Monday, April 07, 2008

Mohammed VI pardons people who dared speak freely

Abdelaziz might rule SADR like a king, but as this article makes clear, at least he isn't a real king. King Mohammed VI recently pardoned 8 Moroccans who were in prison for insulting the king. Sweet of Mohammed to pardon them, but it just exposes the ridiculousness of lèse majesté laws:
Amine said one young man had been jailed after unwittingly ripping up a magazine that contained a picture of the king. A woman seeking a divorce was imprisoned last year for saying her husband sat around at home all day doing nothing "like a king", said Amine.
Worst of all, the article talks about a 95 year-old man in a wheelchair, Ahmed Nacer, who said something to his bus driver that "harmed Morocco's sacred values." He was sentenced in September and died in prison in February. And people wonder why the Sahrawis want out.


  1. Anonymous11:46 PM

    Only in Mohamed VI Morocco that a 95 year old man who suffers from dimentia is jailed until death for critising the King!

    The poor woman who has to deal with a lazy husband had also to go to jail for just describing him as a king.

    For the sake of these poor moroccans and just to enjoy the freedom we have on the internet may I say that King Mohamed VI is a bastard and a f** ass**.
    Not a good behaviour for someone who is supposed to be gay. The King gives a bad name to gay people worldwide.

  2. Well, I wouldn't agree that the king's a bastard and a f**ass**. Besides, I'm not really sure what that word starting with an F is supposed to be.

    That said, hurray for internet freedom and boo on the king being so ridiculous. That story about the 95 year-old man makes me immensely sad.