Friday, April 25, 2008

Dan Newman dishes on TV, is ambivalent about Western Sahara

My Arabic and newspaper pal Daniel Newman has started a TV blog, A Newman Scorned. He's the Marlo Stanfield of television blogging (young, fierce, and entirely amoral), as I think his episode review of The Paper on MTV demonstrates. Dan's turned me on to so many good shows this year (Battlestar Galactica, The Wire, and even a little Veronica Mars) that I'm sure he can do the same for you if you read his blog.

Even if you're the kind of person who doesn't enjoy puckish wit and spritely writing, however, there's another reason you should read his blog if you love Western Sahara--he's living in Morocco next semester. I'm sure if a lot of Western Sahara fans read his blog he'll be won over to the cause.


  1. seems Mohammed VI is a democrat after all:

  2. Mohammed VI just loves museums. Are you insinuating something?

  3. Or, given his good relations with both the Bush and Clinton clans, could it be that he simply likes the concept of ruling dynasties?

    If Clinton wins now, and Jeb Bush comes to power 2012 claiming the title of US Supreme Commander of the Faithful, we'll know what's up.

  4. i can see that algerians and thier backed torrorist group polisario, likes alying with words, the first thing, western sahara is moroccan,lear more about histrical facts before believing lies. second morocco fight and with fight forever terrorists, is for that algerians and thier allies polisario, says that the god of moroccans is bush,Morocco protect the europe back door from terror, whey because morocco,was there alays to help,60000 soldiers to fight against hitler, morocco is the only country who accepted to help jew in 1300, spanish expultion, so don't talk about something you don't know next time, believe the hstorical right of morocco to recover his territory

  5. the UN is giving Morocco his historical right to recover his soveranity, and the right to exist, you should know that morocco have no reason to exist if we don't recover totally our territory, you should know if there's a war about the moroccan desert, blieve me this region of the world will see the wort war ever, you know that all the region is threated by the terrorist.
    Morocco lost a big part of his territory 'Mauritania' Morocco will never let that happend again, and the prosperity of Europe depends, in Moroccan strenght to stoping terror coming from algeria, so before discussing somthing is not true at all,you should know the real algerian plans and spaniard,they are afraid that morocco recover his regional power, why polisario don't let humanitarian groups to check phisically the situation in tindouf'south algeria' because silmply they will know the truth, there's less than 60000 people living in the camps, anther thing, the moroccan sahara or the western sahara, have thier own representatives, the those real representative represent the majority of saharian people, 120000, so we have to use the logic,Algeria is afraid that this problm get solved, simplly because he next step from morocco, will be to as algeria to sign with him the northern borders, because there's no recognized border between morocco and Algeria in the north, regarding the spanish they knows that once Morocco recover his rights in the desert, he will concentrate in the ocuped cities in the north of morocco,hope now you understand, who created this fake organisation called polisario, it was considered in the 70ties as a terrorist organisation.