Thursday, May 15, 2008

Awful Human Events article on Western Sahara

Looks like the Moroccan-American Center for Policy got another one. In a piece that quotes Robert Holley as an impartial Western Sahara expert, Human Events's Ericka Andersen swallows whole the latest touring MACP show.

I've contacted her in hopes of persuading her that she's been fed a pack of lies, but until then, the piece could do with some pro-self-determination comments.

Update: If you comment (and I hope you do), keep the audience in mind. Human Events readers are mostly conservative, and mostly American. To that end, speak well of the United States and point out conservatives like John Bolton, James Inhofe, and Sam Brownback who support Western Sahara.


  1. interesting new site, not seen before.

    found it via van kaas's blog, which i hadn't seen either.

  2. Oh Will! I posted on it as if it was a... site, I mean that thing is completely INSANE!

    (I went there directly from your blog, then I opened the home page... I'm still terrified!)

    Great to find places like the one Alle's suggesting (THNKS)

    AX 22:15h.

    P.S: Does Human Events website have any impact on USA or it's just a fanatic-fascist niche?

  3. Laroussi5:40 PM

    Human Events might not have such impact in the USA in general, but Associated Press surely does and they have also picked up the story from the Moroccan American Center for Policy.

  4. Ax, Human Events isn't a big deal, but it's a decent site for the American right. I'd heard of it before.

    Laroussi, I too see that AP report. Does it never end?

    Alle, I saw that site but when I looked at it it wasn't as good as it is now. Thanks for reminding me. Everyone, check out that Sahrawi students site.

  5. Anonymous5:46 AM

    what happened with Western Sahara Online (WSO) by Khatry Beiruk:
    it shut down !!!
    any know why?
    may as usual no cash to provide Saharawi website

  6. Laroussi9:08 AM

    Several US media has picked up the stories told by the Moroccan sponsored story tellers. Among them are Middle East Times. The AP story also got a good spread and was even run by CBS News.

    Shutting down Western Sahara Online is not really a bonus here.

    I had hoped things would change for the better with the new Minister for Communications, but apparently not. At least not yet. Maybe something new and nice is ahead?

  7. I asked Khatry about changes to his site when it first changed to just cartoons about a month ago. He said he didn't have time for it anymore.

    I 'm sad to see it go, and I hope people can get it back up. I'll keep everyone updated.

  8. Laroussi5:07 AM

    By the way, considering all the work Khatry has put into the site why not just leave it there as a static info site?

  9. Anonymous7:06 AM

    the russian connection reappears... from comments on human events:

    Great analysis Mrs Andersen, myself being part of a factfinding team for a regional NGO I witnessed this slaverycamp myself. To think of all these blackmailed people in the dessert saddens my heart, while the chief of this mercyless dessertrebbels lives in the captital of Algiers. I support any mission to tell the thruth about these deathcamps.Olga.Yuchenko, MoscowMay 16, 2008 @ 11:58 AM