocco's mad that Polisario likes to use the liberated territories for things like Polisario parties. The report also says intelligence agencies have picked up the movements, and Morocco plans to build a new berm along the Mauritanian-Algerian border if it wins. All of this might just be speculation, but I hope it doesn't happen.

But then, that's me. Do you think a Moroccan attack on the liberated territory would be good or bad for the Western Saharan independence movement?

Photo from Flickr user Saharauiak used under a Creative Commons license


  1. mybe you think that the readers are stupide, you throw in our face, and false information like this one, without any source, i can tell you are risking two much, ' you know what is difamation' did you really read the terms and conditions of google blogs?
    another thing,spain intelegence is the worst in the world! infiltrated by rusians, ETA, so please don't invent stories, another thing, the part you are talking about go and read the UN convention of ceasefire, this is a nuetral territory,that UN stated as so, so it's not a liberated territory or polisario territory, so watch what you are writing, your IP adress is public.

  2. Anonymous6:46 PM

    Hi Will, it seems the Moroccans are now threatening you. But don't worry they're known to be cowards. the Saharawi fighters taught them quite a few lessons.
    You mention Polisario to a Moroccan and he will run away.

    The other thing you have on your side is that you're defending a just cause. So you're more comfortable than they are.

    Keep the good work and be certain that Western Sahara will be independent. There is no doubt about that.

  3. Snooze, Real Sahara Watch. I know you're just agitated for me to write a post about you, but you have to notice I linked to a site on this post.

    I hope so, Anonymous!

  4. will - well, that could probably go either way. if morocco establishes control over the territory and then just stays put, that's a serious gain in the long term. but it's difficult to see how they could seize control over these areas, which are almost impossible to defend, since they're so distant and with no supply sources. this is especially so, if they want to keep the wall fortifications manned at the same time (that binds down 100,000 or so soldiers) to prevent upsets inside "their" western sahara. point being, they haven't even tried to control the areas east of the berm since about 1978-1979, and not much has changed on the ground to make it an option now.

    the alternative is to make a one-off strike and destroy tifariti, which they could plausibly do without too much trouble. but it's hard to see what that will get them except international condemnation (esp. since the recent S-G report clarified that POLISARIO is not in breach of the cease-fire by building there) and fresh ruins for polisario to show off to visitors. it's not as if sahrawis don't know how to use tents, you know.

  5. This is a interesting affair. Morocco is clearly irritated by all those Saharawi enjoying their small piece of their land and there is only one way to stop it: by going there and show some Moroccan authority. In doing so they will blow up the peace process and that could precisely be what Polisario wants them to do...
    Well, I'm only adding some more speculation to it. But the Moroccan mindset is very limited and I can easily imagine how they could make such a mistake.
    This invasion would be a bad thing ofcourse for war is not good for flowers, birds and children.

  6. Anonymous2:41 PM

    bloggers and forgotten arab conflicts:

  7. Anonymous7:37 AM

    Wednesday, 21 May 2008
    According to a reliable source, the Polisario Front military branch have held a close meeting on Monday May 19th, and would have decided the creation of a “female special squad”, in response to the defections of male elements.
    This special unit will be under the effective command of Khadija Hamdi, the actual culture Minister of the revolutionary movement and spouse of Mohammed Abdelaziz, Secretary General of the Polisario Front.
    According to our informations, Khadija Hamdi will have the ambition to succeed to her husband and knows that being a chief army will add to her popularity.
    However, for the old guards of the revolutionary movement, Mrs. Hamdi does not meet the conditions to hold more important functions than those she currently fills. This is why the culture Minister decided to take the matter in hand and create her own militia, which will be “officially” in charge of supervising the “cultural inheritance”.

    Another element justifying the creation of this special unit, according to a high ranked official in the Polisario Front joint by telephone by “Polisario-Confidential” is that the secretary general of the guerilla would have become increasingly paranoiac and would fear to be overthrown by some of his close security guards. Mohammed Abdelaziz would have given his blessing to this “women unit”, which will be also in charge of securing the old man’s safety…

  8. Anonymous8:52 AM

    What the last anonymous (Polisario Confidential) wrote is crap. This is total rubbish and not worth of being published on a serious blogg as this.

    Will. Dont' let the Moroccans and their secret agents are slowly taking over your blogg.

    You need some good pest control products, Will.

  9. Anonymous1:30 PM

    hi everybody who visit or comment on will's blog ONE HUMP OR TWO. am from AAIUN the capital of western sahara.i would like first to thank mr.will for his daily coverage of the issue of western sahara and for his interest in our conflict,i would like to express my deep respect for free Americans like you and for the freedom lovers all over the world.secondly,i would like to encourage you to keep on searching for all the new about the issue because we consider it as one of the main ressourses of news here.i always tell my friends about you as an american who is more interested than some of us in the conflict of western sahara but the problem that they face is that they do not understand english so english blogs and websites remain out of touch here in the occupied western sahara so am trying to speak on their behalf and telling you that all sahraoui people are thanking you for your's my first time to comment but i promise my people first to keep commenting on and translating the news that you provide us with because it is our dutty as sahraoui.concerning the news,i think sahraoui people are willing to defend their lands as they did during the 70's and such news is not strange for us,but it will be his death act if he dare to do.on the other hand,i think it is just some political tactics from the Moroccan no more no less.thank you so much will and keep on informing us and we shall did our best to inform the sahraoui community in the occupied zone about their struggle.if i have an interesting news i will told you just tell me how to get in touch with you.

  10. Anonymous3:07 AM

    If „ devoteeofwsahara” is from Occupied WS. this is point for you Will. That your blog can be read in the occupied WS where Moroccans are controlling the internet coffees and private phone lines…

    Devoteofwsahara. Go ahead. You are really a courage man/woman

    give regards to all Saharawis in Occ.WS

  11. Anonymous8:04 AM

  12. Anonymous12:21 PM

    yes am from the occupied zone from western sahara and i knew many youth here even if it is hard for them to navigate because of the moroccan repression on the internet coffees and on the movement of the human rights and selfdetermination defenders but people here are striving and in their own means they invent new methods for dealing with the situation that they live in.For me i was arrested several times with some camarades in the internet coffee because of our (illegal deeds) as they told us,we were treated savagely and brutally we were detained for 3 days in 2006 and for 1 day the second time and for hours some times we were beated and insulted.the police is everywhere even at the internet you could imagine how is it hard to navigate or to open pro-independance websites you have always to be day the moroccan police stopped the whole people at the cyber and take the cyber manager and his computers and closing the cyber and so on and so forth..........


  13. Anonymous12:21 PM

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  14. Anonymous5:26 PM


    so who you trying to convince , yourself ? i think you just did , you just wrote the comment twice .

    pro-polisario this is how you think anything comes out of morocco its propaganda and anything that comes out polisario its truth nothing but the truth so fry me Jesus

  15. Hey, Devotee of WS. Shoot me an email and we'll talk. I'm thrilled to here you're reading my blog and others in Western Sahara, and saddened to hear about your troubles in internet cafes. I love the internet so much, it would break my heart to be hassled about it.

    "So fry me Jesus"! Classic.

  16. Anonymous6:36 PM

    look Anonymous:
    if you think that Morocco cannot liberate the rest of Moroccan Sahara, then you should reconsider. because as we kicked you out of Moroccan soil to Algerian camps.
    also if you are proud of destroying an old aircraft you should know that what matters is the final result.and believe me, if an other war started we are fully prepared now more than ever, and it will one last war.
    do you want to take what is not yours ??
    read this and i hope you make up your mind

  17. Anonymous8:39 AM

    well well well spanish mmmmmmm they never like morocan and they wil never ever coz we had spanin for 850 years they wont forgot it so they askd spanish wish countruy u scared from 62 per centthey said morocco .

    anyway spanish and algerian and cuba and polizario and ect all against morocco sahara still controlled by morocco until end of life

    longe life to morocco and moroccoan and of cours our king

    and fuck u spanish and algerian and cuban and polizario

  18. hhhhhhhhh you will get my Dick not dependence hhhhhh 300 000 vS 40 milion moroccain just tell me your strategy ??? if they whant to suicide juste let him commes lOl