Thursday, March 06, 2008

Thomas Paine chimes in on Western Sahara

HBO's The Wire rocks, but I never thought its writers would give me material for a post. They have, though, in a Time article about the United States' absurd "War on Drugs". Urging jurors to always vote to acquit in non-violent drug cases, they quote Thomas Paine on monarchy:
"A long habit of not thinking a thing wrong, gives it a superficial appearance of being right"
That nicely explains why a lot of the things Sahrawi and foreign activists do--applauding maps that divide Morocco from its occupied territory, responding to pro-autonomy articles few people will read, shaming companies that look for offshore Saharan oil that might not even exist, or celebrating when a small country re-extends recognition to SADR--are more important than they seem. As long as efforts to make people think the Moroccan occupation is wrong outmatch the efforts by Mohammed VI and pals to create "a superficial appearance of being right," we're making progress toward a referendum.

I included a picture of Wire gangster Marlo Stanfield included because the drug kingpin is Baltimore's Mohammed VI: as Marlo broke the unwritten code between drug dealers, Mohammed VI perpetuated his father's violation of international law and self-determination . As Marlo murders people just for talking to police because his empire is so insecure that he can't afford to trust, so Mohammed VI has attacked even apolitical Sahrawis, beaten because his right to the territory is nonexistent.

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