Friday, March 14, 2008

Sahara Marathon

In a video I'll post soon, one of the organizers of the Sahara Marathon in Tindouf says it's a great occasion for raising awareness of the Sahrawi struggle. Probably, but I have to wonder if it wouldn't be more effective if it was held in a Western country. Everyone in Tindouf already knows about Western Sahara. Holding it in a foreign city would mean people passing by would see it and it'd be more accessible to media.


  1. Laroussi5:12 PM

    "Everyone in Tindouf already knows about Western Sahara."

    Most of the participants in the race are not from Tindouf but from western countries, and most of them are not activists either. At least not before running the race... :)

    The point with the marathon is that people actually come to the refugee camps to see for themselves what life is like there.

    But why not start a race in the USA in favour of the Saharawi people as well? "US' students run for Western sahara"?

    Two races are better than one...

  2. You know I'm too lazy for that, Laroussi. If people who come for the race don't know about Western Sahara, though, you make a good point. Even if they do it serves to activate them.