Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Dual SMGs, dual referendums

The Liberal International report has a proposal for settling Western Sahara I've never heard of: dual referendums. It was recommended by one of the members of the LI delegation. Here's how it would go:
61. A third method suggested by one of the Delegates is to hold a referendum in two stages:

i) The first referendum would be between integration into Morocco or autonomy. If integration was chosen, this would be the final solution.

ii) If autonomy was chosen, then there would be a second referendum on either autonomy or independence.

62. This is similar to Baker Plan I, which suggested granting autonomy to the Western Sahara with a referendum between autonomy or independence five years afterwards, however with an additional preliminary stage of a referendum which gives the option of integration into Morocco.

63. Morocco might prefer the dual referendum to Baker Plan I as the first referendum does not provide any option for independence.
To point 63, I say "duh". Can you imagine how fast Morocco would take a vote for autonomy in the first vote as proof Sahrawis love being in Morocco? There'd never be a second vote.


  1. Will,

    Amen to the "duh." This still doesn't solve the fundamental problem of Morocco insisting that persons who have no business voting should be allowed to vote, but new ideas are nice.

    This reminds me of the California recall election from 2003 - the first question was: should governor Gray Davis be recalled? If yes, question two: Who should be governor? The funny thing was that Davis could run again and since he was up against over 1,000 opponents (California has a low threshold for ballot access, and it was the longest ballot in history), he could have lost the recall and won the election with 30% of the vote. Mathematically, he could have won it with .1%, even! He decided not to run and so two Democrats ran against one another, split the vote, and now we have this:

    Oh, democracy!


  2. Will,
    Let's have Howard Dean come up with the best approach to fix this issue :)!!!

  3. Definitely, Khatry. Howard Dean might not be able to pull off a proper election in Florida or Michigan, but he's gotta be better than Liberal International's folks.

    Justin: that Onion article is too sad. I thought it was going to be made up, but the headline made me go, "Oh, yeah...that did happen. Too bad."