Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sahrawi students under attack in Marrakesh

The irrepressible Rabab Amidane, whose brother El Ouali is serving time in a Moroccan jail for his independence work, has two videos of harassment of Sahrawi students at Marrakesh University. This month Sahrawi students have been assaulted for their activism on behalf of self-determination by roving gangs, according to CODESA.

In the first video, Rabab interviews some Sahrawi students who have moved into a central building to protect themselves from further attacks. Perversely, seeing them eat in this redoubt made me really want some Sahrawi food.

It looks like the younger generation has learned human rights lessons well from --in the video, a group of students record who was attacked and how for future complaints. They'll need the information, because it looks like the attacks have been serious. Assaulted student Letif Lahbib just lies on a stretcher moaning in the video, while his friends outside demonstrate by waving his bloody shirt.

In the second video, Sahrawis angry at the attacks march through the university. People walking by seemed pretty blase about the march, which I take to be a good sign. All the best to those in Marrakesh.


  1. Anonymous9:26 AM

    Yes, Saharawi students are under fire in Morocco universties because they defend their right in self-determination. Morocco ocuppied their territory since more than therty four years and till now it refused to build only one universty in Western Sahara.They are obliged to travell to Morrakehc or Rabat to study.

  2. Anonymous10:19 AM

    yes will you should check this one out

  3. Thanks for the Chris Shays link--I thought it was going to be a Rickroll. It's disgusting, and reading the comments of well meaning people from around the world who just want the US to start being decent again depressed me. He just spoke at Georgetown--I'd wish I'd known his awfulness then.

    It's stupid for Morocco to let this harassment of Sahrawi students continue. The more Sahrawi students feel they can't trust Moroccans and decide to turn inward, the more you're creating a revolutionary core of leaders.

  4. Laroussi4:07 PM

    "It's stupid for Morocco to let this harassment of Sahrawi students continue. The more Sahrawi students feel they can't trust Moroccans and decide to turn inward, the more you're creating a revolutionary core of leaders."

    Dude! Newsflash!! ;) Morocco is not a democratic country where the leaders care about people or their opinions. And it is not a country where decent people can voice support for Saharawi students claims on self-determination.

    Decent Moroccans are ashamed of their rulers, but they have no say in this matter or other matters, for that matter. :)

    Morocco is a totalitarian monarchy, a dictatorship. Why do you think so few Moroccans voted in the last quasi elections? Because it doesn't matter who they vote for. It is even illegal to campaign for a republic. And, only mr Mohammed, the benevolent Sultan of the enchanted country can change the constitution.

  5. Anonymous6:52 PM

    by Babeh Chej

    After so many years of consideration for the Sahrawis by the Algerian authorities, I find it difficult to understand what could happen to the image of honest fighter becomes a person outside constantly Act.

    After the incident that had taken 2 men and one woman carrying modest amounts of money that had to work hard to get through some of the many Algerians checks them off their savings and had to resort to the courts and they made them pay even more. This act seems to me drop that fills the glass.

    The Sahrawi refugees are obliged to:

    To be carrying a permit to enter and leave Tindouf
    To be carrying a special permit for exits or Algiers Oran
    The passports were requisitioned at the entrance to any Algerian border.
    Those who do venture into their travel on buses for economic reasons, simply because they find it difficult Saharan comprehensive control of their belongings (this operation is repeated more than 7 times in just 24 hours)
    The passport despite appearing as a law according to the Universal Declaration of Derehos Humans under Article 13 and Algeria assumed that responsibility, it is time to 4 years of waiting, in most economic means of Euro 2000 as the incalculable price or deliver the body .
    I am sure that the security men, police, gendarmerie, they know the situation of the Sahrawi students in Areli that their economy does not allow even the end of the month, so often resort to humanitarian aid they receive their families in the camps thereby improving their diet in the study centres in Algeria.
    I know that the Algerian security forces are aware that humanitarian aid is no longer sufficient to make ends meet because it is intended mostly for sale and barter of refugees living in services, no wages but there are differences gulf between ordinary citizens and leaders of the Polisario refugees have had to engineer to dignify their situation, making trade between Mauritania and Campmentos their goods are its propioalimento.

    The Saharans are a people struggling for their independence but not lose sight of the live every day with dignity.

    • The saharuis entitled to a passport (if Algeria can not guarantee this law, which is HCR who takes responsibility for documenting the refugees).
    • Algeria has the right to look after its territory but has to understand that it is not incompatible with fighting for survival.
    • Algeria has its laws and apply but must respect the status of Western Sahara and make agreements that are clear to the Saharawi
    • Avoid the measures being improvise and change the mood of the officer on duty.

    I hope that the Algerian authorities will take note and gets to work to revise many administrative measures, that far from making the slightest life of exile, leaves with a great sense of humiliation

  6. Laroussi: I know Morocco's not a democracy, but just because they're not a democracy doesn't mean they have to be stupid. If I was a king trying to hold on to power, I wouldn't want people to give a potential group of my enemies a persecuted identity based on grievances against me. Rather, I'd want them to be assimilated into the population so they'd be focused on material pursuits instead of revolution.

    Sup, latest anonymous? Your article from Sahara Opinions makes sense in that Algeria should be nicer to Sahrawis, but Algeria's being so nice already.

  7. Anonymous11:13 PM

    so who's stupid you or the poliarss or may be both
    as they say the dogs bark but the caravan continue

  8. That's a good proverb to apply to van Walsum.