Friday, May 02, 2008

More on the Sahrawi in a wheelchair turned away by Morocco

The indispensable Norwegian Committee for Western Sahara has more information and pictures of the wheelchair-bound Sahrawi visiting his family in the occupied territories who was only allowed to visit them for 4 minutes. According to the Committee, Yarba Mahfud Mohamed's visit was cut short because he refuses to renounce Western Saharan independence:
On arrival in El Aauin, I was stopped because I had not signed a declaration that the Moroccan authorities had given me, and which they said was required to obtain permission to enter the country: “I am a Sahrawi who is returning home in order to beg the king’s forgiveness,” it said. After checking the general situation, with plainclothes policemen, and on the basis of the degrading manner in which they treated me, I understood that I only had one alternative: to return to Spain. The worst part was to see my loved ones there behind a dirty glass wall, without being able to being able to do anything.
He says at one point they took his wheelchair away so he couldn't even move. Mohamed makes exactly the point Morocco is missing--treating Sahrawis like this only gives them more reason to find the status quo untenable.


  1. Anonymous8:30 AM

    Hi will
    Hope you are doing well.

    This is what said in response to the completely “unrealistic idea” of Mr P.V. Walsum:

    “Occupation of Western Sahara is more unrealistic…”

    “Moroccan Military Occupation of Western Sahara is even more unrealistic…”

    “Violence of human rights in Western Sahara is unrealistic..unrealistic is not to include that in the UNSC report.”

    “Independence the only realistic option for Kosovo” why not for Western Sahara ?
    “Independence of Western Sahara is too realistic, too simplistic”

    “right of self-determination to the people of Western Sahara is the only realistic policy..”

    "realism can't win the war on terrorism." AND “ realism can’t (will not )resolve the Western Sahara issue too”

    We will see what is the next from UN envoys


  2. Anonymous12:20 PM

    Taken Question
    Office of the Spokesman
    Washington, DC
    May 1, 2008
    Taken Question from 05-01-08 Daily Press Briefing

    Morocco: MINURSO Renewal (Taken Question)
    Question: Any comments on the Security Council resolution on the Western Sahara that was adopted late yesterday?

    Answer: The United States welcomes the unanimous adoption of Resolution 1813.

    According to the UN Secretary General’s Personal Envoy Peter Van Walsum, during four sets of talks, neither side was willing to discuss the other’s proposals, leading to an impasse that does not serve the people of the Western Sahara in any way. An independent Sahrawi state is not a realistic option. In our view, some form of autonomy under Moroccan sovereignty is the only realistic way forward to resolve this longstanding conflict.

    We urge the parties to focus future discussions on a mutually-acceptable autonomy regime that is consistent with the aspirations of the people of Western Sahara. As Ambassador Wolff said following the adoption of the resolution, the United States will support these efforts by broadening our own engagement with the parties over the coming weeks and months. Morocco has presented a proposal that we believe is serious and credible

  3. Good points, Desertman. The unrealistic thing is to expect Sahrawis with military training to return to Western Sahara and be quiet about it.

    i can see that algerians and thier backed torrorist group polisario, likes alying with words, the first thing, western sahara is moroccan,lear more about histrical facts before believing lies. second morocco fight and with fight forever terrorists, is for that algerians and thier allies polisario, says that the god of moroccans is bush,Morocco protect the europe back door from terror, whey because morocco,was there alays to help,60000 soldiers to fight against hitler, morocco is the only country who accepted to help jew in 1300, spanish expultion, so don't talk about something you don't know next time, believe the hstorical right of morocco to recover his territory