Wednesday, May 14, 2008

How to reach tourists going to Morocco?

I've long thought Georgetown's weak spot lies in the groups of prospective students that tour campus several times a day. Anyone wanting anything from the administration could scare off these high school students with their complaints and horror stories until the administration relented.

I think we can apply the same logic to Morocco (it's worked in the past, with campaigns against apartheid South Africa). Tourism brings Morocco a lot of money each year, and anything that threatened its tourism revenues would merit the government's attention.

I can't think of any tactics now that could use tourism's importance to Morocco as leverage for Western Sahara, but they'd be immensely powerful. Let's talk it out. An obvious problem I see is that tourists to Morocco are harder to reach than, say, prospective Georgetown students.

Photo from Flickr user *hoodrat*

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  1. Perhaps tourists could be interested in the fund raising activities moroccan policemen put into practice on the road...

    long life to the proverbial moroccan corruption!


    (I've been one of theri victims)