Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Why Sahrawi women cover up

Photo by Marcello; scarves, mittens, and sunglasses by a lot of other people

Writer Marcello di Cintio's working on a book about the world's walls, so he visited the Berm early in March. He's got a couple of posts about seeing the Berm and hanging out with Sahrawis, but my favorite is the post where he offers an explanation for why Sahrawi women in Tindouf wear so many layers.

I figured it was a combination of Muslim hair-covering and wanting to keep sand out of their faces, but he says it's because Sahrawi culture loves pale skin. Considering how easily I burn, I'd be worth my weight in gold in Western Sahara.

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  1. Hi Will.

    This is Marcello. As I am currently in the Western Sahara I thought it prudent to temporarily take down my posts regarding the camps. So the links on your post linking to mine are currently blind.

    I will have my blog page up and running in its complete form in the next week or so.

    Sorry about this, but I am sure you understand.