Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Wheelchair-bound Sahrawi turned back at airport

This will be remembered as the week we uncovered the Moroccan government's distaste for people in wheelchairs. Apparently that distaste includes Sahrawis too. According to ARSO's latest news update (required reading for fans of self-determination), a Sahrawi wounded in the Polisario-Moroccan war wasn't allowed to visit his family in Western Sahara after flying all the way from Spain.
Yarba Mahfoud Mohamed arrived by plane in El Ayoun to visit his relatives, coming from Spain where he lives. Paralysed following a war injury in the ranks of the Polisario, he is in a wheelchair. As he was not returning to the Sahara to defect to the regime, the Moroccan authorities refused to let him enter. Thanks to the insistence of his relatives, he was finally able to meet them for four minutes before being sent back on an aeroplane.
He got to see them for four minutes? What's the matter, Moroccan government, going soft?

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