Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Aziz Mekouar: bull doggin' hos like them Georgetown Hoyas

Aziz "Wreck you all" Mekouar, Morocco's ambassador to the US, is hitting up Georgetown Thursday to have a 'private conversation' with whoever wants in. Lunch will be served. I'm there. You can be too, maybe, if you RSVP. The whole shindig starts at 12:30 in the Intercultural Center.

Update: So, I've been missing Arabic class a bit lately, so I decided to go to that instead of see Mekouar. Later in the day, I had class in the conference room he ate in, and the chalkboard had a message that was rife with spelling errors--"chaplin" "glade to see you". Intellectual birds of a feather...


  1. Anonymous5:56 AM

    Well at least you can have a free lunch. But it's argued that there is no such thing as a free lunch.
    Please for the sake of all of us make sure that the Ambassador is having the same food because you never know what the Moroccans could put in the food.
    I'm sure that you're not very popular amongst the Moroccan regime gangsters and they will be very happy to get rid of you.
    You are not a Ben Barka but you're still young and have potential. Good luck Will. We will be thinking of you. If you go to the other side be assured that the One Hum blog fans will make sure that you are remembered in free Western Sahara but please tell us how you'd like to be remembered. Is a statute fitting or an oasis named after you or what?

  2. You don't need to worry because I decided at the last minute to go to Arabic class instead of the lunch--probably learned more anyway.

    In the event of an untimely "disappearance," though, I'd just like more people to read ARSO, since that's what I'd be doing if I hadn't been offed. Thanks for reading, and please keep commenting.

  3. Anonymous1:12 PM

    What's all that hatred in this blog against anything related to Morocco. Is it the devil ? man!!! i think you guys are gone astray from some basic and elementary rules of criticism. Anyway its your opinion, but sorry I don't respect it. here is my take on this issue of the Moroccan sahara. Be assured that Morocco and Algeria are one nation, and both countries will unite sooner or later. The polizario are promessing the people a future with NO glory, a future of tribalism, slavery and weakness, a gloomy future. Morocco made huge mistakes in tackling this issue, and the only way to redeem itself is more freedom to the people, and it will succeed. to Will: good to know that you take arabic classes, you might want to go practice it in Morocco. Hopefully you will start seeing things differently. good luck.

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  5. I hope I can study in Morocco someday. It looks nice, and the people who aren't affiliated with the occupation that I've met are charming.

    So I don't everything Moroccan, or even most things. My beef's with the government's policies regarding Western Sahara and human rights. If you search for my "love for Morocco" tag you'll find I sometimes write about things Morocco's done well that I like.

    I'm glad you agree that the only way to make things right in Western Sahara is for Morocco to grant the people more freedom. I agree. Why not settle the issue by giving Sahrawis the ultimate freedom, a referendum?