Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Algeria shutting down churches

Three Algerian churches and two independent Christian groups have been told to shut down by the Algerian government. Algeria's help with Western Sahara is great, but they need to leave Christians (and every other religious group) alone. You think they'd be nicer considering how helpful evangelical Christians in the US have been on Western Sahara.

Morocco agrees with Algeria on religious freedom for Christians.


  1. Anonymous5:39 PM

    the closure only concerns evangelic churches. preaching christianity, or any other religion for that matter besides islam, to muslims is a no-no in most muslim countries.

  2. Which is also ridiculous, and there is clearly no oversight regarding what these churches are doing other than believing in Christianity.

  3. I get that not promoting Christianity isn't halal, as it were, in most Muslim countries, but that doesn't make it right. Same would apply to any other peaceful interpretation of any religion's efforts to expand getting squelched this harshly.