Thursday, May 29, 2008

All the waiters at your grand (internet) cafe

Hey, pals! Western Sahara news got so hot while I was on vacation and looking for a job (I was inspired by Real-Sahara-Watch's comment "get a job lol"). If you've been lax and haven't been following the other blogs and websites, make sure to check out Sahara-Watch and Western Sahara Info on Peter Van Walsum. Peter Van Walsum now seems not like a bad guy so much as one who got fed up with the UN and the whole Western Sahara dispute.

Post coming up about the outrageous repression of both Sahrawi and Moroccan students in Marrakesh. As a teaser, here's a recent comment by a Sahrawi who gets harassed in internet cafes by Moroccan police for reading...blogs like this one! I arbitrarily paragraphed it to improve readability.
I knew many youth here even if it is hard for them to navigate because of the moroccan repression on the internet coffees and on the movement of the human rights and selfdetermination defenders but people here are striving and in their own means they invent new methods for dealing with the situation that they live in.

For me i was arrested several times with some camarades in the internet coffee because of our (illegal deeds) as they told us,we were treated savagely and brutally we were detained for 3 days in 2006 and for 1 day the second time and for hours some times we were beated and insulted.

the police is everywhere even at the internet you could imagine how is it hard to navigate or to open pro-independance websites you have always to be day the moroccan police stopped the whole people at the cyber and take the cyber manager and his computers and closing the cyber and so on and so forth..........
Awesome to have readers like you, DevoteeofWS. I'm grateful for how hard you and Sahrawis like you work to get information out to the rest of the world.


  1. Anonymous9:24 AM

    If this was happening anywhere else you'd see the US and other Western contries condemning and threatening. But because it's Morocco a good ally and a good spender on PR it gets away with its abuses of human rights and its violations of international legality. These are strange times that we live in, aren't they???

  2. Anonymous11:57 AM

    to anonymous :
    they are
    but I think the Saharawis ( Polisario too) are doing too little as usual too late for their people. and to show outside world abuses of HR in WS....

    Saharawis ( as Walsum said) have all the "legaL" papers. but they cant use it or they dont know how to use it.
    Moroccans are playing well concetring on the PR and Lobbies to win the game...but the Saharawis will play the same morrocans will loose it simply saharawis have the right in their main land.
    but the problem ( morrocns know that) the saharawi dont have money to win the game and that is tragedy for saharawis..

    Algerians will not pay for saharawis as many morrocans can think.

  3. Anonymous1:54 PM

    thank you so much will,you could not imagine how i was surprised when i read you quoting me,thank you so much for your interest we shall never forget your efforts for our cause,am telling you that i have much more truths from the ground that will shocked you,i say truth not lies as most of the moroccan pretend.i think the commenter before me is also truthful when he stated that we the sahrawi people have all the "legaL" papers. but we cant use it or we dont know how to use it,the conflict of western sahara is not only a conflict between morroccan and sahrawi it is between injustice and justice between to occupy and to have the right in self-determination between the justice of power and the power of justice but we shall strive until we get our right even if it takes 30 years more.
    thank from the deep of my heart mr.will for your interest.

  4. cool that's you fallowed my advice and got a job, that will make you think in real life stuffs, not in fake revolutionary and independentist stories!

    you what spansh means by "chinease story" when some one invent a fake story and start beliving it as Mr anonymous!
    morocco is not playing any lobbiying game first algeria pays 750.000$ to thre american lobiying companies i know them, 2 in washington DC and one in NW, at 20min from manhattan's algerian embacy, you have just to cross the bridg and you'll get in UN building.

    pleasse be realistic algeria is posting 30000 soldiers in the moroccan borders, and bought some russian old techonologie radars, lol, Algeria is hiding to the polisario terrorists the reality that the fake dream is over, and morocco is giving next year to corcas the exclusive right to represent saharawis with or without polisario, so it's a question of godd sens.

    did you read about the high leve spanish universities?
    evey year the madrid's best universities invite the top red necks of polisario, to discuss about the last event's, just this time many young saharawis from tindouf camps studiying in spain, surprized evey one by sheding light on the real situation in the camps, and the arbitrary detention of polisario, humain right, international aids sold in the blak market, they relealed the truth to the presence and to some political spanish representents, there's no lobiying in here it's just a long term lie coming to his end. (congratulation for the job you get, i know it's hard to work in a office)

  5. Laroussi9:52 AM

    "morocco is giving next year to corcas the exclusive right to represent saharawis with or without polisario"

    This is indeed a fine description of the reality on the ground in major part of Western Sahara. Morocco, aka the king MVI and his fellow hooligans - not the Saharawis - are ruling the territory and treat the people there as they see fit (and have the nerve to call this a democracy).

    It is also a fine description of how the Moroccan rulers look upon the situation: they believe that they can give power to a group of people in the name of the Saharawi people and call this self-determination.

    Moroccan rulers, and the upper social and economic classes in this "modern state", seem to have as little respect for international law as the current US' administration.

    But then again, maybe it is not so strange that you are each others best friends.

    They are all well educated people, some even with university degrees in international law, but they use the law as they please. Since, in their minds, the strongest is always the one who will "prevail".

    Fascism is another word for this philosophy...

  6. Anonymous11:46 AM

    What called „ Real Sahara Watch ”is Just Moroccan cheap propaganda. He is always write /repeat /the same “ news” listed in the MAP (Maghreb Arab Press !)

    (By the Way. Why you are freely commenting here and on other WS blogs and you don’t allow commenting on your blog……something wrong here !!!)
    Please no Moroccan nor Algerian propaganda. We don’t need news from MAP or (APS) (Algeria Press Service ).

    Morocco have embassy in Algiers. Algeria have one in Rabat. Please solve your problems and let Sahrawi leave in peace in their land…they don’t need you to be happy

    We are talking about WESTERN SAHARA not your unknown or undefined “ Sahara”

    RIM from WS