Friday, March 07, 2008

Sahrawi in spirit

My two new Western Sahara-related posts mean I can link you to things that aren't really related to Western Sahara, but would be if they could.
  • My good friend (maybe more?) Alex from Houston has started a birth control blog, Broken Rubbers. Alex rocks and so does birth control, so you'll be wise to keep up with her exploits.
  • I wrote the cover story for the Georgetown Voice last week about Ray Tanter and Iran. He's a professor at Georgetown who's hot for the Mujahiden-e-Khalq, an Iranian group the State Department calls terrorists. Yvonne Ridley, who hosted a show about Western Sahara on Iranian TV, makes an appearance. Anyway, I'm proud of the article and if terrorism or the Middle East is your bag you should check it out.
Oh yeah, apparently something happened in Kosovo and Anna Theofilopoulou rolled out another solid article. Alle at Western Sahara Info has the deets.


  1. Laroussi3:16 PM

    "Anna Theofilopoulou rolled out another solid article."

    In which way was that article solid?

  2. She pointed out the weakness of Morocco's claims of autonomy and did a good job analyzing the current negotiating situation. She also pointed out what a lot of us think: unless something drastic happens outside the peace process, the UN negotiations are worthless. What needs to happen is for France and the U.S. to stop running interference for Morocco.

  3. Laroussi6:22 AM

    What Mrs Theofilopoulou said about the Moroccan proposal or the negotiating situation is nothing new. What she suggests as a solution in the end however is new and not at all solid. Did you miss that part?

    "What needs to happen is for France and the U.S. to stop running interference for Morocco."

    Now I couldn't agree more with you, but this is not what Mrs Theofilopoulou proposes.