Saturday, April 05, 2008

Moroccan minister spreads misinformation in DC

Nouzha Skalli, Morocco's minister of social development, family, and solidarity, was in Washington last week meeting with Morocco-philes and members of the U.S. government. She also met with two Deputy Assistant Secretaries of State to complain about Tindouf. From the MAP article that got picked up by ReliefWeb, she performed the usual song and dance:
The Polisario separatist movement which has, since 1976, lured thousands of Sahrawis into joining it in the Tindouf camps where it continues to hold them against their will, lays claims over Morocco's Southern Provinces -the Sahara.
I bring up this pretty typical performance because this woman was supposed to speak at Georgetown but her event was inexplicably canceled the day of. I wasn't even going to go in Western Sahara mode, figuring she just talking about Moroccan women's rights and that sort of thing. Now it looks like I should have.

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