Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Wild Western Saharan

A wild boy from Western Sahara made a list of feral children. For some reason, he's called the Syrian Gazelle Boy, but he was found in Rio de Oro in 1960 by an anthropologist (Nick Brooks?). His name isn't the only strange thing about this story:
On the horizon he saw a naked child “galloping in gigantic bounds among a long cavalcade of white gazelles”. The boy walked on all fours, but occasionally assumed an upright gait, suggesting to Auger that he was abandoned or lost at about seven or eight months, having already learnt to stand. He habitually twitched his muscles, scalp, nose and ears, much like the rest of the herd, in response to the slightest noise. He would eat desert roots with his teeth, pucking his nostrils like the gazelles. He appeared to be herbivorous apart from the occasional agama lizard or worm when plant life was lacking. His teeth edges were level like those of a herbivorous animal. In 1966 an unsuccessful attempt was made to catch the boy in a net suspended from a helicopter; unlike most of the feral children of whom we have records, the gazelle boy was never removed from his wild companions.
I'm glad Khalihenna Ould Rachid escaped the helicopters. Who else could lead CORCAS?

From Justin Anthony Knapp, naturally.


  1. Nick Brooks6:28 AM

    Nothing to do with me - I wasn't around until 1968, and then only as a mewling, puking babe ;-)