Friday, March 07, 2008

Moroccan American Center for Policy doesn't exactly understand "facts"

The Maghreb Arabe Press (MAP), a news agency run by Morocco's government, never met a Western Sahara rumor or lie it didn't help propagate. Recently, it made up Danish support for the autonomy plan. Any third grader could see that MAP's biased, factually-questionable articles can't be used to bolster a case against Western Sahara--but then, the Moroccan American Center for Policy never was good at fractions.

Check out the MACP's page on the sinister Cuba-Polisario-Algeria triangle. Of the top five "recent headlines" on the page, 4 are from MAP. With friends like this, who needs objective journalism?

My source inside the MACP explained what's up--executive director Robert Holley just loves MAP. Below, an internal memo he sent chastising the MACP's code harem for not using MAP exclusively.

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